20 Cutest Dog Breeds

By on October 30, 2014

Let’s face it, all dogs are cute, but some just have a little bit more of a “squee”-factor than others. Now, if there’s one thing that the internet was made for, it’s looking at pictures of animals, so this list will show you 20 of the cutest dog breeds out there. While these pooches might have stolen your heart with their piles of fluff and their puppy dog eyes, remember that there are millions of dogs out there needing home. As such, if you plan on bringing a canine companion in your home, adopt; don’t shop! Animal shelters often have purebred dogs that need new homes, but don’t forget that gorgeous mixed-breeds can be just as cute!

1. Chinese Crested


The Chinese Crested is an adorable little dog that comes in two varieties: hairless and powderpuff. The hairless Chinese Crested is, as the name suggests, hairless, apart from his feet, head and tail, making it look like the long-lost fifth member of Motley Crue. The powderpuff variety has a long and soft coat. They measure up to 12 inches tall and shouldn’t exceed 10 pounds in weight. Chinese crested dogs come in all colors and can be solid, mixed or spotted. These little dogs are intelligent, alert, agile and very lovable. Despite their name, they actually originated in Africa, where they were used to hunt vermin.

2. Chihuahua


No list of the cutest dogs would be complete without mentioning the Chihuahua. This breed of dog is the smallest in the world, measuring 6 to 10 inches tall and weighing in at just 4 to 6 pounds. Despite being tiny in stature, chihuahuas have huge personalities and make excellent companions. Chihuahuas love nothing more than to be close to their humans and will follow them everywhere, if given the chance. These miniscule pups are also highly intelligent and learn quickly. They tend to excel at activities such as agility and obedience trials. Due to their size, it’s important to be vigilant, as there are more threats to their safety. However, it’s important not to baby these dogs and they can become spoiled.

3. Pomeranian


These tiny little balls of fluff are never boring and are known to be feisty and strong-willed companions. Their name comes from the province of Pomerania in Germany. Poms are highly intelligent and extremely loyal to their human families. But don’t be taken in by their outward cuteness; these are independent and bold dogs with minds of their own. Their remarkably fluffy coat usually comes in solid colors, such as orange, red, white, cream, brown, blue or black, but they can also have parti-colored coats. All this fur does come at a price: these dogs need daily brushing to stay in top condition.

4. Chow Chow


Cute doesn’t have to mean pint-sized. Chow chows are fairly large dogs, but are as cute and fluffy as they come. They’re renowned for their adorable wrinkles and abundance of fur, but did you know that chow chows also have blue tongues? These precious pups, who originated from China, are known to be extremely stubborn and can be hard to train. However, they’re remarkably loyal and love nothing more than spending time with the people they care for.

5. Papillon


Papillon, means “butterfly” in French, which is a  reference to this dog’s fringed ears, that are said to look like a butterfly’s wings. Although small and cute, papillons are not lap dogs. Instead, they have the attitude of much bigger dogs and will take on anything that gets in their way. These pups certainly don’t act as though they weigh only 4 to 9 pounds. These dogs also need more exercise than you might expect and often thrive when taking part in doggie sports such as agility or rally. Since these dogs are extremely willing to please, they’re great at learning tricks and obedience commands.

6. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is an adorably shaggy little pup who will just melt your heart. Members of this breed measure between just 12 and 15 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 25 and 40 pounds. Like Dachshunds, these dogs are longer than they are tall and have a sausage-like appearance. These gorgeous pooches are bold, curious, self-assured and lively.

7. Yorkshire Terrier


While you might think Yorkshire terriers look small and dainty, they’re actually very lively and precocious as they were originally working dogs, used for hunting rats and mice. These pups are extremely adventurous and can even be somewhat mischievous.Yorkies are very sweet and loving towards their humans but are often suspicious of strangers. They’re enthusiastic barkers, which can be a problem if you live in a busy neighborhood. They don’t need a huge amount of exercise, but daily walks and some off-leash play is essential to keep them calm and happy. 

8. Cocker Spaniel


With those long, drooping ears and sad, puppy dog eyes, a list of the cutest dogs just has to include the cocker spaniel. These dogs are known for being happy and even-tempered, and therefore make excellent family dogs. In fact, they love their owners so much that they love to please and tend to be enormously obedient and easy to train. Their long coats are very attractive, but they do require some work to keep in good shape. Despite weighing in at just 20 to 30 pounds, you must remember that these are sporting dogs and do need a good deal of exercise.

9. Samoyed


These gorgeous bundles of fluff seem to be externally happy and always have a doggie smile on their faces. Originally bred by the Samoyede people of northwestern Siberia, these dogs were bred to hunt, pull sledges and sleep in with their people to warm them at night. The close relationship that they had with the people who bred them is probably why they’re still extraordinarily sweet, loving and gentle dogs today. They love to be part of family life and hate being left alone too often.  They’re known to be especially good with children. Perhaps one of the main reasons they’re not more popular is that these dogs have an enormously thick coat which can be a nightmare to groom.

10. Japanese Chin


Japanese chins have been popular members of Chinese and Japanese imperial courts for thousands of years, but it was in Japan that their distinctive look was developed. These dogs are very intelligent and well-mannered, but they do have their own strong wills and won’t obey you without question if they don’t feel like it. These pooches have some of the characteristics of cats, such as the ability to climb, a love of being in high places, and a tendency to clean themselves. These dogs love human contact and make excellent companion dogs. Despite being long-haired, their coats are fairly low maintenance and only require weekly brushing.

11. Boston Terrier


Boston terriers are one of the only breeds of dog to be developed in America. Their tuxedo-like markings have earned them the nickname of “American gentlemen.” Although they were originally bred as fighting dogs, today they have extremely sweet and loving temperaments. These dogs are lively and highly intelligent, a combination which can cause them to wind up in trouble. Boston terriers are known for having goofy temperaments and being and little bit silly.

12. German Spitz


The German spitz is an adorable fluffy little guy with sharp, fox-like features and a big personality. These dogs come in three varieties, or sizes: giant, standard and medium. These are generally considered to all be members of the same breed, but in some countries they’re classed as different, but related, types of dogs. No matter what their size, all these dogs revel in human attention and are intelligent enough to do very well at trick and obedience training.

13. Basenji


The stunning basenji has an extremely regal appearance and is sleek and elegant. These dogs originate from Africa, where they were bred for hunting. One of the more interesting traits of this breed is that they’re unable to bark, but this doesn’t mean they don’t vocalize. Instead they howl, whine or whimper to get your attention. Despite being gorgeous dogs, they are hard to train and perhaps too intelligent for their own good (or your own good, more accurately). These independent hounds generally won’t do anything unless they think there’s a good reason. That said, they can still make great companions for experienced owners.

14. Corgi


If they’re good enough for the Queen of England, then corgis are more than good enough for us. This cute little pooches are known to be a favorite of Queen Elizabeth, who has a whole pack of them, but there’s more to these dogs than that. They’re split up into two sub-breeds: the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but other than some minor cosmetic differences, the two are very similar. They’re known to be active and fun-loving and do need to be kept entertained with walks and play sessions.

15. Bedlington Terrier


It’s hard to get more adorable than the Bedlington terrier, who has the appearance of a little lamb. Their unique curly coats are often clipped in the above fashion, but they can also be left long for a more shaggy appearance. However they come, these terriers love nothing more than to be the center of attention and often clown around to amuse and entertain their humans.

16. Shiba Inu


Popularized by the “doge” meme, the shiba inu is actually an ancient Japanese breed of dog who was originally used as a hunting dog. Despite being small in stature, these dogs are extremely active and agile and need plenty of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. These fiery little dogs should be spirited, bold and alert, but very good natured. While loving and happy, they are independent and free-thinking, so they’re not always the easiest dogs to train.

17. Miniature Pinscher


The miniature pinscher — often known as the “mini pin” — is like a tinier and cuter version of the doberman. These dogs are bold, fearless, proud, curious, confident and playful. Their intrepid personalities can get them in trouble now and then, but they’re generally very sweet and loving to their owners. The energetic spirit of these dogs means that they do need plenty of exercise, regardless of their tiny size.

18. Lowchen


The name of this German pooch roughly translates as “little lion dog,” so-called because they often sport a lion cut clip. The Lowchen is affectionate and loving, and enjoys being with people. This little dog measures just 13 to 14 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 9 and 18 pounds, but is surprisingly robust and loves to play. They don’t have extremely high activity levels, which is ideal if you want a dog who doesn’t need to be walked very far. However, one of their most beloved hobbies is barking, and they will vocalize at anything or anyone who passes your home unless you train them well from an early age.

19. Italian Greyhound


The slight and dainty Italian greyhound weighs in at just 6 to 15 pounds, making them the ideal tiny companion. These dogs were much loved by Italian noblewomen in the Middle Ages, but they’re more than just lap dogs and were also energetic and agile enough to be used as hunting dogs. Although they’re diminutive in size, they’re minute athletes and will need an owner who’s willing to provide ample daily exercise. These dogs are gentle, loving and affectionate with their humans, but can be wary of strangers. These intelligent dogs can be easy to train, but sometimes won’t obey you unless they can see a benefit for them (which is why treats are your friends!).

20. St Bernard


The gigantic St Bernard might not be the first dog that springs to mind when you say “cute” but you can’t deny their charms. Come on, who didn’t want one of these gorgeous hounds after watching the Beethoven movies? They were bred in the Alps as a rescue dog, so you couldn’t be in better hands with the faithful family member. Although these dogs are undeniably huge, they’re known as gentle giants who are extraordinarily good natured and love to spend time cuddling up with their human families.

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