40 Dark Red Hair Color ideas

By on December 15, 2016

Red is such a hot hair color. Most women who go red are confident, self-assured, and stylish. They want to make an impression. You can do that,too. But you need to have the courage to make a change. Whether you have short or long hair, dark red is a nuance that will make you stand out. Here are 40 amazing ideas of red hair color that will make people turn their heads around.

1.Dark Red with Burgundy Shades


via Pinterest/therighthairstyles

We love wavy, dark red colors especially on medium-length hair . The dramatic ends and really nice loose waves make the style chic and stylish. Simple yet sophisticated, and you can wear this hairdo at any part that you choose to attend. When it comes to hairstyling, sometimes less is more!

2. Wavy Short Bob


via Pinterest/glam radar

Bobs are in trend this season. But not every bob will draw attention. Make a color change for this season, and go red. Dark red is sensual, and if you have a long and well-defined neck line, the hairdo will look even better. Choose an asymmetric contour for a more dramatic and interesting style.

3. Bold Asymmetric Long Bob 


via Pinterest/total beauty

If you’re not really convinced to cut your hair and go really short, a longer bob might be best. Dark red with a hint of burgundy is the best color for fall/winter. The nuance will instantly make you stand out. Just imagine yourself surrounded in snow and you’ll get what we mean. Keep things simple and complement the style with dark red lipstick for a more defined, vamp look.

4. Beach Waves & Red Highlights 


via Pinterest/dina costa

Choose a smooth combination of dark brown and red highlights for this winter. The ombre effect will look fabulous on your curls. The hairstyle is effortless. The waves can be worn at a party or daily at the office. Don’t you want to make an impression for the holidays? Sure you do – go hot red!

5. Copper Brown & Red Hints 


via Pinterest/styleweekly

Women who have green eyes should go red, right now! The color will instantly bring out your eyes, and your face will be beautifully framed. If you’re not convinced red is suitable for your skin tone, try copper red instead. It’s less striking, and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable. You can easily change preferences down the road.

6. Dar Red & Fuchsia Hints


via Pinterest/styleglam

The blend of dark red and fuchsia is outstanding. At the roots, it might be a good idea to decide on a darker nuance. You should aim at a professional look, not kitschy one. Ombre is still in high demand, and the mix of dark red at the root will blend really smoothly with the earthy fuchsia at the roots.

7. Long Dark Red & Straight Fringe


via Pinterest/vpfashion

Dark red with a hint of coppery is an ideal hair color for women with light skin tone. If your face permits, get bangs or an asymmetric fringe. Apart from making an impression, you’ll look and feel amazing. Red for winter is an ideal color for women that want to stand out from the crowd.

8. Fiery Red Long Wavy Hair


via Tumblr/imgonnamakeachange

Long fiery hair and loose waves are an excellent choice for women with longer hair. we love the way these chic waves frame the face. Focus on makeup for an aded touch of originality, and all eyes will be on you.

9. Dark Red Braided Bun


via Pinterest/karmen rosson

Braided buns are excellent for this winter season. Choose a dark red hue for your locks, and set yourself apart from the crowd. Your hairstyle will bring some color against the all-white winter scenery. And that top bun will exude a boho-chic allure that most women only dream of.

10. Candy Apple Hair


via Pinterest/yanca alvim

Candy apple hair looks fabulous when paired with asymmetrical layers. The blend of dark red with brown looks best on women with light skin tone. Ditch the bangs for side strands, and let your face become a statement piece. Wear the hairdo everywhere, and add curls at the ends for an added touch of elegance.

11. Dark Red Bob & Asymmetric Sides 


via Pinterest/Anthony Cormier

Bobs are chic, and women who choose bobs are classier and more stylish. Top off your hairdo by going dark red with lighter hues. Add some cherry hues to the mix, and enjoy the result. The straight bob with a side parting will never go out of style. It work beautiful on women with all types of faces.

12. Burgundy Hues with Side Parting


via Tumblr/queens be like

We don’t know about you, but we love this burgundy nuance. The hairstyle is very simple. Basically, if you have straight hair you’re in luck. You just need some hairspray. Otherwise, you can use a flat iron to get this clean, original allure.

13. Curly Red



via hairchalk

All-natural curly hair works when you add a cheeky personality to the mix. Long hair can be styled in numerous ways. But if you want to keep things chic and simple, we recommend you these loose curls dyed in a strong red color.

14. Dark Red & Purple Hues


via Pinterest/broke & chic

What’s not to like about dark red with purple hues, all wrapped up in a nice A-line bob? The asymmetry works beautifully. Smoothly-cut ends, nice waves at the top, and a side parting should do the trick. Wear the hairdo on a daily basis and all eyes will be on you, guaranteed.

15. Foxy Red & Elegant Low Bun



via Pinterest/Iris Udo

Going to a wedding any time soon? This foxy red hairdo with a low bun and nice updo is fascinating. The strand of hair on the sides gives the hairstyle an added touch of glamour. Wear it at a social event and pair with a nice white dress to make a long-lasting impression.

16. Asymmetric Bob & Side Parting


via Pinterest/marieclaire

This asymmetric bob with layers at the end and a oblique parting on one side looks incredibly polished. Women with prominent facial features will love it. It’s simple and clean, but at the same time striking. No need to charge your hair with any sort of accessory. But it might be a good idea to choose long, statement earrings for an extra touch of appeal.

17. Reverse Red Ombre


via Tumblr/letsbfriends

Not all women can pull off a reverse ombre. The good news, redheads can do it beautifully. Check out this dark red hairdo. The tips are darker, whereas the roots are lighter. Really nice combo for daring women that want to leave everyone speechless.

18. Caramel Brown with Dark Red Roots


via hairstylezz

Caramel brown is without a doubt a fascinating hair color. Combined with over-sized curls, the final hairdo for the office is complete. Add some more hairspray to redefine those curls, and you’re all set for a part. Regardless, the dark red combo with caramel is stunning.

19. Deep Red & Long Waves


via Pinterest/watchoutladies

To all women with long hair – don’t be afraid to play with color! Fiery red is in style, and if you have long locks, you can play with the nuances. Add highlights, curls, and a side parting for an added hint of style and glam.

20. Dark Red & Middle Parting


via Pinterest/M Seager

Dark eyebrows and symmetric face proportions are ideal for a middle parting. The style is simple yet complex if you choose an imposing hairdo such as long wavy with dark red hues.

21. Medium-Length Bob 


via Pinterest/multicolors.tumblr

Go full-punk for this winter season with this cool dark red bob with accents of burgundy. Pair your hairdo with red lipstick and smokey eyes, and voila! You’re all set for a killer style that everyone will envy.

22. Dark Red Waves & Aubergine Hues


via Pinterest/indulgy

Once again, women with pale skin tone will adore this nuance. It is chic, striking and easy going. Keep the styling to a minimum and opt for a medium-length hair with very light highlights at the tips.

23. Black & Red Ombre


via websta.me/rachelgeorgiana

We love ombre hair, don’t we? If you’re not 100% sure red is your color, go for an ombre style. Leave the roots dark, and choose fiery red from the middle down. Structural waves, beautifully combed will give your style an added touch of glam and boho-chic vibe.

24. Vintage-Inspired Dark Red Waves


via theberry.com

The 70s inspired hairstyle, turned on a side, combed and wavy is fabulous. It works at the office, at a party, anywhere. As far as the color is concerned, the aubergine and red mix is to die for. We love the sided part. It gives the hairdo a healthy, simple effect with a romantic twist.

25. Dark Red Roots & Light Ends


via Instagram/oliviabryson

Go light on your red hair, but don’t go overboard. Keep things interesting with this ombre combo. Dark red at the roots with coppery ends look amazing on medium-length hair. Wear it loose and keep it properly cared for to make sure the color doesn’t fade away.

26. Fresh Dark Red & Highlights 


via Pinterest/trends2wear

There’s something special about dark red hair with brown roots that entices. The hues are perfectly spread throughout the whole surface, thus creating a compact look that’s just divine. This season is all about loose hairdos without any complicated braiding. We love the easiness of this style. Chic and inspiring!

27. Short Hairdo & Shaved Sides 


via Pinterest/modern salon

This Great Gatsby-inspired look is a perfect hairstyle for the New Year’s Eve party. It’s sophisticated, avant-garde and chic. What more can you wish for? Dare to make a dramatic change, and go dark red with mohawk. Those beautiful curls in the front and on the sides will exude even more sensuality, so what are you waiting for? Stay in tone, and dress appropriately, too. Choose a vintage-inspired wardrobe and top-off with the most striking accessories to make a memorable impression.

28. Dark Red & Copper Tones 


via Pinterest/facetoner

Copper tones look best on women with red hair. It’s that time of the year to change your hairstyle, so if you don’t want anything too dramatic, this chic combo should do the trick. Keep it simple and choose layers in the front. This way, your face will be beautifully framed and your features will be accentuated. Nothing beats copper hair, and no matter how simple the hairdo is, the color will still grab all the attention.

29. Short Dark Red Pixie Hairdo


via Pinterest/Bonnie Angus

It’s almost 2017, and it’s time to make a change! Wouldn’t you agree? How about a dark red pixie with shaved sides? Go punk this winter and compel everyone to focus on your face. However, if you don’t have prominent cheekbones, you might want to avoid such a dramatic cut. Women with short hair can look the best. All you have to do, is dare to make that change.

30. Red Loose Curls & Auburn Hints


via Pinterest/Jessica Turner

Perfect curls are every woman’s dream! Loose and lightweight, you can wear the hairdo at the office, but also at any social event. When you get dressed, avoid black. Choose something lighter to make the color of your hair stand out.

31. Gorgeous Layers & Side Fringe


via Flickr/Kylie Parks

We haven’t seen layered hairdos in a while. But this doesn’t mean they’re not in trend anymore. It is important to see a stylist first, to make sure your face matches layers. As for the sided fringe, it’s safe to say it works beautifully on all redheads. Women with really light skin tone and dark eyes will instantly stand out if they choose to go red!

32. Long Wavy & Middle Fringe


via Pinterest/Venturelli

This dark red with a hint of brown work beautifully on a white dress. Women with deep brown eyes are highly advised to get this style. However, make sure your face is suitable for that fringe with a middle parting.

33. Messy Chic Dark Red & Highlights 


via gurl.com

Once again the messy-chic hairdos are impressing us with the original appeal. The ombre effect from dark red to light red is stunning. If you’re a rebel and you like to “mess” around, this hairstyle idea will fit perfectly.

34. Long Hairstyle & Bouncy Waves


via Pinterest/Nicole Jackson 

For the ultimate sexy hairstyle, bouncy waves are the best. And if they come in a dark red color, that’s even better. This hairdo is perfect for women with log hair. Styling is easy, and all you need is some hairspray and a flat iron to make yourself the smoothest loose curls.

35. Dark Straight Red Hair & Straight Bangs


via Tumblr/kpop-hairstyles

Women who want to shed a few years off their physical appearance should go dark red and get bangs. A straight fringe makes you look younger, fresher, and a lot more modern. It is perfect for ladies that have straight hair because it’s easier to style.

36. Bouncy Red & Light Highlights  


via Tumblr/aguysmind

We love the way highlights look on red hair. Your face is instantly illuminated, and your facial features will stand out beautifully. Choose the simplest hairdo and a smokey eye make-up. The final result will be an elegant look that exudes freshness and originality.

37. Messy Ponytail


via Tumblr/feelgoodery

Messy ponytails are the coolest trend of the season. Now it’s your time to make an impression and wow everyone around you with a hairdo that’s chic, elegant, and avant-garde. Get out of your comfort zone for once, and let this dark red hairstyle dictate your personality.

38. Boho-Chic Wavy Bob 


via Tumblr/dailylilicollins

Pin-up hairstyles with a hint of vintage work wonderfully on redheads. If you’re fond of statement accessories and old-fashioned hair accessories, this hairdo will match your personality perfectly.

39. Frizzy Red


via Pinterest/listal.com

Hello there, lovely frizzy hair! Bouncy curls are the best when you have well-defined facial features. Use hairspray for some more definition in those curls, and the final result with wow everyone around you.

40. Redhead & Fishtail


via Pinterest/Mary Arce

Simple, yet so chic, this loose sided fishtail gives the hairdo a hippie glamorous allure. Go for a sided parting for an extra touch of originality, and let your natural eyebrows and cheekbones frame the rest of your face.

Redheads are hot, there’s no doubt about that. This winter season, dark red is in high demand. All hairdos are striking, so you can’t really mess it up. Blend it with aubergine hues, light copper, plum, and purple, and make sure to decide on a hairdo that complements your face beautifully. Whether it’s a short pixie or long wavy style, dark red will instantly make you stand out. Which of the 40 ideas we’ve presented do you love the most?


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