Dream About Bees

By on September 12, 2017

Your dreams can mean a number of different things. By looking at the symbols and primary focus of your dream, you can figure out exactly what your dream means. Depending on how they appear, bees in your dreams can mean a number of different things. To discover what a dream about bees means, read on.

What Does a Dream About Bees Mean?

A dream about bees can mean something about sex. The phrase “birds and the bees” is one of the reasons why this may be linked in your subconscious. You may be apprehensive about having this conversation with your child. It could also mean that you need to talk about protection to prevent a pregnancy without your partner or discuss changes involving your sex life.

Bees can also symbolize hard work. Bees are well known for constantly working to improve the life of the hive. As such, they may symbolize being extremely busy or working hard at the office.

Specific Bee Dream Meanings

1. Drone Bees

If you see a bunch of drone bees in your dream, it shows that you are able to follow someone’s orders and work hard. It may also symbolize that someone else follows directions and works hard. In some case, it may also represent a boring person who speaks in a monotone.

2. Queen Bees

Dreaming about a queen bee typically means that there is a controlling or dominant woman in your life. The exact circumstances in this dream will determine if her presence is a good thing or a bad thing. The queen bee may also represent a desire for freedom to be yourself, express your personality and choose your individual path in life.

3. Getting Stung by a Bee

If a bee stings you in your dream, it means that you may be hurt by the stinging remark of someone near you. It may mean that someone has said something that is very hurtful to you. If someone else is stung by a bee in the dream, it may mean that you were the person who said the hurtful or stinging remark.

4. Beehives

A beehive in your dream is a symbol of team work and cooperation. It may also mean that you will get your honey-sweet reward whenever your hard work is finally complete. Beehives and bees may also symbolize a desire for order or rebirth in your life. If you see a swarm of bees, it shows that you want to have power over everything involving your heart such as your love affairs. Dreams about beehives may also show a desire to balance your workplace needs and your love relationships. Certain symbols in the dream may also illustrate how successful you are at balancing your professional and personal lives.

Beehives are also a sign that your family and house will enjoy a sense of abundance. If you keep having this dream, it may indicate that you will have a fertile, fruitful year ahead of you. Seeing bees around the beehive is a positive sign for business and love. This type of dream means that you have the potential to overcome your problems. If the beehive is extremely active, it shows potential for growth in your business, wealth and professional life.

5. Honey

Seeing honey in your dreams is a sign that things are changing for the better. Honey is created by the bees’ hard work. It starts as pollen, is flown to the hive and is then turned into honey. This type of alchemy demonstrates some type of transformation in your life. A relationship, goal or project may be finally starting to turn around. Honey shows that there is an incentive for you to work harder. You may ultimately be rewarded for your difficult efforts.

6. Working Bees

If you see bees working in your dream, it shows that you have a happy state of mind and success is in your reach.

7. Dead Bees

If bees begin to die in the dream, it shows that unhappiness may occur because of an illness. If you dream that you killed a bee, it means that the illness will be a surprise, but it will not be fatal.

8. Swarms

When you see a swarm of bees, some dream interpreters say that it is a sign of happiness, luck and richness. If you see bees swarming around their hive, it shows that prudence is your best course of action. Meanwhile, seeing bees flying shows that troubles are possible in the future. If the bees are flying near or around you, it shows luck in love, the ability to overcome obstacles and happiness.

Bees often denote positive, pleasant things. They tend to symbolize positive social engagements and good experiences with friends. Often, these dreams show that good luck can be made through your hard work.

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