50 Gorgeous Feminine Tattoos

By on May 28, 2015

Ladies should never shy away from getting a tattoo out of fear of looking too harsh or manly. In this day and age, tattoos are for everybody no matter your style or sex. But if you want to keep things looking cute, feminine, and delicate, we’re here to help. We’ve found 50 beautiful and utterly feminine tattoos that grace the female body magnificently.

1. Watercolor Rose
0dc320073d1635683f27c5374d4bfa12Watercolor tattoos have become incredibly popular recently, and we love this graceful watercolor themed rose. The color palette is dainty and without the inclusion of lines, this rose becomes a delicate masterpiece that would look wonderful on any lady.

2. Dandelion & Birds

11bcb8a0d73e28e8b8822662646978bfThere is something SO cute about a dandelion. It reminds us of days we spent as little girls, frolicking in pretty sundresses, blowing out dandelions and chasing after them. With the inclusion of birds flying away from the dandelion, this tattoo gets a super-cool makeover that’s as feminine as it is unique.

3. Butterfly on Branches

7e685db1aede3663baa391fb53d5fa75A cluster of stunning, colorful butterflies lying on branches; can you think of anything more beautiful? This tattoo is filled with brilliant colors and the majesty of butterflies. Love it.

4. Flowers on a Branch

1b627bb2ffeee169eee105f8812addc9If butterflies aren’t your favorite, you may consider this lovely assortment of flowers resting on a branch. Not only is the pink and brown color combination gorgeous, but the placement is perfect as well.

5. Wraparound 8b5167a532f479cabb8b0d49834fcac6The ankle/foot area is a wonderful and super popular location for female tattoos, and we love this unique, detailed wraparound tattoo. There’s plenty of delicate detailing and gorgeous designs to catch the eye while still remaining utterly feminine.

6. Quotes & Flowers

3fae414d520dcdce0807f03b60746d75Wow. We’re an awe of this tattoo. The shading and detailing is fascinating and it has a sultry design we can’t get enough of. For a very feminine tattoo, consider something like this: your favorite quote surrounded by huge flowers.

7. Tiny Heart

6ad677ca5accdfcea235d7c8094c0adeThere are few things more feminine than a heart, and that’s why we love this heart tattoo. Aside from the beautiful design, we love the placement- right on the neck, one of the most delicate regions of a woman’s body. Lovely little tat!

8. Quote on the Thigh 

7e2bba3a5aeac7d4a8cf7b5a306a2044Quotes are always a wonderful idea for a tattoo, but there’s a few other reasons we adore this tat. For one, we LOVE the placement; right on the thigh, which is both sexy, provoking, and feminine. Secondly, we adore the font. It’s not quite cursive yet has a touch of the same style, which is romantic and cute. Thirdly, the quote isn’t excessively long, making it short, simple, and to the point. Pick out a quote and consider this tattoo!

9. Birds

8b142036ef17a9857d7fa9d53b41cb6dYou really can’t go wrong with an assortment of cute little simple birds like this. Plus the placement is adorable!

10. Black Rose

71db21f37bedd4222b0b300bef340868If you’re not into color or just want something a little more sultry, consider an exotic black rose such as this.

11. Field of Flowers

55991d3d29e985ea371d5e8d06be8b16Feminine tattoos don’t have to be small. They can bursting with colors and covering your entire side, just like this stunning field of flowers. There’s plenty of vibrant, feminine colors, and the detailing is simply fabulous. We love everything about this HUGE piece!

12. Lifeline + Quote

b133930307754d26e83e8701c35e0e4dThe lifeline tattoo is a classic, and plenty of women have it. But we especially love the lifeline leading to a quote. It’s unique, special, and REALLY cool! This tattoo could really be placed anywhere, but we love it below the collarbone.

13. Tiny Heart

535c0f69e75b6c9c994557674696d277A heart = cute and feminine. A tiny heart = the epitome of femininity. A tiny heart gracing the arm = the ultimate feminine tattoo. Do we really need to say anything more? This tattoo is as feminine and dainty as it gets.

14. Small Cross

81399baf7b5191b98b2bba569fdd41c2Another classic tattoo is of course the cross. Men and women of all religious backgrounds get this type of tattoo. We love the simplicity of this tattoo and the placement is killer. All around top notch tat!

15. Tiny Love Quote

d258576b4af18132971b2308bc85746fIf you want a quote tattoo but aren’t sure what to get, you can’t go wrong with a tiny, delicate love tattoo like the one shown here. Planted right on the wrist with an adorable, classy cursive style font, this tiny little number is an instant hit.

16. Bracelet 

b9156dadc52d47ec158541ae87824650Ever get annoyed of constantly having to remember to put on your bracelet before you head out? Why not get it tattooed to you? The best part about a bracelet tattoo is it is EXTREMELY versatile and there’s literally millions of designs to suit your specific style. Placed gently on the wrist, a bracelet tattoo is undeniably cute and feminine and looks good on everybody.

17. White Music Note

9e75b930b02ad058c8ca165e4d7cd534A music note is always sophisticated and elegant, and done in this glorious white ink, it gets an extra dose of exquisiteness. White ink is definitely a new and upcoming trend and should be reserved for special tattoos like this one shown here. Did we mention we LOVE the cute off-centered wrist placement?

18. Heart and Lace

9b9b979939356591e69d3641a1802e5cThere is so much to say about this tattoo, and we could literally rave about it for the next ten paragraphs; but we will cut it short. This back tattoo is magnificent. It’s an elegant collection of soft, ladylike lace and exquisite design and detailing surrounding a captivating heart with lock in the middle. In a word, this tattoo is utterly captivating and highly recommend this or a similar design if you’re looking for a super feminine and amazing piece of artwork.

19. Intricate Arrow

328ae0f3de7362f793dc633c1a18918aAh, the infamous arrow. Undoubtedly one of the hottest tattoo designs for 2015. Well, here we see the typical arrow tat kicked up a notch or two and we absolute adore it! It’s fabulous and placed dead center in the back is AWESOME.

20. Feather + Quote

9d483a4ce7bf223f30cb5f2a29459026Man or woman, you can’t go wrong with a feather quote. But if you want to take the typical feather tattoo and make it THAT much cooler, consider adding a very short word or quote like the one shown here. We also LOVE it across the collarbone- SO appealing!

21. Pink Flowers

8206edb8695245a944dbd35575773df7As a woman, you can never go wrong with a floral design, whether it’s on your skirt or tatted on your arms. We love this little collection of pink roses. Lovely and feminine, they’re made with a beautiful assortment of pinks and whites for a very breathtaking finish.

22. Tiny Map

b65d7955bca223e5130995d0a1277436A map isn’t obnoxiously feminine, but when it’s pintsized like the tattoo shown here, it definitely gets a heaping dose of cuteness. Plenty of detail is racked up into this miniature tat, and the wrist placement looks flawless.

23. Phoenix 

e114eceebfc89d0a6ee5aa51c175ce15A phoenix is a symbol of power, and what better way to show off your femininity and womanhood than this gorgeous tattoo. We also love the placement, it’s extremely seductive and gorgeous all at once.

24. Tiny Bow

b3971bcd2a6616d956d26a30d10a2171Coquettish, flirty, and downright girly, a tiny bow is the perfect tattoo for cutesy gals out there who desire a pintsized tat. We love the “dotted” design of this tiny bow tattoo, giving it a little bit of flirtatious and quirky attitude!

25. Peacock Feather

42274487a612b67538f14c0aae1a7932Why settle for the traditional feather tat when you can indulge in this glorious, vibrant peacock tat? Filled with fascinating colors and graceful edges, it’s a definite top choice.

26. Big Anchor

eecb35d4a96782306c9f89c4cde1a155Anchors are definitely in the top 5 most popular tattoo designs of 2015, and with the inclusion of bright, colorful flowers, this anchor gets a serious sexy makeover that would look stunning on any female. Seriously, we’re loving every inch of this big anchor tat!

27. Tiny Anchor + Bowa118c2e710e55ff1b664009cc505350aOkay, so we’ve talked about the popularity of the anchor tattoo, and we’ve discussed how incredibly cute and dainty bows and hearts are. Now combine the three. Boom. Cutest tattoo we’ve ever seen. The end.

28. Dreamcatcher + Roses

133393fe442da391902dbb8b06c5973cAmongst the anchor and arrow craze, the dreamcatcher design was certainly in the top 5. This particular dreamcatcher is a knockout, with fascinating detailing especially on the feathers and a gorgeous assortment of pink roses surrounding. Beautiful, feminine, and super popular- you can’t go wrong!

29. Lavender Roses & Lace

660c5449a40cab2808f332998223257cLavender is a bright, dainty color that looks great on women. We love this tattoo because it combines the divine beauty of lavender roses with just a few hints of feminine lacing around the edges. A gorgeous, larger scaled tattoo we simply adore.

30. Swiveling Lines 

41458b687f6c2440bce91bb5682ca725Sometimes a tattoo doesn’t have to actually be “something”. Sometimes a tattoo can look utterly amazing with just a few swiveling lines and a bit of dimension gracing a dainty part of your body. And that’s exactly what this graceful tat is all about. Love it!

31. Dark Roses & Lace

607643125382d9386c8502ffbbe3966bFor some women, being feminine isn’t about pink or lavender or other bright and flirty shades. For some, a touch of darker colors is seductive and defines femininity. This tattoo proves that brilliantly, with dark purple sultry flowers and hints of lace throughout.

32. Roses & Butterflies

b819c56d28a0bbb25bb7ba5e2243ac8eRoses and butterflies. Super, super feminine. Need I say any more?

33. Coy Fish

ad3399b09a28c80979f40981b000831dA coy fish is a rather popular design amongst men and women, and we love the addition of pink colors throughout this awesome tattoo.

34. Owl 

4ea46d0d4115aa936cf8cc2aa5166d76An adorable little owl sitting on a branch. Does it get any cuter than that? This little piece is super cute and we love all that detailing throughout!

35. Flowers on a Branch

5f31e88b8650e66b35c516578079bac7Another lovely design showcasing the popular flower on a branch tattoo. The placement of this tattoo is utterly sexy and has major appeal. Love the natural color scheme, too!

36. Wings 

875a81714ac649b327b3f4135f6fef0bFor women who want a big back tattoo, wings are always an excellent choice. There’s TONS of different wing styles to choose from, but we especially love this super dainty wing design. Almost looks like a pair of fairy or butterfly wings!

37. Intricate Cross

4fe968836a80d61c04940d5ffd1d3d36Step up the cross game with an intricately and beautifully designed cross like this one!

38. Classic Black Dreamcatcher

939b2f8708d95ade08866ce90e17960cA classic black dreamcatcher scrolling down the back. Highly sophisticated, undoubtedly hot, and totally popular. Who wouldn’t love this gorgeous back piece?

39. Tiny Infinity 

f62012fc5bc4921665746a03f493a0b8Any miniature tattoo is bound to look feminine, but when you choose an increasingly popular design like the infinity tattoo, you look extra adorable. The placement of this ultra small tat is really sexy too!

40. Anchor + Infinity 

85be5213f13e9e1f95440be301a1c672If you prefer a more detailed design, we highly recommend this awesome anchor tattoo. It’s uniquely blended in with the infamous infinity design, and with the added roses and adorable quote, this tattoo has it all. A 3-in-1 KILLER tattoo if you ask me!

41. Dragonfly

ad800fc74fde331fb0532ebd3e08460fDragonflies are so cute; especially when they are super tiny and placed on a girl’s cute wrist. How adorable is this tat?!

42. Bow and Laces

e85d58648da2f26a9db9a1bf452dd2ebA bow SCREAMS girly attitude, and this tattoo certainly proves it! Ankle tattoo are incredibly popular for women, especially when the tattoo is a dainty bow tied around the ankle and laces falling gracefully down the foot. Ah, so in love with this lovely little number!

43. Intricate Lotus

70b8c463c144de5ab8a2a55540b21b5aI look at this tattoo, and I’m instantly stunned. This glorious tattoo has so much stunning detail, and it looks utterly flawless in the upper half of the back. Delicate, yet intriguing, there’s so much to adore about this masterpiece.

44. Line Roses

4e756cdf68fb65b91a1aa2b69a5ca5abThese roses aren’t bursting with colors, they’re not shaded to death. Instead, they are beautifully decorated with hints of black, leaving much of the tattoo open to natural skin. It’s something you’d see in a museum of art, because, well, it’s a stunning floral masterpiece.

45. Skull

d94927a493d23367738163e898d888f3Who said a skull couldn’t be feminine and adorable? With just a pinch of rugged attitude, this awesome tattoo has plenty of spunk and dainty attitude to suit any gal’s style. We love the combination of roughness and utter beauty!

46. Quote Heart

fbd2dedceb8930fac6d7327d40ea63ffDon’t just put a heart- put your favorite quote or words in the shape of a heart. HOW amazingly cute is this!? Love it on the hip too!

47. Nature

d6b7c970d046da3dcf86333835944cf5There’s nothing more beautiful than nature, right? Simplicity and divinity all at once.

48. Lock and Key

4d4071e80001f8678ec33f776581ce85Nothing says femininity like a lock and key. Oh, and of course we’re obsessing over this unique design with the music note and heart inside!

49. Diamond


Umm, hello!? Let’s not forget that diamonds are a girls best friend!

50. Stars

dfdb478689010b949e3dc488a70deb26Some girls really adore stars, and for that bunch I proudly introduce you to this glorious line of teeny tiny stars right at the wrist. So cute!


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