Dream About Frogs

By on September 12, 2017

Dreaming about frogs can be fun. Frogs are quite cute little creatures, and it is enjoyable watching them hop around on a hot summer day. When frogs appear in your dreams, you may wonder what they symbolize. Like most dream animals, they have a unique interpretation. To figure out what they mean in your dream, you have to determine the context that they appear in and the situation that develops in the dream.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Frogs?

Frogs are more common in the dreams of women. This little creature is a symbol of rejuvenation and rebirth. Like the phoenix, they end their lives as one creature and restart again as something else. They are initially tadpoles in their early life, but they eventually stop swimming around, learn to breathe air and become a frog. Because of this transformation-like element, they indicate a change or transformation in your heart and mind. Often, a dream about frogs shows that you have a pure soul in a world that is rarely that pure. The frog’s ability to live on land and water also shows an ability to walk between two worlds and transform who you are to fit in within any environment.

A frog is also a spontaneous creature that hops wherever it feels like. Because of their nature, they are a symbol of happiness and joy. If you have been dreaming of doing something, the frog is thought to be a sign that your heart’s desires are finally within your reach. You should be careful if your heart’s desires involve money though because frogs can represent a tendency to fritter away your wealth. They may also mean that the money that you hoped for will not arrive.

Frog Princes

If you see a frog turn into a prince, it means that someone near you is going to ask for a loan. You may have a family member or friend who is in financial problems.

Sitting Frogs

If the frog is sitting on grass, it shows that you are unable to take a specific action in your relationship. If it is sitting at your door, it shows that there are children in your life who bring happiness and pride. If you step on a frog, it means that you are in need of financial help.

Eating Frogs

Eating frogs in your dreams shows a long, healthy life. It shows that you are going to be satisfied by what you accomplish. With effort, the new project you have planned will turn into a success before long. You just have to be willing to put int the work. If you are eating frog’s legs, it shows that you want other people to know that you have power over them. If you allow this trait to continue, it can make you quite unpopular.

Frog Songs

If you hear a frog singing or ribbeting away, then it means that great things will soon arrive in your life. These things could just be improvements in your life or money. If you are playing with a frog, it shows that someone in your life needs your help.

Water and Frogs

If you see a frog in or on a pond, it shows that someone is going to give you a surprise visit. If the frog is just in water, it shows that you have a desire for more adventures.

Killing a Frog

If you kill a frog in your dreams, it shows that you will remove toxic influences or your enemies from your life.

Other Frog Meanings

If a frog leaps into your dreams, it shows that a surprising change is on its way. Meanwhile, chasing or catching a frog shows that you are trying to avoid and resist a sudden change in your life. While changes are not always enjoyable, it is possible to use the change for your benefit. Stepping on a frog shows that you want to have power over other people and figuratively “step” over them.

Sometimes, frogs can visit to warn you. They may arrive to tell you that you will run into trouble if you fail to change your ways. They may also warn you about a lack of commitment. To figure out if your dream has this meaning, think of what happens in the dream and how you felt. Is there anything in your life that you could commit to or work harder to achieve?


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