Emma Watson Diet and Workout

By on April 13, 2015

Emma Watson is one of those actresses that has been blessed with a great body, and a thirst for sports. Most women struggle to get to the gym three or four days a week because they have too much stuff to do / no time to go / can’t be bothered to go to the gym, whereas Emma Watson chooses to take part in exercise because it leaves her with an overall glow – a pinkness to her cheeks, a sparkle in her eyes, great skin, hair, body…

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She doesn’t diet, as such, and chooses to stay sensible. If she has a bad day where she eats a lot of high-fat, high-calorie foods, she’ll just work out a bit more to compensate for it, and if you have the option and the determination to work your diet and workout plan just like Emma Watson’s, you’ll soon start to see the benefits.

Emma Watson Diet

She eats when she wants to eat – when she is hungry. She does try to stick to five or six smaller meals or day but with her hectic schedule filming various projects and being a UN ambassador, it’s not always practical, or realistic.

She tries to keep high-sugar and processed foods out of her diet but all girls must admit to craving the good stuff every now and again. And at the end of the day, Emma Watson may be a great role model to young girls, but she’s still a girl herself – she craves chocolate, cakes, and sugary sweet goodness just like the rest of us do.

When she feels the need to snack, she avoids things like crisps, chocolates, cakes, and sweets on her ‘good days’, and opts for things like dried fruit, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, and nuts or seeds to keep her feeling full, and the nutrients that you will get from these aren’t just great for your body, they also help to keep your nails, hair, skin and everything else in tip-top condition too – something Emma Watson needs when she is permanently in the public eye.

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She doesn’t like the fact that Hollywood seems to put this impression on girls to be as stick thin as possible, and in fact, advocates that healthy isn’t about being really skinny, but by eating a good, balanced, and overall healthy diet, with plenty of exercise. To obsess over foods is just an idea that she doesn’t have time for, so instead of being strict, chooses to go with the sensible route. You simply cannot tell yourself that certain foods are banned because when you do, that’s all you’re going to want to eat.

Emma Watson Workout

Although often spotted either in the gym, or on her way there, that’s not the only tool that Emma uses in a bid to keep her body looking trim and svelte, and in fact, there are a number of other activities that she regularly enjoys taking part in.

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She loves any sport that will give her a sweat, going back to that pink glow and bright eyes that we discussed, and things like hockey, running, swimming, hill walking, hiking, and plenty of other outdoor activities are always on the itinerary. That’s the thing about trying to keep yourself in shape – it’s not always about the gym. Even something as mundane and simple as walking your dog around the local moors, or running with the kids down at the beach front is enough to be classed as physical exercise, and at the end of the day, that’s all you need to lose weight and stay in shape!

By making the choices that she does, Emma Watson is very rarely seen looking anything less than absolutely stunning, and in a very busy world like the one we all live in today, anything that makes life easier is something you should be thankful. We love the way that Emma has simplified keeping fit – eat when you’re hungry, eat good food, allow yourself a treat from time to time, but just make sure you’re burning off more calories than you’re putting in. It doesn’t really get much simpler, does it?

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