100 A-Z Exotic Girl Names 

By on November 11, 2015

Whether you are wishing to change your name or just need a name for a newborn daughter, this list is designed to please. It contains 100 of the top A-Z exotic girl names from around the world. If we missed out on any of your favorites, make sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the article. We tried to include all the best names, but there are far more than 100 unique, exotic girl names to choose from, so we had to narrow it down a lot.

1. Abasi: Abasi has Egyptian and African origins. In the modern day language of Swahili, it means stern, although I doubt that this will actually be descriptive of any little girl.

2. Abella: With a French origin, Abella just rolls off your tongue naturally. It is a very soft sounding name, which makes it easier to mix with middle names.

3. Ada: In Africa, Ada means first daughter. Among the English meanings of this name, you will find meanings like happy and prosperous.

4. Adal: In the Germanic languages, Adal means noble.

5. Adriano: Originally, Adriano meant a man from Adrian, but it is often used as a female name now. If you want to make it a bit more feminine sounding, you can always write it with an “a” at the end instead of an “o” like Adriana.

6. Aine: In Ireland, Aine means Ardent. With ancient Celtic languages, this exotic girl name means joy or fire.

7. Airlia: Although it is not the easiest name to say, Airlia conjures up images of naiads and wood fairies. In Greek, this beautiful sounding names means ethereal.

8. Aisha: Over the years, Aisha has become a more popular name. In the Quran, it was actually the name of Prophet Mohammad’s favorite wife. In Arabic, it means lively, although the root word of “Aish” means sustenance or bread.

9. Aislin: In Irish, this exotic name means vision. Aislin can also be written as Ashlyn if you wanted an alternative option.

10. Alastair: This unique name means defender of mankind in Scottish and Gaelic. It originally developed as a variation on the name of Alexander, which makes it seem likely that it was a version of Alexander the Great’s moniker.

11. Alda: With origins in Germany and Italian, Alda means elder, wisdom or wealthy in German. As a boy’s name, it could be written as “Aldo”.

12. Alden: This Anglo Saxon name means an old and wise friend. It sounds like the word for the Alder tree and is similar to the root word for the surname, “Aldwyn”.

13. Aldis: This English name means something from an old house, but don’t let that hold you back!

14. Aldrich: In Teutonic languages, Aldrich was once a word for a king’s battle counsel.

15. Aleta: In Dutch, Aleta is a variation of the ancient name, Adelheid. When we look at the English origin of the name, Aleta means tiny, winged one.

16. Alethea: In ancient Greece, Altethea was the goddess of truth and veracity. Due to this, this exotic girl name means truthful.

17. Alfreda: Teutonic languages show that this name means oracle, but English roots say that it means elf counselor. Either way, it is the female version of the name Alfred.

18. Alina: In ancient Greece, Alina was as name that meant “light”.

19. Allegra: This gorgeous girls name means “joyous” in Latin.

20. Alessandra: This name means defender of mankind in Italian and is the female version of the male name, Alexander.

21. Amara: Amara means eternal in both Greek and German. It is also a shortened way of writing Amarantha.

22. Amaryllis: In Greek, this name is used for a type of flower. Back in the 1500s, it was the name of a simple shepherd girl in the Thomas Campion play, I Care Not For Those Ladies.

23. Amelie: Amelie is a modern French take on the English “Emily” and the namesake of an amazing French film.

24. Amina: In Arabic, the name Amina means faithful or trustworthy. It also means trustworthy in Swahili.

25. Aviana: The root of this name is not particularly clear, but it may be a modification of names like Aviva or Anna.

26. Bodhi: In Buddhism, the Bodhi tree was the place where the Buddha sat as he achieve enlightenment.

27. Carmela: In addition to being the name of a saint and a Holy Order, Carmela refers to the paradise at Mount Carmel in Israel and is a term for a garden in Hebrew.

28. Caterina: With a meaning of Pure in Portuguese, Caterina can be changed into a variety of nicknames like Cat, Katie or Katya.

29. Cosimia: In Greek, Cosimia means “of the universe”.

30. Cruz: This is the Portuguese and Spanish way of saying “cross”, but it also happens to be a rather pretty girls’ name.

31. Dante: One of the landmark books of the last millennium was Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Since it came out hundreds of years ago, the name “Dante” has been a popular one for boys. Now, it is getting new life as a girl name.

32. Diamonique: Since Diamonique is a variation of diamond, it means a high value or brilliance in English.

33. Dion: This is a shortened form of “Dionysus” who was a Greek god known for his debauchery.

34. Elektra: In ancient Greece, Elektra was the daughter of the mythological Agamemnon and was a character in three Greek tragedies.

35. Esperanza: This beautiful, exotic girl name means “hope” in Spanish.

36. Evelina: Evelina means light in Celtic and is a version of the English “Evelyn”.

37. Faustine: In Latin, this is the female way of writing “Faust” and it means the fortunate one.

38. Flavia: This name means golden or blond in Latin, but you don’t have to limit it to just blonde daughters.

39. Fleur: In addition to being a character in Harry Potter, Fleur is a French name that means flower.

40. Giana: This variation of the name Jane means “God is gracious” in Italian.

41. Giselle: Other than being the name of a top supermodel, Giselle means pledge in both French and German.

42. Hamisi: In Swahili, Hamisi is the name given to a child born on the fifth day of the week (Thursday).

43. Imani: This exotic girls name means faith.

44. Imogene: Imogene means likeness or image in ancient Latin.

45. Isabel: Isabel is the Spanish way of writing Elizabeth and can be shortened into names like “Isa”, “Izzy”, “Bell” and “Bella”.

46. Isadora: This Greek name means a gift of Isis. In Egyptian mythology, Isis was the goddess of fertility.

47. Isis: Although some modern groups have ruined the connotations around this name, Isis was actually the name of the Egyptian goddess who was the sister to Osirus.

48. Jemima: Jemima means little dove in Hebrew. In the Bible, she was one of the most beautiful women of her time and one of Job’s three daughters.

49. Kaira: In Scandinavian, this name means pure.

50. Kali: Kali means rosebud in Greek and energetic in African languages.

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51. Kapono: This Hawaiian name is known for meaning the proper one or the righteous one.

52. Kenji: This Japanese name has a fun, unique sound to it.

53. Khadijah: In Arabic, Khadijah means premature child and is the perfect name if your child is born before her due date.

54. Krishna: Krishna is a Hindu deity. In Sanskrit, the word means dark blue or black.

55. Lakshmi: Lakshmi is another Hindu deity. She is the goddess of good fortune and a portent of positive developments.

56. Laszlo: In Hungary, Laszlo is a name that means “rules with glory”.

57. Leif: Although it is traditionally a boy name, Leif is becoming more popular as a female name. Back in the day, Leif Erickson led his Vikings across the Atlantic to touch North America long before Christopher Columbus was ever born.

58. Leonora: In ancient Greek, this name means light.

59. Lorena: Lorena is a name that means sweet bay tree or laurel in English. These items were once symbols of victory, so the name could also be said to symbolize victory.

60. Lucia: This is an Italian name, which means light and is the girls’ version of Lucius.

61. Madeleine: Other than being the star of a cartoon show, Madeleine has the meaning of “from the tower” in French.

62. Maile: In Hawaiian, Maile is a type of vine that is native to the region.

63. Mariko: This Japanese name means truth, reason or benefit.

64. Mathias: In both Welsh and Scandinavian languages, Mathias means “gift of god”.

65. Mina: Mina is a German name, which means resolute protector.

66. Neema: This name means born into prosperity in Swahili.

67. Nova: Nova means “chases a butterfly” among the Native American tribe known as the Hopi.

68. Odelia: This name means a prosperous battle in German. In French, Odelia means prosperous or wealthy.

69. Olympia: Olympia was once a word that meant from Mount Olympus. In Greek myths, Mount Olympus was the home of the gods.

70. Omari: Omari means high born in Egyptian and “God the Highest” in Swahili.

71. Orinana: Orinana is from Celtic and Italian root words that mean blonde and golden, respectively.

72. Primrose: In addition to being an adorable name, Primrose is a very sweet, delicate flower.

73. Putri: In Indonesia, Putri means princess.

74. Quenby: This unusual, exotic girl name means womanly in Swedish.

75. Quentin: Quentin is a name that means from the queen’s town in English.

76. Rashida: In Egyptian, this name means righteous.

77. Regina: Regina is one of the most exotic girl names, and it was once quite popular. This name has been increasing in popularity recently, perhaps due to its meaning of regal or elegance.

78. Reza: Reza is a name that means consent or will in Persian.

79. Rhea: In Greek mythology, Rhea was the mother of Zeus.

80. Rocco: This cute name is quickly taking on a new popularity as a girls name.

81. Rosabel: Rosabel is taken from a Latin word that means “beautiful rose”.

82. Sabra: In Egyptian, this name means patient.

83. Sadie: Sadie is a cute form of Sarah, and it means princess.

84. Selene: Selene is associated with everything lunar because the Greek deity, Selene, presided over the moon.

85. Sirena: In ancient Greek mythology, a siren was a gorgeous woman and mythological creature who lured sailors toward their deaths.

86. Svana: In Icelandic, this lovely name means swan.

87. Taj: Taj is a Sanskrit name that means crown.

88. Talia: In Hebrew, Talia is a word that means the dew of heaven.

89. Uma: Other than being the name of a Hollywood star, Uma is also a Nigerian name that means second daughter.

90. Umika: In Japanese, Umika means fragrance of the ocean.

91. Valda: Valda is a Latin name that means brave.

92. Valentina: Valentina is an exotic girls name, which means courageous or brave.

93. Verena: Verena is from a Dutch root word, which means “from the bridge”.

94. Wilhelmina: Wilhelmina means peaceful or resolute in German.

95. Winona: Winona is a German name that means a peaceful friend.

96. Yasmine: Yasmine is the Hindu version of Jasmine, which represents a type of beautiful flower.

97. Victoria: Victoria is a name that was made popular by the late Queen Victoria of England.

98. Yolanda: In Greek, Yolanda means a violet flower.

99. Zaliki: Zaliki is an exceptionally exotic name that means “well-born”.

100. Ziva: This name is from Hebrew, and it means splendor or brilliance.

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