7 Cute Piercings for Girls

By on December 30, 2015

Thinking of venturing out and switching up your style a bit? Why not consider a piercing! Piercings are so incredibly cute, and they can really take your appearance to the next level. But which piercing is right for you? Take a look at these 7 totally CUTE piercings for girls- from simple upper lobe accenting rings to a little bolder facial piercings.


  1. Navel

The navel piercing is probably one of the most popular- if not THEE most popular- piercing for girls. It’s oh-so-cute and makes your stomach look adorable. They can be a little bit of a pain at first- you can’t go in the water or change your ring for a few weeks- so make sure you get this lovely little piercing before the spring and summertime.


  1. Nose

An adorable little sparkling stud on that adorable little nose of yours? Um, yes please! A nose ring is a really tiny yet extremely cute piercing that looks good on any girl. Plus it’s easy to take care of and you won’t have to worry about it too much. Talk about an easy way to add some sparkle and dazzle to your face!


  1. Upper Lobe

If you want another piercing but you DEFINITELY don’t want anything too crazy, then you may want to consider an upper lobe piercing. It’s really simple but takes the earring game to the next level. Instead of one gorgeous earring hanging delicately from your ear, now you can have two! Opt for double studs, or have your upper lobe piercing work as an accenting tool for your lower lobe piercing with a matching stud paired with your finest pair of earrings. A great choice for a woman of any age who needs a little more sparkle in her life.


  1. Helix

Why keep your earrings on just the lower half of your ear, when you can add a touch of glam to the upper half as well? The helix person hurts- I’m not even going to lie to you! But it’s so cute and it will be over in just a few seconds, so it’s WELL worth the pain. Helix ear piercings are towards the top of the ear and look lovely with a simple jeweled stud, or a cool wrap-around earring that really stands out. SO many awesome and stylish earrings to choose from, you’ll have a blast switching out your trendy rings.


  1. Eyebrow

This particular piercing is slightly more daring the others and definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a gal with a bit of edge and love to step out of the box, you may want to consider an eyebrow piercing. They are just the perfect amount of rugged attitude and cuteness to create a really lovely finish. Plus there’s lots of lovely rings to choose from and the pain isn’t TOO terrible.


  1. Monroe

Marilyn Monroe= sexy. The Monroe piercing= obviously sexy. If you’ve ever dreamed of grasping just a TOUCH of Marilyn Monroe’s sexy appearance, you can start with this lovely piercing. The Monroe piercing is above the lip and to the side, following the iconic beauty mark of Marilyn Monroe. Obviously one of the sexiest piercings you could ever have and it can really change your appearance in an instant. Indulge in the sexy attitude of beloved Marilyn with this cute piercing!


  1. Tongue

Want another piercing idea that’s cute and sexy? Well, here you have it: the tongue ring! Tongue rings are super hot and they’re not too visible, a great choice for girls who want a piercing but don’t want it directly on their face. Tongue rings are incredibly easy to take care of and will heal in just a few days, an added bonus to this adorable piercing. Plus there’s TONS of unique tongue rings on the market so you can really go crazy with your tongue ring choices.

Tongue rings, navel rings, and cute earrings from top to bottom. There’s seriously SO many cute piercing options for girls, and they all look absolutely lovely. Do you have any of these piercings? Perhaps you were extra daring and went with ALL of these piercings? We’d love to hear which ones are your favorite, which ones hurt the worst, and which one you plan on getting next. Share with us below!

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