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Bra Size





5 feet 3 inches or 160 centimeters


117 pounds or 53 kilograms



Brian Patrick Kehoe (2008)- Known for his work as an American model, Brian Kehoe met Daniella Monet in 2008. They only ended up dating for a few months before they broke up.

Andrew Gardner (2011-current)- Andrew Gardner is a television personality in America. Starting in 2011, the couple have been frequently seen together.

Plastic Surgery

She has not been known to have any plastic surgery procedures.


Net Worth

She is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.


Birth Name

Her birth name was Daniella Monet Zuvic.




She goes by the nicknames of DancinD, DeeMo and Dani.


Her birthday is on March 1, 1989. She is currently 25 years old and will turn 26 years old in March of 2015.


Sun Sign

Daniella Monet’s sun sign is Pisces.


Birth Location

Daniella was born in West Hills, California.



She is an American citizen.



Her educational background is not known.




Grandfather: Daniel D. Zuvic

Grandmother: Carmen Arce








Although Daniella Monet is primarily known for acting, she is also a singer and a dancer.

Hair Color

Her hair color is naturally dark brown.

Eye Color

She has dark brown eyes.

Dress Size

4 (US)


Distinctive Features

Daniella Monet is well-known for being a vegan and an animal lover. She was even featured in a PETA commercial that discouraged high school students from dissecting animals. In addition, Daniella is known for playing a hapless, terrible singer in Victorious. This role was ironic because Daniella Monet is actually an excellent singer.



Her heritage includes a mixture of Croatian, Italian and Chilean. 


Shoe Size

6 (US)


Her religious affiliations and beliefs are not known.


Best Known For

Her main acting work has been through the starring role on Victorious. She has also received some acclaim for her guest starring roles on other television shows.


First Television Show

Before she reached fame through Victorious, she appeared on a single episode of Pacific Blue. This American crime show featured an episode dubbed “Avenging Angel”. Daniella Monet appeared on it in 1997 when she was just eight years old as the character titled Corey.


First Film

When she was only nine years old, Monet got her first silver screen break. She was the character of Young Angie in the film, Follow Your Heart.


Daniella’s Favorite Things

Favorite Workout: Martial Arts like Boxing

Favorite Fruit: Fig

Favorite Movie: Drop Dead Fred and Clueless

Favorite Television Shows: Shark Week, the Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars

Favorite Snack: Starfruit

Favorite Restaurant Cuisine: Thai food

Favorite Sport: Motorcross


Daniella Monet Facts

She played starring roles in children-oriented films like A Fairly Odd Christmas, Fred 2 Night of the Living Fred and a Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner.

Her mother works as a hairdresser.

Daniella’s first starring role was as the character, Gabby Davis, in the film called Taking Five in 2007.

Interestingly, Daniella Monet was actually the oldest member of the Victorious cast.

Since 2013, she has played herself as the host of a show called Awesomness TV.

She loves to workout and regularly boxes, performs martial arts and dances.

As an avid jewelry maker, she actually created all of the jewelry that she wore when she was in Nancy Drew.

Since she is vegan, she does not consume any milk, dairy, fish or red meat.

Her love of animals led her to be cast in a commercial for PETA. In it, she encourages high school students to refrain from dissecting animals in science.

Due to her love of martial arts, she actually worked toward and received a black belt in karate.

If she could not be an actress, she would want to open a small brokerage and a renovation business.

Daniella Monet has five siblings. She has one brother and four sisters.

She first became a vegetarian when she was just five years old.

All of her dancing technique was taught by herself. Daniella has never taken dancing lessons.

Despite her fame, she is still close to her family. Her siblings and cousings are her best friends.


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