30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017

By on October 8, 2017

There are many reasons why this year is the year you should finally make the change to dirty blonde. For a start, everyone else has been doing it, rocking different shades of dirty blonde hair ideas 2017 with various tones and shades added. There are so many ways to make it unique — to make it work for you. That’s why it’s a great, soft shade to play around with, any time of the year. Cooler tones are added for winter to bring an icy feel to the occasion, with warmer honey and caramel hues added for a spring and summer vibe. Alternatively, throw all the rules out the box and come up with something brand new and unique …

We’ve got some fabulous dirty blonde hair ideas 2017 to show you, and we’d like to start with this one:

1 – Stunning Hazelnut Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017

If you want a beautiful and natural way to wear your long locks, this stunning hazelnut dirty blonde look is definitely one to take a little inspiration from. Of course, if you didn’t have the long length on your side, you could always fake it. If you buy good quality hair extensions, they can be dyed and cute to fit in perfectly with your own, natural hair.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 6

Source: vhairdsgn

2 – Dirty Blonde Cappuccino

Love coffee? You’ll love the dirty blonde cappuccino look then, a look recently sported by the ever-so-fabulous Taylor Swift. It’s one of the most natural of all dirty blonde hair ideas 2017, making it easier to wear than some of the brighter and bolder shades of blonde.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 3

Source: smiley.does.hair

3 – Short & Dirty Bronde Hair

Bronde — a combination of both brown and blonde, mix together perfectly to create a dirty blonde and that packs a punch. Short looks like this bring a certain amount of edginess to the occasion and give you the perfect opportunity to give your long locks a breather. Cutting your hair short can cut off a world of dead and split ends, especially if you’ve been bleaching for a long time. All that lightening work will have a very serious negative impact on your hair. After years of lightening and coloring, a short look can give your hair a break, allow longer, stronger hair to grow back, and gives you the chance to wear an edgy, shorter style than you otherwise would have gone for.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 7

Source: hooplablog

4 – Gorgeous Fall Blonde Highlights

Add a few lighter lowlights to an already light-enough do, and you’ll have something that looks a little like this pretty style, a mixture of silvery and ash-toned blondes that are so light-reflective, we’re literally blinded by the beauty of it all. If you’re planning on going for a look as light and as bright as this, you will need to do a serious amount of prep work. The first step, of course, will be to give your hair an intensifying conditioning treatment. If your ‘do isn’t already well looked after, your color won’t be beautiful and balanced, like this one. Instead, it’ll be patchy and dull. We’re sure that’s not really what you were going for.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 8

Source: makeupbymarim

5 – Dark into Light Dirty Blonde Locks

When you leave things much darker, or even slightly darker, at the roots, you really are doing yourself a favor. You’ll get much more wear out of a look such as this one than you would with an all-over blonde look. Also, those extra dimensions of colour help to make your hair look thicker and more filled with volume. Again, if you have one color all over, the look would come across as lifeless and limp. Not really the impression you were going for, right?

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 11

Source: Pinterest

6 – Dirty Blonde Honey Pot

You’ve got a honey dark blonde to back up those beautiful dirty blonde highlights, a perfect look for the fall seasons. This look is about as natural as you’re going to get when it comes to adding blonde highlights to darker and more natural hair. The more natural your hair is, the easier it is to wear.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 5

Source: thesweetcouturist

7 – Super Cool Blonde Color Melt

You just won’t find a cooler look than this super cool blonde color melt, a very clever mix of light and dark blondes, with a few light browns thrown in for good measure. It’s a beautiful ashy melt of caramels and honey, perfect for any season of the year. Definitely one that looks great with those relaxed waves too.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 18

Source: hairby_gabbs

8 – Relaxed Dirty Blonde Curls

There are so many ways to rock these large and bouncing curls these days that you don’t need to resort to using heated rollers. The waves and spirals help to add volume to thin and lifeless hair, and that’s one of the reasons why we love the relaxed curl look so much. The effect is reversed when your hair is irreparably damaged though, so look for more natural and friendlier ways to give your locks the bounce you need.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 12

Source: Pinterest

9 – Dirty Milky Blonde

If you have found yourself with a yellow tinge on your hair, when really you want a dirtier look than that, a white toner or silver wash in shade will help get you where you need to go, especially if you’re trying to achieve these dirty blonde hair ideas 2017 at home. If you’re looking at undergoing a lot of bleaching or lightening treatments, we would highly recommend making a salon appointment to do it. You can take control of the other colors you use after that, but getting that lighter stage right is absolutely essential.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 20

Source: color_spectrum

10 – Mussed Up Face Framing Blonde Locks

They may say that blondes have more fun, but maintaining blonde locks is definitely not an easy ride, especially if you opt for something very light when you have naturally dark hair. A purple shampoo can help to keep your light bits lighter when you opt for face-framing highlights with a balayage look, just like this one. It’s also a great way to keep your dirty blondes nice and dirty until you have time to head to the hair salon again.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 13

Source: Pinterest

11 – Sassy & Dirty Blonde Bob

Balayage styles have been used to create this cool and sassy little number, a little blonde bob that screams with personality and vibrancy. You’ve got gold and peach tones all mixed in with ash and silvery-grey shades, and it’s a look that has us all stunned for all the right reasons. But what do you think?

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 9

Source: salon_du_sud

12 – Buttery Blonde Warm Ombre

If you wanted a look that gave you that blonde bombshell feeling, but without lashes of bleach and toner, a butter blonde warm ombre is definitely the way forward. You’re keeping things nice and dark or natural at the roots, meaning that you can go a few extra weeks before needing to make the next salon appointment. It also allows for longer between touch-ups, and when you’re talking about bleach, a break is very good for your locks. Too much bleaching will break and damage your hair to a point where no color will look good.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 2

Source: fazehair

13 – Dirty Blonde Looks for Fine Hair

Adding lighter layers towards the front of your face, as well as towards the ends, will help to add an extra dimension to your color. This is also a great tip for when you want lighter colored hair, but you don’t want to go through all the strenuous pre-lightening treatments. When you’re only lightening certain strips of hair, in this balayage style, you’re not causing damage all over.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 14

Source: Pinterest

14 – Blondes & Braids

Braids go so well with hair that has plenty of tones and shades in it, mostly because it gives you the opportunity to twist and twirl and show off every single of them. The tones of this hair are awesome enough on their own, but with that relaxed and beautiful boho braid mix thrown in? We think it would make for great wedding hair … What do you think?

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 27

Source: taylor_lamb_hair

15 – Dirty Blonde Like Khloe K

If you want your color to last longer, you’ll need to learn to wash your hair sparingly. Dirty blonde hair ideas 2017 like this one will easily fade, giving you a blonde color that isn’t as bubbly or as bright as it was before. If you learn NOT to wash your hair so often, using dry shampoo and other products to help mask the greasiness of your locks, your hair will be in much better condition, and any color you use will last much longer. You’re not meant to wash your hair every day. You’re just stripping the hair of essential oils that it needs to be healthy and grow strong.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 30

Source: Pinterest

16 – Gigi’s Dirty Bronde Style

Bronde — a mixture of brown and blonde — is perfect for those who kinda want to lo light, but not too light. Gigi rocks the style perfectly, keeping things ashy and almost-brown, but with the right hint of silvery-blonde to bring it back to the lighter side.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 15

Source: Pinterest

17 – Long & Lovely Blonde & Dirty

When you go lighter on your locks, you’ll be stripping the hair of both moisture and color. This means, once you’ve undergone all those bleaching treatments, you will need to look at deep conditioning your hair like you’ve never deep conditioned before. There are plenty of products on the market designed for those with dry and damaged or color-treated hair … They are there for a reason. You should use the appropriate hair product for your hair type.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 29

Source: Pinterest

18 – Fishtail & Dirty Blonde Fabulousness

If you’re dyeing your hair at home, remember that you shouldn’t bleach your entire hair every six to eight weeks or so. When you head back to the salon for a touch-up, they’ll only apply the lightening products to the roots of your hair. The ends are already lightened from the time before that. If you reapply bleach to that area again, you’ll increase the chances of having poor condition hair.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 28

Source: taylor_lamb_hair

19 – Icy Cool Silver Dirty Blonde

Are you planning on going away on your holidays with your dirty blonde hair? If you are, and you’re definitely intending to jump in the pool at least once, you need to know how to protect your hair against chlorine in the water. If your dry hair were to come in contact with the chlorinated water, it would soak up all the chemical, affecting the way your color looks and also drying out your hair. If you give your hair a quick rinse with cool, bottled, non-chlorinated water, however, the wet hair won’t soak up the chlorine in the water. Neat trick, right?

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 26

Source: taylor_lamb_hair

20 – Dirty Blonde Bun

A lazy bun has become one of our go-to styles, especially when we wake up late in the morning. (Which is almost every morning! Who has enough hours in the day anyway?) As you can see, a dirty blonde style with a lazy bun style is a combination that works a treat. Throw some dry shampoo in there to disguise unwashed routes and you’re on to a winner.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 16

Source: Pinterest

21 – Caramel & Ashy

It’s a warm and cool mix together, but it definitely works. Although quite ashy when you first look at it, there are warmer, coppery tones in there, but they’ve been hand blended together so well, they don’t look patchy or bulky. That’s the trick with working with lots of colors or shades together — you need to learn how to blend them together properly. It’s a bit like trying to blend your eyeshadow. If you don’t get the blending right, the look just won’t be as you want it to be.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 23

Source: Pinterest

22 – Bold & Bouncing Dirty Blonde

When you want to go light, but too light, keep the bolder and brighter shades towards the ends of your hair. This is actually a great trick to use when you’re not sure whether or not a color or tone will work for you. If you add the color to around your face, it’ll have a big impact. If the color doesn’t work with your skin tone, it’ll make you look washed out. If you keep the shades to the very ends of your long locks, however, they’re nowhere near your face. You can get away with so much more!

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 24

Source: Pinterest

23 – Natural to Silver Dirty Blonde Ombre

Let’s mix things up. Rather than having a balayage blend of all different tones and shades through your hair, how about opting for an ombre style instead? This dirty blonde ombre really rocks our boat, especially with those loose waves thrown in for good measure. Did you know that you could achieve those waves with your hair straighteners if you didn’t have your curling tools to hand? We’ve been trying it lately and we can confirm that it looks pretty awesome. Just pull down and flick/twist. You’ll get beautiful loose rings that you can then tousle out as you want it to look.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 22

Source: Pinterest

24 – Silver Smokey Bob

Silvery-grey is a big trend right now, and it’s one that has increased in popularity over recent years. Adding ashy tones of grey or even lilac to your blonde is a great way to reduce the brassiness that bleach can bring, and also gives you a drastic color change that is actually super soft and easy to wear, providing you pick the right shade. Silver and grey tones are actually much harder to achieve than you’d think, especially at home. If this is the route you’d like to go down, picking the right hairstylist is a very good idea, and for that, you’re going to want to do your research.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 21

Source: roxytoddhair

25 – Boho Vibe Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017

You should never go nuts with the towel after you’ve washed your hair. Scrubbing, rubbing and drying the hair with a towel might seem like a good idea, but you should be using more of a light, scrunching motion, rather than a rubbing and dragging one. All that movement on the rough surface of the towel is just going to lead to split ends and breakage.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 25

Source: Pinterest

26 – Soft Fall Blonde

Roots are very much in style right now, and the balayage / hand-painted blend of blondes is definitely the easiest and smartest way to achieve this look. You must remember that this will be a tough look to achieve when you have dark hair, or hair that isn’t exactly in perfect condition. The good news is that you can always add hair pieces to your locks to make them look thicker and fuller, and you could also use those hair extensions to help bring a few new color dimensions into the mix too.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 19

Source: roxytoddhair

27 – Light & Lovely Dirty Blonde Lob

If you have thin, flyaway and fine hair, you’re more than likely using your hairdryer on a daily basis to help add volume and shape. This can be damaging to your hair, just as much as straightening or curling using heated tools every day can. If you do feel the need to heat-style your hair using a blow dryer regularly, switch to the cool setting as often as you can. Turning the temperature down will still allow you to add volume and shape, but will prevent too much damage to your locks.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 17

Source: Pinterest

28 – Jennifer Aniston Inspired Dirty Blonde Lob

The dirty blonde lob was a look made popular by Hollywood actress, Jennifer Aniston. It’s a look that has served her well over the years too, adapted and modified slightly to keep it fresh and modern. This current take on the long bob trend is very pretty and easy to wear, and when you’ve only got a few minutes spare to do your ‘do in the morning, a shorter style like this one would be much easier to manage.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 10

Source: salon_du_sud

29 – Honey Highlights

One of the most beautiful dirty blonde hair ideas 2017 is honey highlights, a very simple process of honey and caramel shades painted over your natural, and usually darker hair. If you want to add more oomph but without too many highlights, keep them to the front of your face — those layers that frame your face. It’s the best way to inject a color to make a big impact, without going the whole hog and dying your hair a harsh blonde all over.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 4

Source: studiodeuxsd

30 – Long & Ash Blonde

With slight tinges of grey, long ash blonde hair is a far cry from the super bright and bubbly shades that you would normally associate with ‘blonde’. It’s slightly more grungy, much easier to wear, and also great for a wide range of skin tones and eye color. It’s dark, but not quite as dark as a brunette, and you can even add a little more warmth if this is just a bit too icy cool for you, by adding more honey and caramel shades into the mix.

30 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas 2017 1

Source: hairbyamy__

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