Easy Way to Curl Hair (12 Tips and Tricks)

By on December 15, 2015

At one point or another, every girl dreams of having lusciously curled locks; whether it’s a simple hint of wave for a day at the beach or glamorous, romantic curls with gorgeous volume for date night. Achieving your ‘perfect’ look will require a bit of effort, though, and no, not one piece of equipment will do the work on its own. There’s a set of rules and steps you need to follow to ensure your hair comes out dazzling.


1. Barrel Size is EXTREMELY Important
Ladies, listen up: the size of the barrel will determine what type of curls/waves are achieved. Larger barrels will give you relaxed waves, while smaller barrels will give you kinky curls. Before you start styling, make sure you’ve bought a product that will ensure the correct look you’re after.


2. Know the Material
Before today, you probably never paid too much attention to the type of material your curling iron was made out of; but it’s actually very important. Ceramic curling irons are designed to disperse heat evenly throughout your locks while tourmaline is perfect for keeping moisture in hair. Gold and titanium are made to prevent frizz. Stay away from chrome as it is damaging and frizzing (albeit cheap!).


3. Always Prep Your Hair
Before you get to primping up your locks, you need to do some prepping beforehand for optimal result. It is highly recommended to use some type of product before styling, whether it’s basic mousse or a serum designed specifically for curls. Always brush your hair so there’s no tangles, which may make it very hard to curl!

4. How You Style Beforehand Influences Curls
Yes, you can style before you style. Crazy, right? If you’re seeking some beautiful natural-looking waves or curls, let your hair air-dry beforehand. However, if you’re looking for those gorgeous Victoria’s Secrets curls, blow-dry your hair and use plenty of volumizer. Refined curls that are super sleek and polished? Straighten hair using a straightener before you start curling.


5. Don’t Over or Under Heat
For girls with fine or thin hair or hair that has been treated with color (especially bleach), never go above 200 degrees on your curling iron. No woman should need to go over 400 degrees, as this can damage hair and create a burnt, frizzy finish (and that’s not attractive).

6. Control Curls by the Way You Hold the Curling Iron
Did you know you can switch up the look of your curls by the way you hold the curling iron? Yup, it’s true. So if you want looser curls, make sure to hold the iron in a vertical position. Holding the iron in a horizontal position will produce tighter and bouncier curls.


7. Divide Up Your Mane
Seriously, don’t even try to start curling your hair if it’s all hanging loose. Why? Because you’ll probably end up with a really messy style, and aside from that, it will be a HUGE pain trying to reach the hair underneath. To make things easier and make your hair look absolutely flawless, divine up your mane with plenty of clips.


8. Clip Curls for Lasting Style
This is an especially handy tip for girls who struggle with holding a curl or for gals with super long hair. Clipping your hair up in a curled position right after you curl them is an easy way to ensure your curls will last through the night. Yes, I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit of a pain- but trust me, it’s worth it if you want sexy locks for hours on end. Make sure you have plenty of bobby pins present!


9. Volumize Using Technique
You can add tons of sexy volume to your curled locks by using a bit of simple technique (instead of drenching your mane in hairspray!). To achieve luscious look-at-me curls with tons of stunning volume, all you need to do is this: curl the strands around your face away from your face, and curl the next section in towards your face. Continuing doing this flip-flop routine until your whole head is curled.


10. Don’t Try to Curl Wet/Damp Locks
Have you ever tried to curl wet or damp locks? You know that terrible ‘sizzling’ sound you hear when you do it? That’s your hair telling you to stop what you’re doing immediately. Not only is it SUPER bad for your hair, but you won’t like the end result: frizzy, unkempt waves or curls that have undoubtedly lost their shape. Seriously, don’t do it. Blow-dry or air-day first, but whatever you do, don’t try to curl wet hair to save on time. It’s not worth it.


11. Finish with Hairspray
Please, ladies, if you haven’t already, throw away your hairspray from the 1980’s. Yes it has an EXTREME hold that will see you through the craziest nights, but your hair won’t move. It won’t have a luscious bounce. It won’t look glamorous. It will look like an awkward sticky mess that doesn’t move no matter how much you’re dancing and jiving. Instead, use just a touch of hairspray with flexible hold. This will allow your curls to remain intact no matter what you’re doing while still being full of life.

12. Don’t Forget to Clean Your Tools
You clean everything else in your life, from vacuuming your car seats to cleaning off your makeup brush and everything in between. So why would you let your curling iron get grimy and gross? A curling iron with tons of product buildup won’t work to its fullest potential, and it’s your hair that will suffer! To avoid a dirty, gross curling iron that can hardly curl anymore, you need to clean it. Clean your curling iron by heating it up on the lowest heat setting and run a wet wash cloth over it until it’s dazzling like new.

So now that you know all of the ins and outs of curling your locks, what will be your next style adventure? Do you have any special tips and tricks you find helpful? Let us know below!


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