30 Eyeshadow Ideas for Brown Eyes 2017

By on November 18, 2017

Women with brown eyes should be the happiest. The color of their eyes matches beautifully with most types of makeup. Whether you’re a huge fan of sleek creases or you’d rather try out the smokey eyes makeup, the available blends of styles are endless. Choose the one that best matches the shape of your eyes, and you’ll make the most unforgettable impression. For any eye makeup to stand out, it is important to frame your eyebrows and contour the cheeks as well. Here are 30 eyeshadow ideas to get inspired from. We’ve picked the best for the color of your eyes.

1. Earthy Brown & Black Cut Crease

Pinterest/Mally Beauty

To get this interesting, romantic makeup, follow the steps below:

  • Apply concelear on the upper and lower eyelid
  • Use an earthy tone of brown on the upper eyelid. Blend gently.
  • Use a slightly lighter shade of brown to blend the two and make a smoother transition.
  • Apply black eyeliner starting from a thin line at the base of the and moving to the exterior with thicket line
  • Use a glittery brown to contour the lower eyelid and bright up the eyes
  • Apply mascara on both, upper and lower lashes

2. Light Brown & Blue Underlid Eyeshadow

via Pinterest/Cassie Renaud

For a touch of color and a beautiful blend with your brown eyes, this is what you need to do to get this makeup.

  • Choose eyeshadow in a light matte brown color
  • Before you get started, apply concealer on the upper eyelid.
  • Use a makeup brush to apply the eyeshadow
  • Then apply at slightly darker nuance and blend the two
  • Draft the black crease with eyeliner
  • Use matte blue eyeshadow for the under lid
  • Apply mascara (fake lashes are optional)

3. Rose Gold Smokey Eyes 

via Pinterest/Makeup by Meggan

Rose gold is in trend this season, and the makeup is easier to obtain than you think. Follow the steps below.

  • Apply matte burgundy eyeshadow on the upper eyelid
  • Choose a lighter nuance at the base of the eyes, and a darker at the ends.
  • Sprinkle gold glitter on top
  • Topp off with eyeliner and mascara

4. Green Eyeshadow & Prominent Crease 

via Pinterest/Kurlukaya

Green is a perfect shade for women with brown eyes. To get this look, follow the steps below.

  • Decide on a vivid green eyeshadow nuance (make sure it’s matte)
  • Apply it on the upper eyelid
  • To blend, use a brown eyeshadow
  • Near the eyebrow arch, use nude eyeshadow to brighten the face
  • Use the same green/brown blend for the underlid
  • Apply mascara to contour the eyes

5. Earthy Brown & Extra Long Eyelashes 

via Pinterest/It’s All About Makeups

Earthy brown with a touch of pastel pink is the perfect type of makeup for women with brown eyes and platinum blonde hair. To get it, here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose a brown/pastel pink eyeshadow (matte is the best)
  • Use a brush to apply it on your upper eyelid
  • Blend gently combining a different (lighter) shade of brown
  • Apply white eyeliner on the inside of your under lid (to open the eyes)
  • Use glittery silver eyeshadow at the base of your eyes, and a darker brown at the ends
  • Apply fake lashes and mascara

6. Fresh Brown Eyeshadow & Discreet Eyeliner

via Pinterest/beautytipsisgallore.com

One of the best ways to keep your face looking fresh is to choose the right eyeshadow. If you have brown eyes, eyeshadow is a similar nuance is the best choice. Steps to follow:

  • Choose brown eyeshadow in tone with a matte lipstick
  • Apply on both upper and lower eyelid
  • Blend using nude eyeshadow
  • Add a touch of spark with glittery brown
  • Draw a discreet line on the upper eyelid using black eyeliner
  • Apply mascara

7. Orange Red Blend & Black Crease 

via Pinterest/Natasha Świerczek

Do you have big brown eyes, and you’re hunting for the perfect makeup blend? Here it is:

  • Use a foundation that’s in tone with your skin
  • Apply concealer around the eyes
  • Use a matte redish eyeshadow base & apply on the upper eyelid
  • Blend with a light brown and use an illuminator on the exterior side of the eyebrow
  • Apply black eyeliner and make a crease that extends to the tips of your eyebrows
  • Use eyeliner on the waterline as well
  • Apply the same reddish eyeshadow on your under lid
  • Apply mascara

8. Earthy Burgundy Eyeshadow & Curvy Crease 

via Pinterest/chelseasmakeup

All women crave the romantic cat-eye look. Now it’s easier to get that you think. Just follow these steps:

  • Choose an earthy burgundy eyeshadow
  • Apply it on your eyelid and blend gently
  • Use a light ivory eyeshadow to merge the two shades and get rid of harsh margins
  • Apply glittery eyeshadow at the base of your eyes
  • Make an arched crease starting from the base all the exterior of the eyes
  • Apply mascara on both, upper and lower eyelashes

9. Plum Smokey Eyes 

via Pinterest/Annie Johnson

Bold smokey eyes are for confident women only. Are you one of them? Here’s what you need to do to achieve it:

  • Prepare the face applying foundation
  • Shape the eyebrows
  • Apply eyeshadow in a glittery plum shade on both upper and lower eyelids
  • Use bold eyeliner on the upper eyelid and blend in with black eyeshadow
  • Use eyeliner on the waterline
  • Apply fake lashes and mascara

10. Nude Eyeshadow & Pink Highlights 

via Pinterest/Mahi Mahi

Nude makeup can have more impact than the most sophisticated touches. How do you get this sleek makeup? Here are the steps to go through to get it:

  • Choose a light pink eyeshadow with glittery accents
  • Apply it on the upper eyelid
  • Use a darker brown shade for the exterior of the eyes
  • Apply black eyeliner discreetly
  • Apply lashes and mascara

Nude makeup seems to dominate this autumn season. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon because women crave to have a flawless completion without using too much makeup on a daily basis.

11. Glittery Pink & Black Eyeliner 

via Pinterest/Jaqueline Guimaraes

Future brides, brace yourselves! We’ve got the perfect makeup for your brown eyes. What you need to do to get it:

  • Apply foundation and concealer around the eyes
  • Choose a blend of eyeshadows: bright pink & matte burgundy
  • Apply the lighter shade at the base of the eyes
  • Save the darker shade for the outside to make your eyes brighter and bigger
  • Apply glitter on top
  • Draw a thick line with a water-resistant eyeliner
  • Frame the eyebrows, applying illuminator at the ends
  • Apply lashes and mascara

12. Light Smokey Eyes & Whisky Eyelashes 

via Pinterest/fave.co

Have you ever thought of getting eyelash extensions? Thanks to advanced technologies, they can look just as natural eyelashes; even better. As for the makeup, it’s best to keep it simple.

  • Start by applying matte pink eyeshadow on the upper eyelid
  • Blend with a brush choosing a darker pink tone for the exterior side of the eyes to add length
  • Apply mascara to lengthen the eyes

If you want your eyeshadow to last for days, we recommend that you invest in a makeup setting spray. This way your eyeshadow will sit on your eyelids for many hours without washing away.

13. Metallic Plum & Light Purple

via Pinterest/paulina_alaiev

Metallic plum is an incredibly seductive eyeshadow color. In combination with lighter purple, your brown eyes can look amazing.

  • Choose your plum shade of eyeshadow and apply it on the upper eyelid with a makeup brush
  • Apply the lighter tone of purple on the lower lid
  • Apply black eyeliner on the waterline and upper eyelid margins
  • Top off with mascara

Deep plum smokey eyes is a makeup trend that’s here to stay. Wear it at any party you choose to attend and you’ll definitely make a memorable impression on everyone around.

14. Earthy Brown Blend & Long Dark Crease 

via Pinterest/eyeseductive.com

Long, dark creases are meant to lengthen and widen the eyes. Don’t you want to rock the cat eye look? Here’s how to get it:

  • Choose an earthy brown blend in a matte shade
  • Use a makeup brush to apply on the entire eyelid
  • Apply black eyeliner making a long, arched crease
  • Apply eyeliner on the waterline
  • Apply mascara to finish the look

15. Pink & Glittery Yellow Eyeshadow 

via Pinterest/Paola.11

In combination with pale pink, glittery yellow can look amazing on women with brown eyes. Follow these steps to get this amazing makeup:

  • Apply your favorite pink shade on the upper eyelid
  • Use black eyeliner to draw a line above the upper eyelid to lengthen the eyes
  • Apply glittery yellow eyeshadow on the lower lid
  • Apply mascara (face lashes are optional)

16. Glittery Peach & Long Lashes 

via Pinterest/Ella_E

Autumn is here ladies, so it’s time to upgrade your makeup palette. Here are some tips on how to get this peachy smokey makeup. Note that if you don’t have it in your makeup kit, you can always combine a light brown with glittery pink to obtain this memorable blend.

  • Go for a glittery peach eyeshadow and apply on both eyelids
  • Use black eyeliner on both upper and lower eyelid
  • Blend with a brush
  • Apply fake lashes and mascara

17. Light Brown Monochrome 

via Pinterest/Danna MJ

Light brown is an autumn color that matches beautifully on women with brown eyes. Use the monochrome technique to give your eyes a uniform appeal ready to steal the show. The steps involved are:

  • Choose a light brown eyeshadow with a hint of orange
  • Blend gently, and apply the same shade on the lower lid
  • Apply eyeliner discreetly
  • Finish off with bold mascara
  • To complete the makeup, use ivory eyeshadow to blend in the light brown and create a uniform look

18. Deep Purple Eyeshadow 

via Pinterest/MEMEL

Deep purple eyeshadow is the ultimate shade of the season. It’s bold, dramatic, and at the same time, alluring. Use it to get the most inspiring smokey eyes. What you need to do to achieve it:

  • Choose your purple: the darker the better
  • Apply on the upper eyelid with a brush and blend
  • To frame the eye, choose a dark nuance to mix with the purple
  • Save a slightly lighter nuance of brown to create a smooth, well-blended mix
  • Apply eyeliner creating a nice crease to the exterior
  • Apply glittery light eyeshadow at the base and exit of the eyes to add length and make an impact
  • Apply mascara and contour the eyebrows

19. Metallic Pink & Shades 

via Pinterest/Laura

Metallic pink with hints of deep copper can make the most striking eyeshadow color. The secret is in the blend. To get this beautiful shade of metallic pink, these are the steps you need to follow:

  • Apply makeup base on the eyes lids
  • Use a makeup brush and apply a generous amount of deep copper eyeshadow on the upper eyelid
  • Choose a lighter pink of eyeshadow and apply in the center of the eyelids
  • Top off with glittery pink
  • Use a brush to blend the colors together without mixing them up
  • Apply eyeliner and fake lashes

To complete the makeup, frame the eyebrows and use an illuminator to brighten the face. Considering the makeup is already striking enough, you might want to consider nude lipstick.

20. Brown with Black and Gold Eyeliner 

via Pinterest/Sinem

Pure brown eyeshadow is ideal for women with brown eyes. For the best results, we recommend that you go with a matte brown. Here’s what you need to do to get this chic make-up for your brown eyes.

  • Apply matte brown eyeshadow on the upper eyelid
  • Blend gently with a makeup brush
  • Use a tone of ivory eyeshadow to kill sudden lines and add fluidity to the makeup
  • Draw a black line with eyeliner, creating a long, arched crease to the exterior of the eye
  • Draw another line with golden eyeliner just above the black line
  • Top off with mascara

Make sure to contour your eyebrows for a unified look, and use an illuminator right above eyelid to brighten the face.

21. Glittery Copper & Brown Shades 

via Pinterest/Katness Everdeen

In combination with deep cherry eyeshadow, glittery copper can totally make your eyes pop. If you’re looking for a unique, genuine eyeshadow blend for a night out, this is it. Steps to get it:

  • Apply matte deep cherry eyeshadow on the eyelid using a thick makeup brush
  • Blend gently in combination with a light ivory to have a smoother eyeshadow transition with the upper side of the eye
  • Apply eyeliner making a crease to the exterior
  • Make sure to curve the crease to lengthen the eyes and get the famous cat-eye look
  • Now apply glittery eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelid
  • Use the same shade at the base of the eyes
  • Apply fake lashes and mascara

22. Smokey Green Makeup 

via Pinterest/Lotti

Smokey green with hints of black and brown are a killer makeup combination. The holiday season is almost here, meaning now it’s the perfect time to start testing eyeshadows. Here are some steps to take to achieve the look above. Note that you need precision and the right brushes to get it done impeccably.

  • Glittery green should be the main eyeshadow nuances that you need to apply on your eyelids
  • Use a thin makeup brush to draw a line just above the eye. The choice of eyeshadow color, in this case, should be matte brown
  • Now grab a thicker brush and blend the green and brown with black eyeshadow at the exterior of the eyes
  • Apply eyeliner
  • Blend some more brown moving upwards, close to the eyebrows
  • Apply nude ivory under the eyebrows
  • Top off with mascara and fake lashes

23. Whiskey Eyelashes 

via Pinterest/Mawee

We love beautiful whiskey eyelashes. If you have small eyes, and you’d like to make an impression with the simple make-up, this is it. Choose a light peachy eyeshadow shade, and let those gorgeous eyelashes steal the show. Steps to take to get the look:

  • Use a makeup brush to apply peachy glittery eyeshadow on the upper lashes
  • Close to the exterior of your eyes, apply a matte peach drawing a crease that almost touches the eyebrows
  • Use a different brush to blend the two shades
  • Apply some more glitter to define the eyes
  • Apply mascara

24. All-Natural Nude & Black Eyeliner 

via Pinterest/Sis Hair

If you want to get those amazing cat eyes without going overboard, the easiest trick is to choose a nude eyeshadow. Focus on framing the shape of your eyes. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Choose a creamy, high-quality eyeliner and start drawing a thin line starting from the center of the eyes
  • Make the line thicker as you move to the exterior of the eye
  • Apply nude eyeshadow, or pastel pink to make your pop
  • Apply mascara to finish off the look

25. Bold Smokey Eyes 

via Pinterest/Lindsey Leanne

Bold smokey eyes is the perfect type of makeup for a future bride. But it can also be worn at a fancy party or formal event. Here are the steps to follow for a perfect result.

  • Apply concealer on the eyelids
  • To minimize eyeshadow creasing, sweep powder over your eyelids
  • Use black eyeliner to draw a line moving from the inside of the eyes to the outside
  • Blend a darker eyeshadow with the glittery purple
  • Highlight the angles
  • Apply mascara (fake lashes are optional)

26. Light Autumn Brown & Pastel Pink Accents 

via Pinterest/Luiza Dragan

Autumn brown is a divine eyeshadow blend for this season. We love the transition from a slightly darker shade to a lighter tone. Top it off with nude lipstick, and the end result will exceed all your expectations. What you need to do to achieve the look:

  • Use a wide, puffy makeup brush and apply the lighter eyeshadow on the eyelid
  • Take the darker nuance and apply from halfway to the exterior drafting a discreet crease
  • Blend the two without mixing them up completely
  • Apply illuminator on the eyebrow arch
  • Apply mascara

27. Amber Eyeshadow & Bold Eyelashes 

via Pinterest/Wedding Magazine

For a more sophisticated, elegant look, consider this amber eyeshadow with bold eyelashes. It’s simple but incredibly chic. Steps involved:

  • Apply concealer on the eyelids
  • Apply an ivory shade of eyeshadow (make sure it’s glittery)
  • Apply the amber nuance on the exterior of the eye moving the brush upwards to lengthen the eyes
  • Apply white eyeliner on the waterline
  • Apply fake lashes and mascara to frame the look

28. Glittery Fuschia Eyeshadow 

via Pinterest/GLAMINATI

Pink fuschia is a beautiful eyeshadow nuance. It’s perfect for a party, formal event or any other type of celebration. To help you do it all on your own, follow the steps below:

  • Apply high-quality concealer to hold the eyeshadow
  • Apply glittery fuschia eyeshadow onto the eyelids
  • Use a thin makeup brush to apply matte burgundy eyeshadow to the exterior of the eyes
  • Apply eyeliner, creating a crease parallel with the tip of the eyebrows
  • Apply fake lashes and mascara
  • Top off with illuminator on the lower lid and curve of the eyebrows

29. Ivory Eyeshadow & Brown Eye Frames 

via Pinterest/Nakita Barr

We love dramatic makeups with a twist. To get this beautiful combination, just follow the steps below:

  • Choose matte nude eyeshadow and apply on the eyelids
  • Then choose a darker brown to draw a curvy crease and frame the eyes
  • Make sure the space above the eyebrows is left empty
  • Apply eyeliner from the inside of the eye all the way to the outside
  • Apply mascara and dark purple lipstick

30. Hints of Yellow

via Pinterest/Jevel

Yellow may not be your average eyeshadow nuance, but it can work beautifully when applied correctly. Use it in combination with a nice brown shade.

  • Choose a bright yellow eyeshadow and apply on the eyelids
  • With a brush, apply the light brown just above the eyes, and merge the two without blending them completely
  • Apply eyeliner, and top off with black eyeshadow to make the transition smoother
  • Apply mascara and nude lipstick (don’t forget about illuminator on the upper cheeks and blush to finish off the look)

There you have it, ladies! Our top 30 picks of eyeshadow for women with brown eyes. Choose the makeup that best complements your sense of style, and wear it with pride. Keep in mind to use waterproof, high-quality products for your makeup to last for many hours. Regardless of your choice, you should feel like a princess everywhere you go.

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