50 Cute Hairstyles for Black Women 2016

By on November 23, 2015

Different people hairstyles often reflect their identity in the society because it is both personal and public. Women often feel that a bad hair day will result in an overall bad day. When a woman’s hair is impressive, her self-esteem significantly improves thus making it easy for her to perform other duties efficiently. The deep personal relationship between women hair and their self-esteem is evident through history and even in religion. The hairstyle of women often symbolizes felinity, identity, liberalization, freedom and beauty. They often feel that their hair is a crowning glory in that women with long hair being respected and admired in the society than those with short hair. Moreover, hair gives the women the much-needed symbol of appreciation as well as improved status in the society. The positive impression created by the society to the hairstyle of women has triggered the growth of hair and beauty industry. Today, we collected 50 cute hairstyles for black girls 2016 that have been in vogue this whole year. Sit back and enjoy!

  1. The Stackable Bob .


This interesting hairstyle often reflects the image of a typical bob. It is styled by stacking the hair in the back of the short haircut thus creating the pretty appealing layers and the extra body in the crown of one’s head. The stackable haircut often helps one to have an attractive look thus improving her self-esteem. The look is greater when one adds a heavy side fringe in front and some layers that aid in framing one’s face.

  1. The perfect pixie.


It is a bright, blonde colour hairstyle that is geared toward bringing the much-needed ambiance and appealing look especially for women who prefer short hair. Depending on one’s hair texture, one need to use a paddle brush to dry the hair. Women who prefer short hair embrace thus style.

  1. The Chin-Length Bob.


It is a unique hairstyle that is preferred by many women because of its ability to draw attention from the intended sources. The hair is often designed to cover the face to the chin length giving the face a gorgeous look with many versatile styling options slightly.

  1. The played up pixie.


Being the most popular pixie, it is preferred by many women who are pro-short hair. The hairstyle leaves a little length in the bangs around one’s face with back kept shorter. This style is trendy and admired by many people who prefer cool short hair.

  1. The Banged up babe.


Here we have a hairstyle with a unique straight across bang that adds an appealing look to an ordinary cut. One often adds a chunky highlight or a bold block of colour around her face thus giving the much-needed look for short hair lovers.

  1. The Texturized temptress.


It is an attractive easy and breezy hairstyle. The hair falls slightly over one’s face up to the eyebrows length giving a person an elegant look, especially for office wear. Many corporate clients prefer this style because of its simplicity and its elegance. It is worth trying.

  1. The layered lover.


It is a short hair style that hangs around one’s head without covering the face. One needs to blow-dry the hair and then backcomb the hair using a teasing brush to have the desired look. The hair should then be sprayed with a light finishing spray. A great choice for any girl who wants to have a gorgeous look without necessarily keeping long hair. Medium hair size is perfect for thus hair style.

  1. The Voluminous vixen.


It is a classic hairstyle that tends to keep one’s hair feminine as well as adding a little body and volume to the hair. Use a small round brush to blow dry the hair before setting layers of the hair using some texture paste. This hairstyle will give you a good look.

  1. The Modern day mullet.


Tt’s a hairstyle where one cuts the hair to the desired length then gives it plenty volume by creating layers in the hair. The hair on the back is often longer than other hair parts. A little mousse is used to give the hair volume in the crown of the head thus giving the much-needed looks.

  1. The Cute asymmetry.


Asymmetry has been the modern haircut in the recent past. The hairstyle is preferred by people who want to disguise their facial features in that that hair is allowed to fall over the face thus covering some parts of the face.

  1. The Flipped out feminine bob.

It is a classic bob hairstyle where one’s hair falls sideways leaving the face open. One uses a medium-sized brush to dry the hair before gently flipping up the ends of her hair to achieve the desired look. Style gives one the most desired looks.

  1. Long on one side.


It is a hairstyle where one’s hair is designed to have longer ends, especially on the side look. One uses a round brush to dry the hair before smoothing it out with a flat iron to give the desired shape. One then uses texture cream to define the short layers in the back of the long piece around the face.

  1. The sassy spikes.


This unique short hairstyle where one makes the desired look by pulling up the short layers of the hair on top to create the spiked up look looks hip and edgy. A texture paste is used to make short layers and style as desired. The style is classy and trendy in that it gives short haired people the much-needed beauty.

  1. The layered up lass.


Just like the name suggests, one’s hair is often made up of different unique layers that separate the hair into two parts. Each layer falls to the sides of the head thus leaving the face open. The hairstyle is preferred by short and medium hair sizes since it adds more volume to the hair.

  1. The Short’n Stacked .


It is a unique hair style where one’s hair is stacked to give it a shorter look thus while leaving the other dramatic piece in the front. The hair style is embraced by the people who prefer short hair. However, the style often makes the hair lose its shape.

  1. The messy maven .


It is a short hairstyle where one makes her hair look extremely versatile. It is easy to create in that one washes the short hair and curls it to give it the desired look. The frantic effort ought to be made to ensure that little hair breakage is attained.

  1. The face framing frock.


A short hairstyle often features a longer fringe and plenty of face framing layers giving a person a pretty good look. Since the hair frames one’s face, it is easy to form one to have an appealing look thus enabling her to have the desire attention. The short feature and layers make it possible for one to style and embrace different styles.

  1. The poofed out pixie.


It is a short hairstyle with much volume added to a pixie-rescue hair cut. Use a hairband to achieve the great look. Based on one’s hairstyle, it is easy to have the look exactly the way you want.

  1. The combed over cutie.


It’s a unique short hair style where you curl the hair to give it the desired look. It makes the hair look naturally curly by embracing different unique designs. Women who prefer this style often attribute its versatility to the creation of impressive looks.

  1. The layered up lush.


It is an excellent short hair style where one creates layers on her hair to have the desired look. The layers fall to the sides of the head leaving some hair to fall slightly on the face. It is desired by people who refer short hair style.

  1. The Edgy Bob.


It is a hair style that allows one to have a short hair with a little edge. One transforms an ordinary bob to an edgy bob by switching up her styling products. It will give you an elegant look, especially when put in a mix of bold colors or some unique hair features.

  1. The parted pixie.


It is a sophisticated short hair style where one curls her hair into two parts falling apart giving two layers apart. It often gives an attractive look that aids in achieving the desired beauty. It often displays a rich brown or bright blonde on one’s head.

  1. The Bouncy Bob.


It’s a hair style that often makes short hair to look longer. One uses a brush to curl the hair to give it the desired look especially curling it to one direction to make the hair look longer than it is. The bouncy bob is give one the much needed look especially one with nice naturally curly hair.

  1. The smoothed down sweetheart.


Just as the name suggests, this hairstyle is sweet and smooth. It is a perfect style for the girls who want to keep their locks extra short and have a styled perfection. It is preferred by people who like keeping their hair neat and short.

  1. Braided updo.

24 (swap with 25)

It is a unique cute hair style that gives one easy maintenance by undoing the upper parts. It often requires one to curdle the hair and tighten it at the desired position on the head giving her the cute looks. The style is a wonderful choice for the girls who need easy hair maintenance.

  1. Cute braided mohawk.


This bold hairstyle requires you to make braids leaving the middle hair without braids. The style gives one a hawkish style thus setting with the forehead appearing with beauty. The style is often used by many teenage girls as they consider it to be cool. Children also prefer to have the style in that it gives them the desired beauty.

  1. La Bella Rosa.


It is a unique hair style that is a bit for al and allows one to curl the hair to the forehead after braiding other parts of the head. The style is often used by the people in corporations thus machining it easy for one to embrace the desired looks.

  1. Vixen sew-in.

This hairdo is common among little cute girls. In particular, the hair of is curled and then held tight by sewing it to inside out giving it the desired look. Children often feel happy while in this hair style as it enables them to have a beautiful look and become an envy of many people.

  1. Single braids.


It is the simplest hair style in that one needs to have braids in her hair. The braids are often tied into different shapes to give one the desired looks. Frantic efforts ought to be made to ensure that the braids are taken care of to avoid hair breakage.

  1. Natural Pony.


It is another hair style where you can leave your natural hair to be free of any braids but apply various hair chemicals to make it look gorgeous. It is easy to maintain as all you need is just few chemical to keep the hair cool. The style will help you create different cute looks.

  1. Superbraids.


It is a hairstyle that requires one to have excellent braiding skills. In particular, the style requires braids to be applied around a person’s head setting the much-needed beauty on one’s hair. The braids are often tightly held at the far end of the head leaving the head to maintain its shape.

  1. Knotted.


The hairstyle is edgy and will definitely keep all eyes on you. The style often involves a Bantu-knot leaving the hair to fall to both sides of the head. Te face is left protruding between the hairs giving you the elegant unique beauty.

  1. Twisted Bun.


The hair style requires one to have braids and then tightly sew them I the middle of the head. The Twisted Bun hair style oft6en gives a person’s head a different look. However, the style is unique, and it brings out a person’s natural beauty.

  1. Rainbow Bob.


It is a hairstyle that makes one have a disguised look especially when one does not want to reveal her appearance. The hair style is often preferred when one needs to have s different look. It is a unique hair style that black women should embrace to diversify their looks.

  1. Voluminous Bob.


It is a unique hair style that makes one have her natural looks by revealing the whole face. The hair is left to fall to both sides of the head leaving the face to be open for everyone to see. It is a hairstyle that should be used by all people who wish to emphasize their true uniqueness and open their face.

  1. Brown Blond .


Why not try popular this season bronde color on your gorgeous curly hair? Choose it if you have longish hair so that the color can truly reveal itself.

  1. Ombre Green Bob.


The hairstyle often gives a person the much desired natural looks. The style gives the natural appearance of a person to reveal in that her natural hair is often used to reveal the beauty and originality in her looks. Black women ought to embrace this style to reveal their natural looks.

  1. Short and straight.

Just as the headline suggests, the hair style requires in keeping her hair short and straight. No curling of hair or braiding is involved. An accurate measure of hair improving is often used to give one’s hair the much-needed looks. Further, the style often requires one to use natural hair.

  1. Side swept bob.


It is a hairstyle that gives one fresh and original looks. It requires one to use original hair thus making her embrace her natural beauty. It is an amazing hair style, and black women are encouraged to embrace it to reveal their natural beauty.

  1. Teased chin bob.

The hairstyle often makes one’s chin look beautiful and amazing. One’s neck is often revealed thus making it match with one’s body. It is a desirable style as it allows one to reveal her natural beauty and cute looks.

  1. Gray and blue hints.


The hairstyle is trendy and fashionable as it enables one to have the edgy looks and unique appearance. It often contains layers that make the whole hairstyle look pretty and appealing to many people. This updo and colors will make sure all eyes are on you, and it will fit you if you are young and bold.

  1. Frizzy bob.


It is a hairstyle that enables one to trim her hair to have the desired look. Black women often have frizzy hair that poses a significant challenge in controlling. The frizzy bob hair style is appropriate for these women as it makes it easy for them to control their hair yet having great looks.

  1. Long colourful hair.


It is a hairstyle that allows one to dye the hair in different colours giving it the desired look. The color selected should either match one’s skin color or you can go bold and brave and choose something bright, why not? Black women are often lucky in that they can dye their hair yet have a perfect match with their skin color. Thus, they should embrace this hairstyle.

  1. Brown messy curls.


It is a hairstyle that often makes it easy for people who wish to reduce the length of their hair without adversely affecting their looks. The hair is kept messy to add glamour and better looks. Thus, black women should embrace the hair style.

  1. Cherry Blend and Fully Layered Bob.


It is a hairstyle that involves a combination of perfect and unique styles that aid in giving a person the much-needed looks. It reveals one’s natural beauty thus making it the right choice for African women.

  1. Rich curly bob.


It is a unique hairstyle that gives one a romantic look especially when one reveals her hair crave cuts. Black women ought to embrace this style to have an appealing look because it will help improve their frizzy hair.

  1. Sleek light brown bob.


The hairstyle helps in revealing one’s natural beauty by giving a neat hair appearance. It makes one to be easily admired by any people thus making it the ideal hairstyle for black women.

  1. Long layered bob with middle parting.


It is an ideal hairstyle for women with oval faces. It often covers the areas of the face leaving the front part open this giving one the most attractive appearance.

  1. Sleek funky bob.


It is a hairstyle that aids in framing the beauty of the face. The hair reaches the shoulders thus giving one the much-desired looks yet short enough to maintain. It is an ideal hairstyle for the black women.

  1. Teased bob.


It is a hairstyle that is commonly used by women with thin hair. It enables one to have the desired looks. Black women often have thin hair making this hairstyle ideal for them.

These cute and funky hairstyles for black girls have been so popular this year that you must try at least some of them! It will be fun!

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