Dream Within a Dream

By on September 10, 2017

When you have a dream within a dream, it can be disconcerting. It feels like you are in Inception and struggling to move through each layer. Sometimes, you dream that you wake up. Then, you realize that you are actually still asleep and dreaming that you woke up, but you never actually did. You keep going through layers of dreams as you struggle to actually wake up, but you still continue to exist in just a dream state.

What Does It Mean to Have a Dream Within a Dream?

Having a dream within a dream is an interesting demonstration of what your subconscious mind can do. Often, it shows something that your subconscious is trying to tell your waking mind. It might be a way for your subconscious to switch the context or time-frame of the initial dream. The second dream may give you more context for the original dream or show what happens after the dream ends.

One possible explanation of this is that your subconscious is trying to add new details to the original dream. There is something that your subconscious wants you to pay attention to, so it gives you another dream instead. This could be a sign that your inner mind and spirit are trying to relay important information.

Another option is that your mind is trying to show you additional scenarios. Instead of just showing you one way that an event could play out, it shows you a second option as well. Your subconscious may also be trying to get you to question your reality. It could be saying that all of your existence is subjective, so you have the power to change your conscious world. A different attitude or perspective in a situation can make you view that situation differently. Because of this, you can consciously reshape your reality. Your subconscious mind may be trying to tell you that you have the power to be happy or sad because it is all about your perspective.

The second dream could represent a diversion from the original dream. It could also be adding on to what the original dream means. To figure out what it means, you have to look at what happens in both dreams and how it relates to your waking life.

Taking Action on Your Dream Within a Dream

If you had just one dream, you might quickly forget about it and move on. By giving you two dreams, your subconscious is forcing you to pay attention. You should listen to the dream and determine what it means. Whatever problem or situation it brings up, you should figure out a way to resolve it. It might be a reflection on what you experience in real life. The double-dream aspect may show that you have a problem with compartmentalizing different parts of your life. You separate these different parts, but they are actually interconnected. The dreams may be trying to tell you that you have to understand how everything is connected if you are ever to move forward in your waking life.

Another aspect of a dream within a dream is that it keeps you from waking up. It is a mechanism that your subconscious mind uses to keep you from waking up. In this new state, you are able to confront hidden issues that you have to recognize and resolve in your waking life.

Sometimes, a dream within a dream is a false awakening. In these cases, it might not mean anything too significant. A number of people experience this false awakening when they are too tired. Your subconscious wants to give you the rest that you need, so it is preventing you from actually waking up. If this is the reason why you are having a dream within a dream, you need to find ways to get enough sleep. Once you are well-rested, the dream within a dream aspect may go away on its own.

While needing sleep may be the reason you have false awakening, other people think that this semi-lucid dream is a metaphor for the human condition. Your dream may represent what makes you human. It is a chance to go deeper into human reasoning and understanding. It is basically an opportunity for you to change your perception and the reality you experience within any situation.

Sometimes, this type of dream also shows that you are not paying attention in your everyday life. You are letting some of your affairs go unsettled and are not paying attention to the things in front of you. Often, this type of dream will also show you feelings that you are unwilling to acknowledge. Because of this aspect, the situation when you “wake up” in the dream is highly informative.

If you are interested in having lucid dreams, a dream within a dream is a good way to start. To have a dream within a dream, you have to recognize that you are dreaming. This is the first step toward actually being able to control what happens in your dreams. In this state, you can start your journey toward having lucid dreams.

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