18 Good Excuses to Get Out of Work

By on May 5, 2015

Are you dying for a day off? Or do you just want to cure that hangover from the weekend? No matter what your real reason is, these following excuses will help you to play hooky from work. For these ideas to work the best, you need to make sure to mix up your reasons. Your boss will not believe your sick day if you always use the same excuse. For a believable, good excuses to get out of work, read on.


1. It’s a Bear!

Seriously, this excuse works fairly well if you live in a rural area. Back in college, our campus was filled with giant turkeys. One of which had a bad habit of attacking people. Our professors did not think twice about a student who arrived late due to a turkey. If you do live in an area populated by bears, you should take a picture of one in your driveway the next time a bear comes rambling along. Afterward, you can send that picture to your boss on your next sick day.

2. The Pipes Are Frozen or Broken

In winter, pipes often freeze over or burst. If you need to leave work and are already at your workplace, you can just pretend that your neighbor or a family member called you about the pipes. Best of all, it can take hours to fix a burst pipe, so you will have plenty of time off to enjoy the sunshine.


3. You Burned Yourself

When it comes to calling in sick, it is hard to fake a cold. Sudden stomach flues or illnesses will also seem suspect to your boss. Instead of using one of the more typical excuses, you can always say that you burned yourself cooking breakfast. All you have to do is wrap your hand in a bandage before your next workday, and you should be doing good.

4. There Was a Train

Traffic and trains are a great way to call in sick. If you were late getting to work, you can always say that you were pulled over for speeding. Do you need more time off? You can tell your boss that you have a court date for the speeding ticket or need to take an aggressive driving course. Of course, if you have to drive for your work, you cannot use this excuse. At the most, you can just say you were late because a train was passing by.


5. Waiting for a Locksmith

It is unfortunately extremely common to get locked out of your house or your car. Fortunately, this makes getting locked out a great excuse for you. If you are “locked out” of your house, call from your neighbor’s house to make the excuse more believable. For a car, you can just say that you locked your keys in the vehicle. You need to be careful, though. If your boss is nice and they live near you, they may offer to come and pick you up.

6. Jury Duty

When you are summoned for jury duty, you are required to serve. At the very least, you have to show up for the basic interview. This can be a great excuse as long as your boss does not ask to see any proof.

7. A Doctor’s Appointment

If you know in advance that you will want a day off, you can request it off for a doctor’s appointment. In general, this is enough to get time off. If your boss wants to know why you cannot reschedule it, you can always say that it is a dermatologist appointment. Dermatologists are often scheduled months in advance, so rescheduling the appointment is not possible.

8. Labor Pains

For a more unique reason to call in, you can always say that a friend or family member is in labor. This excuse works better if you actually know someone who recently gave birth. Even better, this excuse can occur at any time of day, so it is a great reason for you to leave after you have already clocked in for the day.


9. Your Pet Ate Something

No one can turn down a sick dog or cat. If you cannot think of any other reason to ask for a day off and do not want to risk your boss finding out that no one was in labor, you can say that your dog or cat swallowed something. If your pet ate something dangerous, you have to take it to the veterinarian right away. This excuse works best with pet-lovers, but it still fairly effective with just about anyone.

10. Lady Problems

It may be a stereotypical excuse, but it still works. If you have a male boss, he is not going to inquire too much about exactly what lady problems entail. For female bosses, the excuse still works because there are many women who experience severe menstrual symptoms.

11. Blood Giving

For many people, giving blood can cause dizziness or other symptoms. Some people even pass out after giving blood. You can tell your boss that you will be late or cannot come in because you are still too dizzy from giving blood. Unlike other illnesses, this excuse allows you to show up feeling perfectly fine the next day. It also gives you a humanitarian boost at work because you risked your own health to donate blood for other people.

12. Reporting a Crime

If you live in a high-crime area, it is fairly common to witness suspicious vehicles or unusual activities. You can easily tell your boss that you will be late to work or plan on staying home because you are filing a report at the police department. Everyone knows that bureaucracy takes time, so they will not expect you to rush back immediately.

13. You Are Suffering From a Migraine

Although this is a fairly common excuse, it still works. Migraines happen to a certain portion of the population on an extremely regular basis. It is not your fault if you suddenly have a migraine, and your boss will likely understand this. Depending on the workplace, they may ask you to bring in a doctor’s note. Before using this excuse, make sure that you know if you will need to get a doctor’s note or not.

14. There Was an Irregularity in Your Blood Work

For another medical-related reason, you can use your blood work. All you have to do is tell your boss that you recently had blood drawn for routine tests or a cholesterol count. You can tell your boss that there was an irregularity in the blood work, so you have to go back and get it drawn again. Later, you can always blame the irregularity on testing issues or similar problems.


15. You Have an Ill Child

If you have children or take care of your siblings, you may be able to use a childhood illness as an excuse. Your mom has to go to work or she is not home for several hours, so you have to stay and nurse your sibling. If you have children, it is even easier. You get the whole day off to take care of your sick child, and no one is the wiser for it.

16. Urinary Tract Infection

When feigning an illness, you have to make sure that it is something that allows you to show up at work looking normal on the next day. A urinary tract infection could be your ticket to a day off. This type of illness generally develops without warning, and you look like you are healthy throughout it. Once you are on medication for it, the urinary tract infection clears up fairly quickly. This allows you to get a day or two off of work, and it does not create any suspicions in your employer’s mind.

17. Personal Reasons

If you are not comfortable with lying completely, you can just say that you need time off for personal reasons. Many work places will actually allow you to do this. You just need to make sure that you do not do it too often, or your boss will start to think that you are lazy.

18. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is one of the most overused excuses, so you should use this one very, very rarely. Like a urinary tract infection, food poisoning can happen suddenly and clear up quickly. Since it works well for a one or two day absence, it is frequently overused. Unless you are uncomfortable with all of the other reasons, avoid using it.

Whenever you use these excuses, be careful. If you explain the excuse too much or too little, it will seem like you are lying. For some of the excuses, you can layout the groundwork the day before. For food poisoning, you can mention that you are headed to a sushi place or a new restaurant. This will make your story seem more believable the next day.

With any of these excuses, you should exercise caution. Your boss may ask for proof of jury duty or doctor’s appointments. Unless you know that your boss will not ask for proof, do not call in sick to work.

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