80 Father-Daughter Quotes

By on July 29, 2018

When you have a daughter, you have a very special relationship. The bond between a father and a daughter is extremely touching. When she is a child, the father does everything he can to protect her from the dangers of the world. As she grows up, he gets to watch his daughter transform into the intelligent, confident woman that he always knew she could be. These father-daughter quotes encapsulate the special bond between a father and a daughter. The father-daughter quotes can be used by fathers or daughters to show how much they love each other.

 Lovely Father Daughter Quotes

80 Father-Daughter Quotes

1. Dear Father, you taught me everything that you know. Because of you, I have learned how to live a happy, fulfilling life. I am so grateful that God decided to make me your daughter.

2. A father is a model for what the daughter wants to become and who she wants to be in life. As she grows up, she will look for a boyfriend who is as honest and strong as her father.

3. Dearest Dad, you gave me the best present that anyone could ever ask for. You have always been the father of my dreams. Now, the best present that I could think of is to become the daughter of your dreams! I love you!

4. Did you ever wish that I was a son? Luckily, God knew what he was doing and gave you an even better gift instead: me!

5. Every father gets to choose who his daughter marries as an adult. He doesn’t choose by telling her, but by showing her an example of what men can be.

6. Dad, do you want to know my secret? You are the best man I could have in my life, and I will love you forever! I am proud to say that I am a Daddy’s girl. Thank you for always being the best father in the world!

7. All daughters believe that their father is all powerful. They might grow up, but their basic hypothesis never changes.

8. As I grow up, I have realized that not all men can be a good father. I am so thankful and lucky that I was given the best father in the entire world!

9. If you want your daughter to become a great woman in life, then you have to be an event greater father as she grows up.

10. You are not just a dad to me. You are my boss, my friend and my wise mentor. I am so lucky to have such a wise, unique father in my life!

11. A father might be an example for his daughter, but his daughter is an inspiration for him to always strive to be a better man.

12. A father is a man who will always support you and believe in you. A daughter is the only woman who will actually follow your advice.

13. A daughter is treated like a princess by her father when she is a child, so she grows up to become a queen.

14. Every daughter should know: Even when you no longer need to hold your father’s hand, he will always have your back.

15. Fathers, cherish every moment that you can spend with your daughter. Daughters, always appreciate the effort that your parents spend raising you.

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16. No one is able to give me as much love, warmth and care as I get from you, Dad. Now, it is my turn to show you the same love and care! I love you!

17. All fathers are proud when their daughters fly free like a bird as they finally leave the nest to go forth and follow their dreams.

18. Do you want to know the secret to ending stress and melting away your problems? Spend a moment looking into your daughter’s eyes and give her a hug!

19. You will never know just how much your daughter could love you until you show just how much you love her back.

20. A father might be strict with his sons, but with a daughter, he treats her like a high-class hostage.

21. If you want to show your daughter how to have a relationship and find the right man, then love her mother as much as you love your daughter.

22. All fathers should make sure to be near their daughter whenever they are needed. Otherwise, an unworthy man may step up to fill that role.

23. Fathers are the most important teachers in a daughter’s life. They teach their daughter what to expect and require from men.

24. Father’s dreams are in their daughter’s eyes. Their warm hugs relieve all pain. While a father feels pain and sadness to watch his daughter grow, he is the one person who always has her back. Her smile is the secret purpose in his life.

25. Every father should remember that his job is to be the one man who will never hurt his daughter or make her cry.

26. If a father does not take his daughter’s goals, dreams and achievements seriously, she will never be able to take herself seriously.

27. If you want to give your daughter a happy childhood, you have to be loving, reliable, caring and always available.

28. A father is the only real magician in the world. In just a few years, he can transform his little girl into a confident woman. As an adult, he can make his daughter still feel like she is a little girl.

29. The only thing that can ever part a father and a daughter is death. There is nothing else in the world that can break the father-daughter bond.

30. As soon as you have a daughter, your entire life changes. Suddenly, you can no longer be the person you used to be because you see the entire world in a different, brighter light.

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31. A wedding is not actually for brides and grooms. It is an occasion for father’s and daughters. It is when Daddy’s little girl finally becomes a woman and starts a family of her own.

32. Only father can teach his daughter to value herself. He has to tell her constantly how precious he is for him.

33. Cherish the memory of your daughter as she grows up because these warm memories will light your life during less joyful times.

34. Hearing the laughter of a daughter playing is like the most joyful symphony that a father can ever hear.

35. Fathers should never be stiff or unfeeling around their daughters. They should be soft, loving and gentle so that their daughters can turn into real women.

36. Desire starts the love of a wife. Ambition is a catalyst for love on the son. For a daughter, you only find love in its truest form.

37. Be my honey, be my moonbeam, be my sun and my daughter number one!

38. Some day, your daughter will thank you for always being her driver, hero, mentor, guardian, friend, checkbook and father.

39. You will never see a father’s fears and tears because he only shows his love and care for you.

40. A man has the chance in life to be a sun that never causes shade by giving birth to a daughter.

41. It is a rare man who is able to resist the sweet hugs and kisses of a little daughter.

42. You know, all of my friends say that Superman isn’t real, but I know that he actually exists—It’s my father!

43. Little daughters are the only people capable of softening the hearts of the strongest men.

44. Fathers have a huge capacity to change their daughters for the better, but a daughter can influence her father from the day she is born.

45. I don’t have to find a king to become a queen because I was born to a king already!

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46. All fathers secretly long for and fear the day when they have to give their daughter’s hand to another man.

47. Dearest Dad, I never worry about what happens in my life because I know that you will always be my support and my strength. You never have to worry about me outgrowing your lap because I will never be able to outgrow your heart.

48. The sparkle in a daughter’s eyes is like a father’s guiding light that leads him out of the storms of life.

49. When you were a little girl, I was always worried that you would get hurt or feel a moment of sadness. Now that you are a woman, I am constantly in a panic!

50. There have been many happy moments in my life, but the happiest of all was the day that you were born!

51. Dearest daughter, I know that you are worthy of all the happiness and joy in the world. Do you know how I could possibly know that? Because you are my daughter and I raised you to be so!

52. They say that you will never be lonely if you have a child. If you have a daughter, you will never know sadness.

53. I hate to tell you this, Dad, but I’m not sure if I will ever get married. There are just no other men in the world like you!

54. My dearest daughter: my greatest joy in life is watching you live life to the fullest and follow your dreams. When I see your smile, I realize just how amazing life can be.

55. When you were just a child, I felt like I could hold your little hand forever. Now that you are a woman, I will hold your heart for a lifetime.

56. Do you want to have a fairy tale life? Make your daughter feel as if she is a princess.

57. It does not matter how many difficulties and struggles you go through in life. No matter what happens, remember that I will die for you anytime it is necessary!

58. When you have a daughter, it seems like your life would suddenly be incomplete without her warm hugs.

59. There is only one girl who has managed to steal my heart forever: It’s my daughter! I have no words to say just how much I love you, sweetheart!

60. I never believed that superheroes could exist until I realized that you were already my greatest hero. I love you, Dad.

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61. If there is an ideal daughter in the entire world, I am pretty certain that it is you. After all, how could you not be perfect since I raised you?

62. If your husband does not believe that you are his princess, I will make him believe that you are a true queen!

63. As a child, a father can kiss his daughter’s boo-boos and make them better. The hardest part about watching a daughter grow up is holding back to let her solve her own problems. It is only by letting a daughter learn and grow that she can become a strong, confident woman.

64. A good father will truly go mad without his little girl in his life.

65. If a father can learn anything from raising a daughter, it is because he was a good father as he tried to raise her.

66. Having a daughter is the greatest lesson of all about unconditional love and loving someone more than yourself. If the world had more daughters, there would be less fighting and violence in the world.

67. The reason why I can take risks and go for my dreams in life is because I know that you will always catch me if I fall. I love you, Dad!

68. I think that Father’s Day was the worst idea ever—every day should be a celebration of you, Dad!

69. When a daughter is born, the life of an ordinary man suddenly becomes the extraordinary life of a daughter.

70. No one believes that angels could take on human form until they give birth to a little girl.

71. If you want your daughter to have the best of everything in life, you have to be the best father in the world so that she knows her worth.

72. Finding the right man won’t be easy for me because he has to live up to your example!

73. The sweetest moment in my life was holding your hand for the first time. You might not need me to hold you or guide you anymore, but I will always be here just in case.

74. As soon as you give birth to a daughter, you quickly discover that miracles truly do exist.

75. Every father’s problems can immediately go away as soon as he sees the happiness of his daughter.

76. I might not be perfect in everything, but every time I achieve perfection, it is because you raised me. Thanks, Dad!

77. If I had one wish in life, it would be to raise my own daughter as well as you raised me.

78. A daughter is the best lesson in unconditional love. By seeing the world through his daughter’s eyes, a father gets a new lease on life and a reason to try his hardest in everything.

79. Having a daughter is the best reason to invest in a shot gun.

80. No matter how old a daughter becomes, her father will always be the example of what a man should be. Every father has the difficult task of becoming this example.


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