10 Fashion Guidelines for women over 50

By on November 27, 2014

Fifty is the new forty of our century, considering that women of today take more care of themselves and do not age as quickly as they did only a few decades ago.

  1. Age in style.

    Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci[/caption] There are two types of women over fifty—those who dress at Forever 21 and those who have been wearing their favorite dresses for the past twenty years. Both are mistaken. How to avoid these common errors? Inspire in celebrities over fifty. Monica Belucci’s outfit is a perfect example of age-appropriate fashion, it is a demonstration that you do not need to wear miniskirts and spaghetti tops to look stunning.

  1. Make sure your clothes fit.


Madonna[/caption] Do not wear clothes that is too tight or too loose, take extra effort in making sure your clothing items fit. This rule applies to women of all ages, but more so to women over fifty, who sometimes might go from one extreme, like wearing tight revealing clothes, to another one, like choosing baggy outfits. Neither looks good, which is why, your clothing should be fitting to emphasize your curves, which most women get by the time they turn fifty.

  1. Use warm tones.

    Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer[/caption] With age your skin changes its tone and cold tones emphasize all those little wrinkles you do not really want to be emphasized. Warm tones in your makeup will lighten up your face and your eyes. Here you can see that Michelle Pfeiffer, age 56, appeals to warm and mild makeup tones, and it literally warms her up.

  1. Reevaluate your capsule wardrobe.

    4 - Copy

It’s time to build a new core. You will need a crispy white shirt, a knee-long skirt, a trenchcoat, a pair of wool pants; four different types of shoes, such as black sling-backs, comfortable flats, a pair of evening shoes, and a pair of casual shoes; boot cut or straight dark and white jeans. Mix and match your core by adding prints, scarfs, trendy accessories. Make sure your shoes and your handbag do not match. Yes, right, no more shoe and purse matching after fifty!

  1. Ditch the black.

5 - Copy

Contrary to the popular beliefs, black clothes do not fit every woman, especially women in their fifties. Neither do they make you look skinnier. Get rid of your mournful outfits and add a splash of color to both your wardrobe and your life.

  1. Comfort takes over.

    Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock[/caption] Fifty is right to finally get rid of those tight jeans and cropped top that you were wearing because you always believed beauty requires sacrifice. It’s time to start wearing things that are comfortable for you. Note, comfort still does not mean plain, choose items that are both easy and meaningful.

  1. Use your assets.

    Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone[/caption] The key to looking great in anything is to hide your flaws and to reveal your assets. It should define your clothes choice. Typically, women in their fifties still have great legs, so why not go for a slit skirt. If you are happy about your toned arms, three-quarter sleeves are made for you.

  1. Hair matters.

    Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear[/caption] The hairstyle that looked great on you ten years ago, might not look that flattering anymore, that’s why get a professional stylist advice on which hairstyle to choose. Notice that your hair color might go gray, so if you plan to dye your hair, go several shades lighter than your natural color. It will help to light up your face and de-emphasize any lines and wrinkles. Also, turning fifty does not necessarily require you to have short hair. Long, shiny, well-kept locks are quite chic and sophisticated.

  1. Express yourself.

    Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett[/caption] What is your true identity, what do you like in life, what is your personality? Are you adventurous, risky, and outgoing or more quiet and romantic? Ask yourself these questions, and choose your outfits based on your personal style and fashion, that is, if you are more soft and laidback, a knee-long floral dress might be a good choice for you.

  1. Remember size and age are just numbers.


Many women realize only by the time they are fifty what they really want in life and who they truly are. There are many great examples of women who reinvented themselves after fifty and became role models for their friends and families. At the same time, the list of successful hot celebrities that are in shape and in high demand is endless, because being fifty does not mean it’s time to give up your dreams.

In the end, I would like to add that a fifty-year-old woman who wears quality well-fitting clothes and has a distinguished signature style, will always look better than any youngster that does not take care of herself.


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