6 Different Nail Shapes and Styles

By on December 1, 2014

Women are constantly worried about their looks. We get our hair done perfectly, apply eyeliner and mascara just right, throw on some perfume, and make sure our entire outfit is in exquisite matching order. But after all of this primping and pramping, it might be hard to remember one of the most delicate features of our bodies: our hands. And nothing amps up the beauty of a woman’s hands then gorgeously manicured nails. But what nail style is right for you? Find out below with these 6 beautiful and super-trendy nail shape styles. b78367a3fa9d7a9e4d5d60c9e806172d


1. Almond

The almond nail shape is nothing short of exquisite, and thus, is undoubtedly one of the most popular of the nail shape styles. Almond combines the beauty of oval with just enough square definition to create a regal, defined, and ultimately charming look that’s simply perfect. Women love this classic nail shape because it gives your fingers a slender appearance, making them appear longer, thinner, and daintier overall (and come on, what woman wouldn’t want that?). However, although almond nails may seem like the epitome of fancy and refined style, there’s a down side: for one, your nail won’t be able to grow your nails any longer after shaping them into this style, and the tips of almond nails tend to break rather easily. So if you were to have an oopsy at the tip, you’ll have to shave off some more of the nail to recreate the almond style. If you can be extra careful with these beauties, you won’t be disappointed.


2. Rounded

There’s no doubt you’ve heard (and seen) the rounded nail shape at one point during your life. In fact, you’d probably see it every day if you payed close attention to the nails around you. The rounded nail shape is extremely popular amongst girls of all ages, and is usually the very first nail shape any lady ever attempts. There’s a couple of different reasons to love the rounded nail. For starters, it’s extremely delicate and has a remarkably polished, yet subtle look about it. It looks good on all hand shapes and is an especially good decision for girls who prefer to have their nails on the shorter side. Secondly, rounded nails are strong. They can withstand almost anything. So whether you’re climbing the largest mountain in the world or working in the office as a secretary, these nails with stick with you through it all and come out standing tall. Last but not least, if rounded nails DO in fact chip or break, it’s a very simple fix and you can walk out of the salon with gorgeous nails that very same day (or do it yourself at home- it’s actually really easy once you get the hang of it!)


3. Oval

If you like the rounded style but just want to switch it up a bit, the oval style may be the nail shape that’s right for you. They’re sturdy, strong, yet have a very feminine touch that can’t be ignored. The oval nail shape combines the best of the almond, rounded, and squared shapes to create a delightful look that can handle the heat- that’s right, oval is an excellent choice for my girls out there who are a bit rougher with their nails then they should be.


4. Squared

Much like the almond and rounded nail shapes, squared nails are definitely one of the most popular nail shape styles chosen by women across the world. The square style offers a perfect canvas for the beautiful colors and style of the french manicure, making it especially popular amongst ladies seeking this type of manicure. One thing to consider before making the squared decision is to remember this: squared nails have a tendency to draw attention to the hand, which means women with shorter nails and hands may not enjoy this style as much as it may make the nails appear stumpy and bulky. And, just like rounded nails, squared nails are incredibly strong and can see you throughout your day- no matter what you end up doing.


5. Rounded Square

Love the look of the squared nail but think it might be a little too edgy or sharp for your style? Then you will adore the rounded square. Just as the name would describe, the rounded square comes with the beloved squared nail shape, but the ends are shaved down and rounded for a more dainty and delicate look. This soft, lovely style is an excellent choice for all nail shapes. Plus they won’t break very easily and they’re rather easy to fix, so you can look ultra-stylish without worrying about breaking a nail.


6. Stiletto

If there is one nail style that is skyrocketing in popular (pun intended) it’s the stiletto nail shape. And while it might have been a look for the vampires in years past, it’s definitely made its way out of the shadows and into the spotlight with high-style celebs like Rihanna, Lady GaGa, and Beyonce sporting this sky-high look. Stiletto nails are long and pointy. The majority of the time, acrylics are used to achieve such a look. (I mean, would you really want to carve your nails down this far?). I can’t lie- this extremely long and pointy nail shape is growing on me every day, and I can’t help but admit that glitter and other vibrant colors look simply majestic on this elongated nail canvas. If you’re feeling a bit edgy and want to try something new and completely out of the box, we highly recommend rocking these stiletto nails- just be careful, they break very easily.


After checking out this top 6 list of super-trendy nail shape styles, which one suits you best? Are you a more regal and refined lady who wouldn’t step past the realm of rounded nails, or do you prefer the wilder and bolder look of stiletto or squared nails? Have you tried any of these styles? Which one did you like best? Let us know below,!

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