10 Reasons Why You Dreamed Your Partner Was Cheating on You

By on September 5, 2017

Some dreams are inconsequential. You wake up and immediately forget what happened. Other dreams leave a lasting impact. When you dream that your partner was cheating on you, you can spend hours or days thinking about it. Your heart is pounding as you wake up, and you glance over at your partner sleeping next to you. Is it possible that your dream is based in reality? Should you be questioning your partner’s loyalty? Find out what it means when you dreamed that your partner was cheating on you.

 dream about your partner cheating on you 

While there are general dream interpretations that can be used, these are not always effective. Each dream is highly specific to the individual. It is unique to you, so it is important that you analyze it through your experiences, life situation and feelings. The good news is that dreaming that your partner is cheating on you rarely means that he or she actually is cheating. It can sometimes be true, but it often reflects other things in your life instead. It would be a mistake to accuse your partner of cheating just because of a dream because these dreams often mean something else entirely.

When you first awake from the dream the first thought that will come into your head is, “Is he cheating on me in real life or is my mind making this up!?”

1. Your Partner Actually Is Cheating on You

when you dream your partner is cheating on you

First, we will start with the interpretation people automatically assume. While this is generally not the case, it is possible that your partner could be cheating on you. Even if you do not want to admit it, you may have picked up on something subconsciously. Their mannerisms, a lie or other evidence may not be obvious to your conscious mind, but you may have noticed it subconsciously.

It is possible that your unconscious mind is revealing something to you that you do not want to see. Few people want to believe that their partner is cheating on them. Even when friends say that they are unfaithful and you are confronted with proof that they are unfaithful, it can be hard to believe it. In these cases, you may have dreams about cheating because your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something that your conscious mind will not listen to.

This does not mean that you are naive or too trusting. It is important to trust the person that you are with. In some cases, that person is just not deserving of your trust. At the same time, you should be very careful about accusing your partner of cheating. Unless you have a real life reason to believe it, do not accuse them of cheating based on a dream. Otherwise, you could end up dealing with a breakup of an otherwise good relationship.

When you have these dreams, it is a sign that you should reevaluate the relationship. Is the dream based on insecurities or something deeper? Are you finding it hard to trust your partner? You need to figure out if there is an underlying reason why you do not trust them. If they do not deserve this suspicion, then you have to find a way to work through it on your own. If there is a problem with your relationship, then talk to your partner about it to find a way to improve the quality of your relationship.

2. You Have Been Cheated on Before

If you have had a bad relationship in the past, that memory is still in your subconscious. You are justly afraid that someone will cheat on you again. While your new partner may be the perfect man or woman, your subconscious is wary that you will be hurt again. Because of this, your subconscious keeps returning to past experiences to give you dreams that your partner will cheat on you. Your inner fears are expressing them through your dreams, and this is more likely to happen when you are going through more difficult moments in your current relationship.

At some point, you have to realize that your current partner is not the same person you used to date. There are always people who are unfaithful and not deserving of your trust. For your new relationship to work out well, you have to be able to start trusting them again. You cannot judge your new partner according to the standards of the past. You have to judge him or her on their actions. A new relationship is a clean slate and a new opportunity to have a positive experience.

If you continue to dream about cheating because of the past, you may have to work through your feelings from the last relationship. You may need to mentally forgive the person who cheated on you before so that you can move on. They may not deserve that forgiveness, but you deserve to let them go and have a happy life again. In one sense, their cheating gave you a fresh start. Because of their cheating, you moved on and found a wonderful new partner. Forgive them for the past because their bad behavior made your present possible.

3. You Are Afraid of Losing Your Relationship

Sometimes, you have nothing to fear in your current relationship. You know that your partner is trustworthy, but you keep dreaming that they are cheating. This is not happening because of unfaithfulness. Instead, it is occurring because you are afraid of losing that you have gained. Fear of loss can cause people to act in strange ways. Because you fear losing your amazing partner, you may act jealously or possessively because you don’t want to lose them.

When you are afraid of losing your partner, you end up making poor choices. You can end up damaging the relationship because of your fears. This is especially a problem in people who have a fear of loss from their childhood. A traumatic divorce or loss of a parent may have made you especially sensitive to loss. Whatever the reason, your internal fears may have led to your dreams about cheating.

In response to this dream, you have to learn how to embrace the future. If you are always afraid of losing what you love, then you will never be able to live your life fully, take chances and find new opportunities. Instead of being paralyzed by fear, you have to start living again. Devote more time to working on your relationship and accept the challenges of life. Everything is a learning experience, and a positive attitude will help you to grow and enjoy your life.

4. Insecurities

Another reason why people dream about a partner cheating is because of their insecurities. They may have a low self-esteem, or they may have had difficult relationships before. They could also be insecure in their financial situation, home life or appearance. Because of these insecurities, the individual keeps dreaming that their partner is cheating on them.

Sometimes, these insecurities start because of what your partner is doing. If he or she is working out, changing their life and becoming a better person, you may naturally start to fear that he or she will be better than you. You may fear that they will realize that they are too good for you and leave. If only one person improves, this can certainly impact the long-term potential of any relationship.

If you have low self-esteem, you may be afraid that there are better options out there for your partner. You may not realize how beautiful or talented you actually are, so you become insecure in the relationship. Because of these feelings though, it can be hard to maintain a healthy relationship.

If low self-esteem or insecurities are the reason why you had this dream, you have to start by working on yourself. You have to develop a renewed sense of self-confidence. Look at the aspects or traits that you do not like in yourself. Then, find a way to fix them. If you want to be more attractive, hit the gym. If you feel do not feel confident in your career, take time to work harder at work or start a new college degree. By actively working on yourself, you can boost your self-confidence.

If your partner is improving themselves, it is important to focus on your own self-improvement as well. That way, you will remain equals in the relationship in terms of your goals, looks, intellect and personality traits. Together, you can work to make positive changes in your life together.

5. You Feel Neglected

When you feel neglected by your partner, you may worry that they are cheating on you. Neglect is actually one of the signs of cheating, so your fears are not completely unjustified. At the same time, there are many reasons why you may feel neglected. Your partner may have more work at the office, they may be feeling sick or they may be taking care of a family member.

Before you jump to conclusions, make sure that you consider all of the facts. Think about the recent past and consider the different reasons why your partner may just be overly stressed or busy. You should also consider how your partner is in the bedroom. If there is no reason for the neglect and they suddenly seem disinterested in lovemaking, then there is a chance that they could be cheating.

Whatever the cause, you need to figure out a solution. If you feel neglected, it can increase the fears and doubts in your mind. These doubts can make you more stressed out during your waking life. Your best bet is to try talking to your partner. Avoid making them feel defensive, but explain how you feel neglected. Discuss ways that you could spend more time together and make your relationship stronger.

6. A Lack of Trust

if you dream your partner is cheating

For some reason, you might not trust your partner. If you do not trust him or her, then you may feel like they could cheat on you. It may be because your partner flirts or because he has many friends of the opposite sex. Whatever the case, you find it hard to trust him.

If this is the cause of the dream, your only real option is to talk to your partner. Let them know if they are doing anything (like flirting) that is bothering you. Be open and honest. If your lack of trust is due to them cheating before, then you either have to forgive and move on, or end things. You can’t continuously stay in a relationship without trusting them. In some cases, you may have to just move on and forget about it.

7. Your Thoughts

if you dream your partner is cheating

The dream may just reflect your thoughts. If you know of a friend who cheated, cheating may just be on your mind. If you have been thinking about cheating for some reason or even contemplated cheating yourself, this may be the reason for the dream.

If you are thinking about cheating, evaluate your relationship. If you are constantly thinking about cheating, then you may want to just end things because something is wrong about the relationship for you. Other than this, renew your focus on your partner and focus on forgetting about these thoughts.

8. You Fear Abandonment

Some people are afraid of being abandoned by a family member, spouse or partner. This can cause your dreams. Sometimes, you just have to recognize that some things are outside of your control. You cannot force someone to stay with you. All you can do is work on building a strong relationship and hope for the best.

9. You Want to Break Free of Your Routine

If you are the cheater in the dream, it may show that you want something new. Your relationship may feel stagnant, so you want to get away from it and find a new source of passion. If this is the cause of your dream, you need to find a new source of passion in your relationship.

10. You Are Not Being True to Yourself

It is easy to lose yourself in a relationship. You may have compromised your beliefs, dreams or faith to be with your partner. Cheating dreams may be trying to show you that you have to end the relationship if you want to be true to yourself. At the very least, you may need to talk to your partner about making changes so that your current life is back in line with your beliefs.


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