Dreams About Drowning

By on September 10, 2017

Dreams about drowning can be quite terrifying. While this type of dream may just show that a past experience or phobia, it can also mean something more significant. Often, drowning in a dream shows that you are getting too deep into an idea, project or relationship. It symbolically means that your life is out-of-balance as your mind becomes clouded by that activity. Normally, a drowning dream shows that you may have gotten too deep into a situation or are going too far.


Interpreting Your Drowning Dreams

If you survive a dream about driving, it shows that you are in a difficult relationship, but you will survive the current rough patch. The dream may also show that you are capable of surviving situations so challenging that escape would normally seem impossible.

If you see yourself drowning in the dream, then it shows that something makes you feel overwhelmed during your waking existence. You may have emotions or work that is just too much for you to control. Everything that you are trying to balance is pulling you underneath the water and making it difficult to live. If this is the case, you need to find a way to put your life in order and limit your commitments so that you are not quite so overwhelmed all the time.

In another variation of a drowning dream, you rescue someone who is about to drown. This kind of dream shows a desire to help and support people close to you. When you fail to save the drowning person, it shows that there are some aspects of life that are out of your control no matter how much you wish that you could control them.

If your dream represents a feeling of being overwhelmed, you need to take a moment and reexamine your life. Where are you spending most of your energy, time or money? If you cannot get your life back in order, you could fail or become even more overwhelmed. Perseverance can be a good thing, but you can only persevere at so many projects at a given time.

Other Drowning Dream Meanings

Depending on the exact situation in the dream, the meaning can change. We will cover some of the most specific dream interpretations.

1. Drowning in a Bath

When you are drowning in a bath, it shows that there is an unexpected, hidden depth to your feeling. It may show that you should try exploring more of your feelings.

2. Dreaming of Being Rescued

If you dream that someone rescues you, it shows that there are people who rely on you. When you need support, there is help available if you would just ask for it.

3. Drowning in the Sea

When you drown in the ocean or sea, it means that some obstacles are still in your path. You have to find a way to surmount these obstacles, or you will never get ahead. If you dream that you are struggling to breathe as you drown, it shows that you lack self-confidence in your waking life.

4. Fighting Against Drowning

If you are struggling not to drown in the dream, it shows that you are fighting against deep, strong emotions. You may be hurt, stressed or confused. The dream occurred because you are trying to understand these emotions. Your subconscious mind is trying to show you how to deal with these emotions and your next steps. When you are struggling in the water, it shows that there are emotional struggles in your real life. Drowning in a panic shows that there are major emotional changes in the works.

5. Sinking in the Dream

If you are sinking down in the dream, it shows that burdens are weighing you down in real life. These burdens are often placed on you by other people, but you do not have to keep all of them. Sometimes, you have to break free of these expectations so that you can be free to focus on what you need. There may also be a relationship or project that is starting to falter. The dream shows you that the relationship or project is starting to break apart, and you need to find a new direction to go in.

6. Dying

If you die from drowning in the dream, it means that someone else is dependent on you. You may feel afraid that you will not be there to help them when they need it the most.

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