Flood Dream

By on September 12, 2017

When you dream about a flood, it can mean a number of different things. You may have a phobia related to drowning, an experience with floods in the past or it could be a sign of something else. To really figure out the meaning behind your flood dream, it is important to look at exactly what happens in the dream and analyze the context of the situation.

What Does It Mean to Have a Flood Dream?

At a base level, a flood dream can represent a fear of drowning. If you have nearly drowned in the past or have a fear of water, this may be the reason why you were in a flood in the dream. Sometimes, the dream is also a throwback to your past memories. If you have previously been in a flood, then the dream may just be a reflection of your past and potential fears for the future.

1. Excess

If you have a dream about flooding without any fear of drowning, then it might show a warning for your future. An excess of some sort is coming your way. While an excess of many things can be positive, it is important to be cautious because it is always possible to overdo things at times.

2. A Large Flood

At the heart of a flood dream is typically trouble. In real life, floods can destroy your home, your valuables and entire communities. They can destroy the good things in your life. When you dream about a flood, it often shows that you should be careful on your journey because there may be troubling signs in your future. Watch out for danger. If you see a large flood in your dream, then it shows that you may have frustrations or emotional energy built up within you. Unless you want your flood gates to burst open, you have to release this emotional energy carefully so that you can develop a person and stay balanced.

3. Drowning in a Flood

In the dream, where are you? If you are nearly drowning within the middle of the flood, it may show that your emotions and feelings are quickly becoming overwhelming. As the flood waters begin to surround your figure, it may feel like you have to hope for literal or emotional escape. If this is exactly how you feel in real life, then you have to address it. Look at the things that are causing stress in your normal life. Is there a way for you to reduce that stress? If you cannot find a way to limit the stress in that situation, you may want to consider cutting that person or situation out of your life entirely.

4. Flooded by Feelings

Sometimes, dreaming about a flood can show that you have powerful feelings lurking beneath the surface. You may feel anxiety, hatred, anger, sexual excitement or depression all the time. It feels like these feelings are uncontrolled and completely filling your subconscious mind. At times, the flood may also be caused by an influx of positive feelings like love. For your subconscious mind, it can sometimes be just as unnerving to feel excessive love as it is to feel excessive hate or anger.

Analyzing Your Flood Dream

To figure out what your flood dream means, you have to look at what happens in the dream. Where are you? Is the flood about to sweep you away, or does it just seem like your street is a tranquil swimming pool? Is anyone being swept away by the flood. By analyzing these details, you can ultimately figure out exactly what your dream means.

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