Dreams About Running

By on September 5, 2017

Running in a dream can mean a number of different things. It all depends on the circumstances. Are you running away from someone chasing you? Are you running for fun and enjoyment? Is your run a part of a workout or are you running in a group? If you are running toward someone, the meaning can be positive or negative depending on where you are running. If you are running toward something positive, it shows that you are on the right path toward reaching your goal.

Dreams about running can show ambition and be quite positive. It can mean that you are confronting any problems and you are working toward your goals. If the target that you are running toward is negative, then it may mean that you are stuck in a codependent relationship or addictive activities. Even though you try to get away from them, you are still drawn back into the same situation. Because of this meaning, this kind of dream is particularly common after a bad relationship when someone leaves you.

Dreams About Running

What Do Dreams About Running Mean?

Dreams about running can mean different things depending on what happens in the dream. If you are running in a group of people, it shows that you may take part in a festival occasion or party together. Your affairs may be mixed in together.

When you are running alone in a dream, it shows that you have ambition and are motivate to reach your dreams. You are finally starting to achieve success in reaching your goal, and you will rise above other people if you keep going on the same path. You have the potential to achieve success in areas like health, wealth, friendships and social status.

Another factor to consider is if you are running toward something or away from something. If you are running away from someone or something, it may mean that you are trying not to confront a situation. If you are running toward something, it may mean that you are on the right path and should continue in your chosen path.

If you are unable to catch the person or thing you are running toward, the interpretation is less positive. This dream situation tends to mean that you fear losing that person or being rejected. Because of this, many small children have this kind of dream. They are naturally afraid that their parents, siblings or friends may reject them, so they may dream that they could be rejected and unable to reach the person they are running toward.

Consider the Distance You Run in the Dream

Another way to interpret your dreams about running is looking at the distance. When you are running away from something that you want to avoid, you are trying to increase the distance. The thing makes you feel fearful or uncomfortable, so increased distance shows a desire to avoid your responsibilities. When the feared thing or person is extremely close, it shows that you feel in greater danger and are terrified of confronting the attacker. If you are capable of eluding your pursuer, it may indicate that you are capable of changing and confronting the thing that you fear.

If you are trying to run and cannot move your feet, it shows that you may lack self-esteem or confidence. Being unable to run shows that you feel helpless and unable to deal with a situation.

If you are running toward someone or something positive, the distance shows how successful you are in reaching that goal right now. If you are far from the person, then it shows that you still have a long road ahead before you can reach what you have achieved. If you are running and are quite close to the person, then it means that you are finally getting close to your goal. With either option, your best bet is to focus on your goals and keep to your plan so that you can achieve your goals.


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