Do Guys Like Skinny Girls?

By on March 25, 2017

The media makes it difficult to have a realistic body image. When you turn on the television, you see hundreds of impossibly thin, beautiful women. With so many skinny girls in advertisements, it can seem like only the thin girls get a date. The lists of the world’s hottest women do not help the matter any. Basically all of the women who make the list are lighter than average or underweight.

In some cases, this situation has started to change. Some fashion shows now require models to have a minimum BMI to reduce the underweight models in the industry and give girls better role models. As for men, the situation is not so clear cut. Society’s image of beauty may change, but each guy has his own unique interests. One guy may be attracted to pleasantly plump ladies, and another guy may want a wispy gal to be his date. The question remains: do guys like skinny girls?

Do Guys Like Skinny Girls?

Before we dive down the rabbit hole, let’s discuss what the answer can’t cover. It cannot determine whether an individual guy likes skinny girls, thick girls or chubby girls. It can only possibly cover generalities. Almost half the population of the world is made up of men, and there is a significant amount of variation. In addition, the concept of beauty tends to vary between different cultures and locations. While one culture may admire curvier figures, another culture may want impossibly thin girls. If you are crushing on someone from a different culture, they may have a unique idea of beauty.

There was actually a study done to compare how women and men view attractiveness. They had men and women look at the same set of pictures of random women. The men and women rated the pictures according to attractiveness. The study found that men typically thought that pictures who were 10 to 15 pounds heavier were more attractive. Basically, women thought that they had to be 10 to 15 pounds lighter to have the same level of attractiveness. In reality, men wanted women who looked more real and healthy.

Should You Go on a Diet?

To start with, the studies and everything else are just generalizations. Even among these generalizations, there is some room for change. Does skinny mean a rail-thin girl with no chest, butt or thighs to speak of? Or does the ideal form of thin involve some attractive curves? It all depends on the guy.

The average guy does not want a girl who looks like a stick. While men want a skinny girl, they want her to still have some curves. Most likely, the guy you like wants a girl who weighs slightly more than what you expected.

You should think carefully before you start a diet. One of the first problems is the assumption that the number on the scale means anything. If you work out regularly and have more muscle, you may have a higher weight than someone who does not work out. You may not need to lose any weight because you already have the toned, slender figure that guys want.

If you are going to diet, start by looking at your body weight percentage. Long ago, I worked with a girl who was 110 pounds. She was relatively short, but she looked healthy for her weight. Like many girls, she decided that she needed to start working out and having a healthier lifestyle. When she scheduled her first session with a physical trainer, they told her that she was obese. She was shocked and spent the entire day fretting about it. While she did not look obese, she was. She never, ever worked out and had only body fat. Ultimately, she started working out with the fitness trainer and began to gain muscle mass. This made her weight go up slightly, but her body fat dropped. While she weighed slightly more, she was no longer classified as obese.

If you are going to lose weight and get in shape, focus on losing body fat. Your ultimate goal is to look good, so the number on the scale really does not matter. Focus on getting into a smaller pants size or losing body fat. Think of how great you feel when you are in shape and how much you enjoy having a toned body. With the right approach, you can become more attractive to yourself and to the people around you.

More Than Weight Matters

Do guys tend to prefer a more slender figure? Yes. Is this the only thing that matters? No. I am not going to tell you that only personality matters. After all, a guy will typically need to be attracted to you before he views you as a potential partner and gets to know your personality. Even when this is accounted for, it is important to consider more than just being thin.

Your looks encompass your face, your eyes, your figure and more than just your weight. Some guys like brunettes. Other guys like exotic looks or narrow hips. Your weight is only one part of the larger picture of who you are and how you look. And, as we mentioned before, it is not even a major factor. It is far better for you to be in shape and healthy than to have a low number on the scale. For you to look your best, you need to have the right muscle mass and a healthy body fat percentage.

Guys generally do not want someone who looks anorexic. They want someone who has some curves in the right places and who looks attractive. Your weight is only one small part of the larger picture of who you are.

Gain Some Muscle and Boost Your Confidence

Working out is amazing for producing endorphins that make you feel happier. Plus, a pound of muscle burns about 40 to 100 calories a day doing nothing and a pound of fat burns less than 5 calories. If you want to burn calories without even trying, you need to gain some muscle.

Many women shy away from gaining muscle because it weighs more than fat and because they do not want to look too muscular. Do not worry about either of these things. If you weigh slightly more because you have more muscle, it will not matter because you will look better, be in better health and have a more attractive figure. Unless you are training to be an Olympic body builder, you are unlikely to become too muscular no matter how much you work out. Women naturally have lower testosterone levels than men, so it would be extremely difficult for you to gain an excessive amount of muscle.

In our weight-obsessed culture, it is easy to forget that weight is only one part of the bigger picture. Some guys like skinny girls, but most men would rather have someone who looks attractive and healthy. If you are naturally skinny and look like a runway model, that is perfectly fine. If you are not naturally skinny, don’t worry about it. You do not have to look like a runway model to get the perfect guy—even runway models do not look as thin or beautiful in normal life. Instead, focus on living a healthy, happy lifestyle.


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