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Bra Size





5 feet 6 inches or 168 centimeters



115 pounds or 52 kilograms


Andrew Garfield (2011-present)- In the middle of 2011, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone began working on the set of the Amazing Spider-Man together. Before long, they started dating. They have remained together since that time.

Birth Date

She was born on November 6, 1988.

Plastic Surgery

Emma Stone is not known to have had any plastic surgery.


Net Worth

Emma has a net worth of $8.8 million. This is larger than her boyfriend, Andrew’s, net worth of $2.2 million.


Birth Name

Her birth name was Emily Jean Stone.





She goes by the nickname of Riley Stone or Emma Stone.


She is currently 25 years old. In November of 2014, Stone will turn 26 years old.

Sun Sign


Her sun sign is Scorpio.



Birth Location

Emma Stone was born in Scottsdale, Arizona.






As a child, Emma went to Sequoya Elementary School. Once she finished elementary school, she started studying at Cocopah Middle School. This only lasted for one year until she started to be homeschooled. After this time, she enrolled at Xavier College Preparatory for three months before she dropped out to work on her acting career.





Father: Jeff Stone

Mother: Krista Stone

Brother: Spencer Stone




Slender and lanky




American actress and model

Hair Color

Her hair is naturally blonde, but she tends to dye it auburn or reddish-brown.

Eye Color


Dress Size
2 (US)



Distinctive Features

Her cute face and reddish hair.



Scottish, Swedish, Pennsylvania Dutch, English and Irish


Shoe Size

8 (US)


She attended a Catholic girls’ school as a child, but it isn’t known if she is still a practicing Catholic.


Best Known For

Emma Stone is best known for her sultry, unique voice and her roles in movies like Easy A and Superbad.



First Television Show

Her first appearance on television was on the show, Malcolm in the Middle, in 2004. Emma is listed under the name of “Riley Stone” on the show. This was her original stage name, since her birth name, “Emily Stone”, was already taken. After this initial television appearance, she switched her stage name to Emma because it felt more natural.


First Film

In 2007, Emma Stone received her breakthrough film role in the movie, Superbad. She played the character of Jules in the film.

Emma’s Favorite Things

Favorite Perfume: Chance by Chanel

Favorite Band: The Beatles

Favorite Color: Navy or Black

Favorite Movies: City Lights, Network, Manhattan

Favorite Actress: Mila Kunis

Favorite Actor: Ryan Gosling

Favorite Hobby: Being a Couch Potato



Emma Stone Facts

As a baby, she suffered from colic. This caused calluses to form on her vocal cords and gave Emma her distinctive, deep voice.

When Emma was 15, she dropped out of school in order to pursue her career full-time.

Victoria’s Secret gave Stone the title of “Sexiest Sense of Humor” in 2012.

Although Stone is an actress, her father is a contractor and her mother works as a homemaker.

When Emma was in the film, the Rocker, she had to learn how to play bass guitar.

One of Emma’s closest friends is Taylor Swift.

Stone was listed as the sixth most desirable women in Askmen.com’s 2012 list.

Emma only has one sibling and he is two years younger than her.

There are only two things that Emma has a phobia of: needles and being lifted over someone’s head.

At the age of 15, Emma set out to convince her parents that quitting school was a good idea. She created a power point presentation justifying her future plans to become an actress.

Unlike many actresses, Emma did not get her ears pierced until she was 21 years old.

Emma Stone had her first asthma attack when she was in the middle of filming a fake sex scene for the movie, Easy A.

In her adolescence, Stone was interested in web design.

To mark her mother’s second anniversary of being cancer-free, Emma and her mother got matching tattoos.

Stone is known for being one of the face’s of the makeup brand, Revlon.

As a child, Emma broke both arms while doing gymnastics.



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