25 Cute Messages for Him

By on November 14, 2015

You just started dating, or you have been together forever. The thing that makes a guy come running is saying what they want to hear. Most women are completely oblivious to what makes a man go wild. If you want to have your man not be able to get you off their mind, then send them these 25 cute text messages to make you the only woman in his world.


1. How about we hit the bar to watch the game tonight?

A guy loves a woman who is spontaneous and likes to be playful. If you want to have him adore you, be laid back and go with the flow.

2. Have I told you lately how amazing you are?

Guys love to know you adore them. When in love, the only thing they want is your approval. Boost his ego by telling him how amazing you find him.

3. Last night was amazing, I haven’t ever felt that incredible before.

There is nothing a guy loves more than to think he is the first to do something. By saying you never felt as incredible as he made you feel, you make him feel powerful and successful. Those two things will make his heart soar.


4. Hey Prince Charming, what time is the ball tonight?

Men don’t like to admit it, but they want the Happily Ever After that fairy tales are made of. By calling him Prince Charming, it will let him know that he is the man in your Happily Ever After scenario.

5. Your smile makes my heart smile

Lighthearted and sweet, this is an intimate comment that will get him thinking about being tied to your heart.

6. You are the whole package, and by the way I like your package too

This is a fun text that is a little risky. Depending where you are in your relationship, making comments about his you know what, will let him know that you are thinking about how wild he makes you.

7. How did I get so lucky to have a guy like you?

Letting him know that you consider yourself the lucky one will make him feel like he has some emotional power over you. Since guys are very good with emotions, anything that makes him connect with you on that level helps to bond you to him.

8. I know I can be difficult, thank you for loving every part of me

This tells him that you know that he is constantly putting the effort out to be the best man he can be. Sometimes we are too hard on men and expect too much. This tells him that you know you aren’t perfect either.

9. For all the things you do for me, what can I do for you?

This cute text says “thank you for trying to please me”, and it also says “I would like to do the same for you”. Win-win.

10. I don’t know what I did before I met you

Telling him that your life has changed completely since you met him lets him think that all the other guys in your past have been erased. Knowing that he is number one going forward will give him the confidence he needs to commit.

11. The happiest day of my life was when you walked into it

Making everything bd in your life good, when he entered your life it become worthwhile. What more would a guy want to hear!


12. The sun used to just rise and set, now it does just for you

Tell him that he means the world to you. This will make him feel like all else fails in comparison to him. Being the best thing in your life is what every guy secretly wants.

13. Do you believe in soul mates? I didn’t used to. Thanks for making me believe

A man needs to think that things don’t happen on accident or they will forever question if it is right. By telling him that you two are “made” for each other it squelches some of his commitment fears.

14. They say you don’t ever forget your first love. It’s true, I couldn’t ever forget you

Saying you are the first man you feel love for makes him feel like he has some mystic over you. Feeling powerful and in control, this phrase will give him a positive impression of our relationship and love.

15. You still give me butterflies

Sometimes when you are dating for a while a guy can get insecure about what you think of him. If it has been a long time since you’ve said you find him attractive this is a great way to bring back those beginning feelings of chemistry.

16. You are the hottest man I’ve ever laid eyes on

A man wants to think he is the only man in your eyes. This will let him know that the men in your life before him can’t compare and that they will always be in the past.

17. I adore you

Guys like to be adored just as much as they like to be loved. Adoration is a combination of love and respect. A man wants nothing more than to be respected, so this is a double whammy awesome.

18. Thanks for waiting all these years for me

Sometimes a man worries if you know how much you mean to him. Not being able to communicate his feelings, letting him off the hook by telling him you know that you are number one, gives him more confidence in your relationship with him.

19. Can’t get you off my mind, how is your day going?

Checking in without anything fabulous, just honest, is a great way to be his friend. It opens the door for him to share his world, feelings and thoughts with you. It makes him feel like he can be honest with you too.

20. Are you tired? You have been running through my mind all morning

Sure, cheesy, but sometimes having fun just calls for it. One liners are great to get his brain thinking and to give him a smile. Guys love someone who can make them not be so serious all the time.

21. How about you hang out with the guys tonight?

Men love us, but sometimes they just want to do something without us. The problem is that they often won’t say so because they are afraid of hurting our feelings. If you notice he is really stressed out, give him some time off for good behavior and send him on a playdate. No guilt involved!

22. Tell me something funny….you always know a way to make me smile

A man wants to feel successful. He does so when he can make the woman he loves feel good. Tell him that he always does the things you need, and it will make him open up to you.


23. How about I make you breakfast tomorrow

This is a promise not only of breakfast but a suggestion that you will be together for it. If you have been dating for just a bit, this will get his heart racing and his mind thinking of the possibilities of what is to come.

24. Where on Earth did you get those eyes?

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Tell him how much you love every bit of him down to his beautiful eyes.

25. You’ve made me the envy of every girl I know

A text like this tells him that not only do you adore him, but so do all the other women in your life. It also tells him that you are speaking highly of him. That is something he definitely wants to know.

Cute texts are an excellent way to communicate with your man. They insert you into his day, let him know you are thinking about him, and they get him thinking about you. Take the time to let him know each and every day how lucky you are to have him in your life.

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