Dragon Dream

By on September 12, 2017

For thousands of years, dragons have existed in mythological stories throughout the world. This legendary beast is often portrayed in a serpentine or reptilian form. It typically has scales, but also has wings for flying. It spews fire and can be used for good or bad. European folk tales about dragons originally arrived from Western Asia and the Balkans. These generally showed a creature with just an animal-like intelligence. Meanwhile, the Chinese dragon showed a beast with above-average intelligence. Unlike the European dragons, the Chinese dragons were typically wingless and had just four legs.

What Does a Dragon Dream Mean?

Dragons in a dream can mean different things depending on your personal beliefs. In China, dragons are a sign of strength, power and good luck. They are only auspicious, though, for the people that deserve the good luck. These dragons were also said to control water, typhoons, rainfall and floods.

While dragons are thought to be evil, malevolent and terrifying creatures in the West, Asian cultures believe that dragons are positive beings. Because of this, dragons can really represent either aspect in dreams. Often, a dragon dream is a sign of personal empowerment. It may also show potential improvements for your career of business. Dragons are thought to be protectors of faith and personal beliefs, so they bring their power and commitment to your life.

Different Types of Dragon Dreams

1. When the Dragon Scares You

When you see a dragon in the dream, it could symbolize that a family member or loved one is trying to test you. If the dragon scares you in the dream, then it indicates that you may have challenges on the home front. Take a look at the people around you and see if there are any potential problems lurking nearby.

2. Killing Dragons

If you kill a dragon in your dream, it means that you will overcome any difficulties or challenges that appear in your path. Even when things seem difficult, you have the abilities necessary to make a difference and achieve your objective.

3. Visits From Dragons

If you are visited by a dragon in the dream, it may mean that you are being too pushy in getting someone to carry out a deal. You may want this deal to go through because it will help you in your career or business. While it may help, you have to avoid being to selfish. Other people have dreams and desires that they want to achieve as well, and they cannot drop everything just to help you.

4. A Flying Dragon

When you see a dragon flying in your dream, it shows that there may be some source of stress approaching you. The solution is already in front of you though, so you just have to look for it. If you are flying on the back of the dragon, then it means that you are flying high in life. If you are not enjoying your life completely at the moment, then you will quite soon.

5. Fire-Breathing Dragons

What happens in your dream? If you see a dragon breathing fire, it is a warning. The dragon is trying to warn that your emotions are growing out of control. You need to calm down and focus, or it could affect you negatively. There is also a chance that the warning is about your actual physical safety. It might be a good idea to check your appliances and electrical cables just to make sure that you home is safe from a fire.

Dragons can also represent people in your life. Often, they are people that are hard to please. In these cases, a dragon may be a sign to be more diplomatic if you want things to work out with them.

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