Cast Of Duck Dynasty: How Much Are They Worth Now?

By on March 25, 2017

The Robertson family were made famous by the TV show, Duck Dynasty, that appeared on the A&E channel in America. They had a family business that primarily made and sold products for hunters, specifically, duck hunters, with the business – Duck Commander.

It was a show that became the most watched non-fiction cable series in US TV history, and it broke viewer totals and ratings all over the place. The first episode of season four, for example, pulled in a staggering 11.8 million watchers.

In one nine-month period alone, Duck Dynasty pulled in advertising sales of over $80 million (2013), and the merchandise revenue is said to be over $400 million. But what about the cast of Duck Dynasty: how much are they worth now?

9 – Sadie Robertson

Worth: $500,000

Cast Of Duck Dynasty1

Source: The Billy Graham Library

Willie is the CEO of Duck Commander, and Sadie is his daughter, said to be worth over half a million dollars now. She’s the granddaughter of the original founder of the company, Phil Robertson, and she has gone on to have plenty of business ventures of her own, away from the main TV show. She wrote a book that became a Times Bestseller, called “Live Original”, and there’s also a fictional book to go with that, also written by Sadie. Moving aside from that, she also works with designers for a prom dress line, and starred in season 19 of Dancing With the Stars in 2014.

8 – Missy Robertson

Worth: $4 million 

Cast Of Duck Dynasty 2

Source: Monday Monday Network

Jase Robertson is in charge of the manufacturing side of things as far as Duck Dynasty is concerned, and he’s married to this lady – Missy Robertson. She’s featured quite prominently on the show, and because of the success of that, and the business, she’s built up a wealth of around $4 million.

7 – Jep Roberston

Worth: $8 million 

Cast Of Duck Dynasty 3

Source: The Christian Post

Jep Robertson is actually called Jules Jeptha Robertson, and he’s Phil and Kay’s youngest son. He enjoyed success on the Duck Dynasty show, and he also went on to write a book titled, “The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God: What Honesty and Pain Taught Us About Faith, Family, and Forgiveness”. Not only that, Jep and his wife, Jessica, have enjoyed success in another show of their own. They were given their own spin-off show as a result of Duck Dynasty, called Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty.

6 – Si Robertson

Worth: $8 million 

Cast Of Duck Dynasty 4

Source: Parade

He’s funny but he doesn’t realize it, and he’s become a very big part of the Duck Dynasty TV show. It’s said to air for the last time in 2017, which many fans will be rather sad about, especially not seeing Phil’s brother, and the CEO’s uncle, and his hilarious antics.

5 – Jase Robertson

Worth: $10 million 

Cast Of Duck Dynasty 5

Source: Alchetron

He’s the professional duck hunter in Duck Dynasty, and he’s also the brother of Duck Commander CEO, Willie Robertson, and the son of its founder, Phil. He has three children of his own with wife, Missy Robertson, and he’s the work-shy one of the group, well known in the TV series for avoiding hard work as much as possible. Considering he’s known to be the “mischief-maker” of the family, he has worked hard in the running and makeup of it, and is now said to be worth a staggering ten million dollars as a result of the company and the TV show’s success.

4 – Korie Robertson

Worth: 10 million

Cast Of Duck Dynasty 6

Source: YouTube

Married to Duck Commander CEO, Willie Robertson, Korie is the mother to six children with the mogul. Not just a mother and a wife, Korie is also the business partner of her husband, and the company wouldn’t be where it is today without her backing, support, and hard work. Not just helping with the overall running of the company, Korie also works the front office of her business, and with the show and business combined, is now said to be worth the same as her husband – an impressive $10 million.

3 – Kay Robertson

Worth: $15 million

Cast Of Duck Dynasty 7

Source: Duck Commander

Who is she? Well, Kay Robertson is the ‘big momma’ in the Duck Dynasty household, founder, Phil’s, wife, and also the mother to Willie, the CEO, and his five siblings. She can put most of her $15 million worth down to the business’ success, but she has gone on to become somewhat of a whizz-kid in the kitchen, even releasing her own cookbook called “Miss Kay’s Commander Kitchen”.

2 – Phil Robertson

Worth: $15 million 

Cast Of Duck Dynasty 8

Source: Duck Commander

Father of Willie, and father of the entire company, Phil Robertson is not just a reality TV star and a professional duck hunter, he’s also the business brains behind the entire enterprise. He was actually a teacher for many years, and also received a master’s degree in education, but it’s his mouth that he is perhaps better known for. He made some rather anti-gay comments during an interview and was briefly suspended from the show, but it wasn’t long before the outcry saw him reinstated. He did receive criticism from fans, however. Despite all of that, he’s amassed a wealth of over $15 million as a result of creating that business, and from the reality TV show also.

1 – Willie Robertson

Worth: $20 million

Cast Of Duck Dynasty 9

Source: Game & Fish

Willie Robertson is the big cheese when it comes to Duck Commander, and Duck Dynasty, the TV show, also. He’s a hunter, of course, and a shrewd businessman, but he’s also now an author and a reality TV star, alongside general “outdoorsman”. He spent a long time working with his father as a youngster, often doing the menial jobs within the business, but his perseverance has sure paid off. He attended university and got himself a business degree, and it was his new knowledge that helped him to create a multi-million dollar business from something that was once small and family-run. A keen christian, Willie’s worth is said to be somewhere in the region of $15 to $16 million dollars.


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