Dating Filipino Men

By on October 13, 2017

Wherever you are in the world, you will most likely bump into a Filipino. Filipinos are everywhere. The high poverty rate and unemployment in the country forced the head of the families and young graduates to seek opportunities elsewhere. Over 12% of Filipinos are living or working abroad. Their main destination is the US, followed by Canada, Japan, Australia, Italy, and other European countries.

As of 2016 more single individuals are said to be migrating to different parts of the world: to look for a job, further their studies, and to stay with family members working there. It’s not surprising for your next dating prospect to be a Filipino. They are often viewed as charming and romantic by the opposite sex. But, how different are they from other men, especially western men? If you are interested in dating a Filipino man and you wonder if there’s a chance that your relationship will work despite cultural differences, we encourage you to read on.

The characteristics discussed below are not meant to generalize Filipino men nor they suggest that the true nature of men can be judged by our limited knowledge of them. Consider these factors as a few helpful observations in understanding how most Filipino men behave and react in a relationship. We hope you can form your own insightful reflections out of these.

  • They don’t always approve of outspoken, strong-willed women

Many Filipino wives stay at home to care for their children. They’ve been trained to be family-focused and submissive to their husbands, while the males go to work to provide for the family. Thus, you will often find a Filipino man, who may not be so keen on dating a strong-willed woman. Feminist views are often unwelcomed and deemed abrasive. Even though they are attracted to you, there are still men who will not tolerate your negative views of the male behavior. They often bring the “boys will be boys” excuse on the table when confronted with negative arguments toward male polygamy. The less educated men are prone to catcall women. Despite being educated, there are still those who are not open to change their traditional views regarding women and women’s chastity. Even westernized Filipino men could be prone to exhibit the madonna-whore complex.

  • Their family’s views are important to them.

Ever heard of the stereotype that Filipino men are naturally-born mama’s boys? The one trait that is common among Filipinos across genders is their strong regards to their family, especially their parents. Children learn at an early age the constant need to improve their family’s situation and to provide indefinite care to their parents. This profound respect and love can be viewed as a weakness if seen in western males; however, it is not entirely a negative trait in the Philippines. If you are dating a Filipino guy, you should expect to be introduced to his whole family: that include relatives, neighbors, and friends if he sees fit. It is also a sign that he is serious about your relationship. He is happy to show around and to meet the people he holds dear.

  • They can be religious and prone to uphold their own beliefs

Being the only predominantly Catholic country in Asia, it is not uncommon to meet Filipino males with strong religious beliefs. Although the numbers are dwindling as younger men learn to adopt atheism and other religious inclinations, many of them would still be accustomed to going to church to attend masses, preferred raising Christian kids or have a church wedding. If you have different religious views, but still wish for your relationship to work, you must let help him understand and respect your views and vise versa. The good thing for foreign women is that Filipino men are open to interracial dating and most even find blonde and blue-eyed girls as a plus, so a man who is really into you must compromise and learn to be more accepting of each other’s views.

  • They can be extremely romantic

They love showering their significant other with surprises and compliments. They know how to treat a woman like a queen. Despite their (sometimes) biased views, Filipino men know how to sweep you off your feet. It does sound cheesy, but if they love you, they’ll promise you the moon and the stars. Of course, you should know better than believe all of them. After all, sweet talking is their forte. It is part of the Filipino male machismo to know how to please a woman. Harana, a traditional form of courtship, was widely practiced in the country before the widespread use of electricity. Filipino men would woo the woman they are interested in by visiting her house, standing underneath her window, and singing songs of love and courtship. He is often accompanied by a male companion — a friend who knows how to play musical instruments, such as a guitar. It is now considered passe but it is interesting to see how innately romantic Filipino men are.

  • Filipino dishes are the best cuisine for them. Period.

A healthy, balanced diet is not popular among Filipino males. For a country where most men have blue-collar jobs, it’s important for them to be nurtured with filling meals before they go to work. Most are loyal to Filipino dishes – a mix of Austronesian, Spanish, and American influenced cuisine. Rice is the staple food and the most important part of every meal. Filipinos often eat a rice meal three times a day: a bowl of rice and a viand is considered a meal in the Philippines. A typical Filipino man could live without burgers and fries, but not without rice. If you know how to cook Filipino dishes, you will quickly earn their admiration. They also love eating streetfood, such as isaw (grilled pig and chicken intestine), kwek kwek (quail eggs coated with orange batter), balut (partially developed duck embryo), fish balls, halo halo, taho, and a lot more. It’s rare to find a Filipino male who does not eat at least a couple of these local street food.

  • Drinking is a pastime they can’t outgrow.

Filipinos’ obsession with karaoke (more than the Japanese who popularized it) can be amusing or frustrating to other cultures. It is considered a form of fun social activity or hobby. What usually comes with karaoke is- you are right, food and drinks! In fact, drinking is better with a little entertainment from a Magic Sing microphone or videoke machine.  Drinking at home while doing karaoke and chomping on “pulutan” or beer matches is the equivalent of drinking in alleyway bars in western countries. While most Europeans drink alcoholic beverages as part of a food experience, Filipinos drink for the sake of drinking and socializing. Female drinkers, though, are often frowned upon and deemed careless.

  • Filipino men are the vainest in Asia

A survey in 2006 revealed that Filipino men are the most narcissistic in Asia. It may not be as true today, knowing how most Korean men are groomed to become skin care and cosmetic ambassadors, but it does show a shift in the paradigm — where the old Philippines don’t really give high regards to pretty men. Males with smooth, alabaster skin and soft features would be touted as weak or gay by the alpha males. Vanity, nowadays, is not an alien construct. Expect younger men to be more well-groomed, and always bring something to entertain yourself while they are busy checking themselves in the mirror.

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