Dreams About Running Away

By on September 5, 2017

When you have a dream that you are running away, it can be terrifying. You may dream that someone or some monster is chasing you. This type of dream can actually trigger the fight or flight response in your body. This is a natural defense mechanism that your body uses to help you avoid physical dangers like a tiger. Unfortunately, it can activate when you are under stress or when you are dreaming about a potential danger.

When you have a dream that someone is chasing you, you wake up with your heart racing and a strong urge to run away. You want to escape, but the only danger is within your mind. When this type of dream occurs, you need to take time to analyze it. You have to figure out what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you about dangers in your waking life.

When you have a dream that you are being chased, it typically means that you have some type of worry or danger in your real life. Often, the dream is trying to say that you should turn around and face the issue head on. In real life, you are continuously running away from the problem, but this technique is not actually making the problem disappear. Instead, it is only allowing the danger to grow and become worse. You must figure out what the problem is and deal with it. There are responsibilities and obligations that you need to deal with. For you to be happy, healthy and secure, you have to move on and handle the problem.

If you have a reoccurring dream about running away, it is a sign that you really need to figure out why the dream keeps happening. Something in your life makes you feel in danger, so you need to consider what it is. What is going on in your professional or personal life? Is there anything that is making you uncomfortable or in danger?

If the chaser is right behind you, it shows that the danger is getting close and may reach a head in your real life. If the man is being chased by a woman, it indicates that he feels consumed by someone or trapped in a situation. If you are caught by the chaser and attacked, it shows that your fears are starting to become a reality.

When a criminal is chasing you in the dream, it shows that you have to learn how to protect yourself from people who may be trying to consume you. Being chased by a monster shows that something will reach an end soon. If you turn around and no one is chasing you, then you are able to overcome any problem that ends up coming your way.

If the chaser is cursing or swearing in the dream, it shows that you feel angry. You may need to stay quiet in real life and control your temper, or the consequences will be worse. Meanwhile, laughing at the thing chasing you shows that you are capable of laughing off difficult situations. Being chased by a huge animal right behind you shows that new opportunities in your life are being slowed down or delayed for now.

Sometimes, you dream that you want to run away, but you are rooted to the ground. You are unable to run. This means that your worries are catching up, and you must take responsibility. If you cannot take responsibility, your problem will consume you completely. If you are chased by a human, it may show that financial difficulties are heading your way. You may be worried about money, even when you have enough to get by.

If you are being chased by co-workers or colleagues,, then it means that other people do not feel like you are working hard enough. Being chased in slow motion shows that you should take a deeper look at the relationships or friends in your life. You may need to improve these relationships to better your life.

If someone or something is chasing you through the streets, it shows that you may have money problems. When you are unable to see who is chasing you, it is an indicator that you should explore your feelings about someone or something like your career. When you hide or lose the person chasing you, it shows that you are able to overcome any problems. If the chaser catches p and pins you, it shows that you feel trapped or inadequate in some way. If you are chased by a shadow, it shows that you are denying yourself something that you really wanted. Unless it is completely impossible, you may want to give in to the indulgence.

Being Chased by Animals

If you are chased by sharks, it means that tough times are ahead of you. Being chased by a bull shows problems in your workplace. There may be competitive co-workers who want your position or business. Being chased by a bat shows that your partner or yourself may get sick temporarily. Luckily, the illness should just be minor.

If a dog is chasing you, it shows that all aspects of your life will soon become busy. If you see dogs hunting foxes or rabbits, it shows that there is trouble among the people closest to you. You should be careful about your interactions with loved ones because you could be pulled into the drama. If the dog is running after a squirrel, it shows that family and friends may have arguments.

Bees swarming shows serious trouble is in the making. If you catch a bee, it means that someone who you thought was close to you is not actually a true friend. If you are stung by a bee, it means that there may be physical problems or ailments soon.

If you dream that a snake is slithering along after you, it means that friends are grateful for everything that you do. If you are bitten and killed by a snake, it means that you are capable of winning over your enemies and defeating any challenges. Snakes are often considered a sign of protection, so a positive dream about snakes is a good thing.

If you are chased by a group of people or a zombie, it shows that one of your relationships has an issue that you have to fix. It may also show how you respond to social pressure. If these people cannot catch you, then that is a good thing.

The Underlying Meaning of Dreams About Running Away

At their heart, dreams about chasing often symbolize some kind of avoidance. Your subconscious is trying to tell you that there is a person, problem or situation that you need to be wary of. If you dream that someone you know is chasing you, then you may be afraid that they will discover a secret or expose you to other people.

The type of pursuer often matters in dreams about running away. An animal chasing you has a different meaning than a person. The pursuer may represent one of your traits, fears or characteristics. If you have negative emotions like anger, fear, hate or jealousy, they may turn into a threat in your dream. They may be the symbol of the trait that you are trying so hard to reject.

Often, running away in a dream shows that you are trying to avoid a fearful, painful topic. Your subconscious mind will often turn your worries into a physical danger. You may not want to confront that situation, so you are running away from it in your dream. Because of this, it is important for you to investigate why you are running in the dream and what it could symbolize.

Look at the Distance

Another factor to look at in your dreams is the distance between you and the pursuer. If your can outrun your pursuer, then it generally means that the problem will go away on its own or it will be easy to resolve. If the pursuer is starting to catch up with you, it shows that the problem may never go away unless you meet it head on in real life.

Alternative Meanings

Sometimes, dreaming about running away is not a sign of a subconscious problem or need. It may directly mean that you are afraid of physical danger. You may live in a dangerous area, or you might just be worried about the dangers you see on the news. Because of these fears, you dream that you are running away from something in real life. This is especially true for people who have been raped or abused. They have a very real fear of danger in their normal life, so they have dreams that someone is chasing them again.

To figure out your chasing dream, take time to look at who you are running from and what happens in the dream. Take note of how far away your pursuer is and your location. With a bit of effort and thought, you will be able to figure out why you keep having dreams about running away from someone.