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    Ellen Pompeo Bra Size Height Weight

    By on March 24, 2015

    Her Bra Size

    34 B

    Her Body Measurements


    ellen 4


    5 feet 7 inches or 170 centimeters

    Current Weight

    126 pounds or 57 kilograms

    Boyfriends and Spouses

    Chris Ivery (2003 to Current): In November of 2003, Ellen Pompeo began dating Chris Ivery. They were together for four years until they married on November 9 of 2007. The witness for their marriage was the then-mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. Since their marriage, they have had two children. Stella Luna was born in September of 2009 while Sienna May was born in August of 2014. For Sienna May, they chose to use a surrogate mother for the pregnancy.

    Net Worth

    Ellen Pompeo has a net worth that is estimated to be at $30 million. On her 37th birthday, Ivery proposed to her with a ring that had a 3.5 carat stone. She also pulls in $350,000 per episode on Grey’s Anatomy.

    Her Name at Birth

    At birth, her name was Ellen Kathleen Pompeo.

    Common Nicknames

    She goes by a variety of nicknames like El, the Pencil, Stracciatella or Meredith. The nickname of Stracciatella is because it is her favorite ice cream, while the nickname of Meredith is because it is her character’s name on Grey’s Anatomy.

    Age and Birth Date

    She was born on November 10 of 1969, so she is currently 45 years old. Ellen will turn 46 years old in November of 2015.

    Astrological Sun Sign

    Ellen Pompeo’s astrological sign is the Scorpio.

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    Location of Her Birth

    She was born in Everett, Massachusetts.


    Pompeo is an American citizen by birth.

    Educational History

    Her educational background is currently unknown.

    Family Members

    Father: Joseph E. Pompeo
    Mother: Kathleen B. Pompeo
    Sister: Maureen Pompeo

    Altogether, Ellen has three sisters and one brother.


    She has a very slim build.

    Dress Size

    Her dress size is a 6 (US).

    Shoe Size

    She wears a size 9 (US) in shoes.


    Ellen Pompeo is an actress by trade.

    Hair Color

    Her hair color is naturally light brown.

    Eye Color

    She has vivid green eyes.

    Distinctive Features

    Ellen Pompeo has gained some notoriety for her extremely slender figure. She is so thin that some people have taken to calling her the pencil.

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    Her ethnic background includes family members from Italy, England and Ireland.


    She was raised within a Roman Catholic household.

    Best Known For

    By far, Pompeo is best known for playing the character of Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy. She has been the character of Meredith Grey and the voice of the narrator since 2005.

    Her First Television Show

    The first time that she ever appeared on television was in 1996. Ellen Pompeo played the role of Jenna Weber in a Law & Order episode called “Savior”.

    Her First Film

    In 1995, she was a woman in a short silent film called Do You Have the Time.

    Brand Endorsements

    Over the years, Pompeo has done a number of brand endorsements. During the 1990s, she was in advertisements for Citibank. She has also worked in advertisements for Propel Fitness Water, State Farm and PeoplePC.

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    Ellen Pompeo’s Favorite Things

    Favorite Snack: Salami
    Favorite Splurge: Pizza
    Favorite Dish: Pizza
    Favorite Drink: Red Wine
    Favorite Brand: Louis Bouton
    Favorite Health Food: Salads and Beet Roots

    Ellen Pompeo Facts

    As a child, Ellen Pompeo grew up with a step-mother. Her birth mother overdosed on pain killers when Ellen was only four years old.
    Since 2011, Ellen has remained one of the best paid television actresses in Hollywood.
    Before she decided to be an actress, her childhood dream was actually to become an archaeologist.
    Although she acts on television all the time, she actually seldom watches any television shows.
    When Ellen was discovered, she was working in New York City at the Soho Bar & Grill.
    Pompeo suffers from asmatha.
    Eating healthy is one of her techniques for staying in shape. Since she is constantly on the go, she prepares all of the fixings for her salad at the beginning of the week. During the week, she just has to mix the salad fixings together to make her lunches.
    In 2014, Ellen announced that she planned on quitting acting once the Grey’s Anatomy series finished. According to her, she no longer finds acting to be very empowering.

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