10 Firming Facial Yoga Exercises

By on June 4, 2014

We use yoga for everything- exercise, strength, relaxation- so why not use it to tighten and firm our faces as well? There are several yoga facial exercises designed to minimize lines and wrinkles, creating a firm and beautiful face that is vibrant and fresh. Oh, and did we mention these facial yoga exercises are incredibly easy and can be completed within a matter of minutes? You really don’t have an excuse NOT to do them!.


Facial Yoga Exercise Number 1: Neck Stretch

Baby Bird

There is something about a stretch that makes you feel relaxed, relieved, and completely at ease. Whether its your back, legs, arms, or even neck, we can surely all agree a good stretch is simply divine. Not only is this neck stretch incredibly relaxing and bound to take off a few ounces of stress, it’s also a great facial yoga exercise for strengthening the neck and chin. It can even prevent sagging around these areas! To perform this stretch, make sure your eyes are closed and your mouth is held semi-open and tensed like you are smiling, like you see in this picture. Stretch your head on both side, holding for a few moments.


Facial Yoga Exercise Number 2: Keep it Calm

Buddha Face

It’s important in our hectic daily lives to just take a few minutes to be calm, sit back, kick off our shoes, and relax. And just as it is important to give our bodies a good rest, it is also imperative our faces get a nice break. After all, we use our faces constantly throughout the day, from important business conversations to smiling and laughing with our friends. Doing this simple calming pose will relax your face back to an unlined state.


Facial Exercise Number 3: Release Your Tongue

Free Your Tongue

For this pose, simply hold out your tongue as far as it can go and keep your eyes wide open. It is recommended that this pose is held for at least 60 seconds, or until your eyes start watering up. But remember- eyes watering is a good thing, as they are releasing toxins from your body. As for holding out your tongue, this strengthens the mouth and jaw.


Facial Yoga Exercise Number 4: The Warrior Part 1

Lion Face, Part I

Want to release some aggression while giving your entire face a serious workout? Firm up your entire face with the warrior yoga exercise part 1 and 2. Begin by clinching up your first and squeezing your entire face tightly, so tight that your eyes close and your nose squinches up. Breathe in slowly through your nose and continue to part 2.


Facial Yoga Exercise Number 5: The Warrior Part 2

Lion Face, Part II

Release the pose, exhaling through your mouth, opening your mouth widely and sticking out your tongue. Your eyes should also be opening widely for the full effect. Repeat the entire warrior exercise three times, taking time with each one to ensure you’re getting the full workout. You will definitely notice that your face feels more relaxed and soothed after performing this workout multiple times.


Facial Yoga Exercise Number 6: Give Me a Kiss


Every woman wants firm, plump, kissable lips. And with this easy ‘Give Me a Kiss’ facial yoga exercise pose, you can achieve just that. For this pose, perch your lips up as if you were to blow someone a kiss.  Continue to ‘blow kisses’ for as long as you want, preferably 60 seconds. The repetitive motion of your lips perching up and relaxing will not only firm up your lips, but give them a boost of plumpness for a pair of serious sexy lips that no one could resist.


Facial Yoga Exercise Number 7: Blow Fish


No, she’s not just trying to be silly. This is actually an exceptional exercise for firming your cheeks. The pressure makes them work extra hard to firm up. The result? Strong, beautiful cheek bones that can match up to Tyra Banks and other top models (well, almost). To perform this easy firming exercise, just fill up your cheeks with as much air as possible. Hold the pose tightly with your eyes held wide open (which will also firm up the skin around your eyes as an added bonus!). Hold this pose for as long as you can, up to 60 seconds- or until your eyes start watering of course. If you have children, you will especially appreciate this exercise as you can do it several times a day- and give your kids a good laugh in the meantime!


Facial Yoga Exercise 8: Kissy Face

Smiling Fish Face

No, she’s not posing for an awful duck face selfie. She’s actually performing one of the most important facial yoga exercises for your mouth. If you have, or are worried about getting wrinkles around your lips, then this is the exercise for you. This yoga face exercise is really simple: just squeeze your lips together close like you are trying to be a fish. (We’ve all done this at one point or another with a silly kid, but now we can use it for firm faces!)


Yoga Facial Exercise Number 9: Open Wide!

Surprise Me!

A deer stuck in headlights? Or a woman trying to firm her forehead? If you answered option number two, you are correct. This simple yoga exercise for the face involves the opening of the eyes as wide as you can. Really push them to their limits, ladies. Since most of the time our eyes and foreheads are squeezed up tight from smiling or frowning, this exercise helps to strengthen these areas by doing the exact opposite. Hold this pose for as long as you can, until your eyes are start watering.


Facial Yoga Exercise Number 10: Shifty Eyes

Temple Dancer Eyes

As women, we are constantly trying to find ways to prevent or get rid of unsightly crows feet and sagging around our eyes. But why turn to botox or other harmful methods when you can do this simple yoga exercise for the eyes? It’s as easy as opening your eyes wide and shifting your eyes from left to right; not quickly, of course. Make sure you take your time with each side. This helps to strengthen the muscles around the eyes for firm, vibrant, and most of all: youthful eyes.


There you have it. Ten easy and quick facial yoga exercises you can do in the comfort of your home. Perform these simple exercises before you go to bed at night, when you first wake up in the morning- whenever you want! In fact, it would be a great idea to pair these facial yoga exercises with your regular yoga routine for a firm and relaxed body from head to toe- literally.


Ladies, what are some of your favorite facial yoga exercises that you have seen results with?


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