40 Corn Row Styles

By on December 8, 2015

Corn row hairstyles are quite amazing. The braids are attentively crafted and neatly executed to complement the wearer’s features and personal sense of style. Out of hundreds of ideas, we’ve picked 40 of the best corn row braids on the web. Get inspired and choose the hairdo that best matches with your preferences.

1. Back Swept Plaits

cornrow style_01

This is a simple hairstyle which looks cool and very chic. The hair is braided in thick corn rows which start thin and might be mistaken for Ghana ones. The thick rows are swept back in four lines which allow the short hair to be held at the back by a scrunch.

2. Banana-Like Corn Rows/ Dutch Braid

cornrow style_02

These thick and beautiful corn rows are made in lines which go upwards to meet at the centre of the head where the braids are tied into a bun. Banana-in differs from ordinary braiding because it gives the impression that the hair is tucked inside the row. It is a timeless hairdo.

3. Ghana Corn Rows Ending in a Bun

cornrow style_03

The style is expertly done with clean curving lines which meet where top of the head meets the crown. The braids used in the rows are plaited to the end with the ends hidden in a beautiful bun. The mixture between the dark hair and brown extensions give the rows a dark color.

4. Curved Corn Rows with an Afro

cornrow style_04

This sassy hairdo is mainly an Afro with a small area on one side of the head done up in short corn row lines. The curved lines disappearing into the Afro and the ginger brown color of the Afro both highlight the liveliness of this elegant up do.

5. Jumbo Ghana Rows with a Bun

cornrow style_05

The Ghana rows start thin and grow thicker. These dark coloured rows only start at the front and back, no side ones. There are only a handful of them because of the thickness; all end at the crown of the head where they become box braids coiled into a high bun.

6. Intricately Designed Corn Rows with Mohawk

cornrow style_06

Only seasoned hair dressers with an expertise in corn rowing can do this beautiful but highly elaborate style. The thin corn rows have been plaited to write the word ‘love’ among other rows. A stylish look is created by the Mohawk which tops the centre of the head in a regal look which is eye-catching.

7. Corn Row Braided Curls

cornrow style_07

This style is a simple braid made out of the naturally curling hair. The braid is slightly pulled back from the forehead and cuts across the head from temple to temple.  Coupled with the black highlights on the Burgundy tinted hair the braiding makes the hair style very chic.

8. Thin Corn Rows with Faux Locks

cornrow style_08

This is an artistically plaited style with corn rows starting around the ears and forehead and meeting at the centre of the head. The rows are haphazardly styled and they disappear at the top of the head.The top is braided into fake locks which are then interwoven creatively to give a unique look.

9. African Braided Mohawk


This braided Mohawk style has a striking plum color which is captivating. The stylish corn rows look neat. They start from all sides of the head to disappear into the Mohawk which starts from the top of the head going back until it almost reaches the nape. The Mohawk style is creatively made.

10. Corn Rows with Mohawk Curls

cornrow style_10

This hairdo comprises short traditional corn rows disappearing into thick black curls put on top of the head Mohawk style. The lines start from around the head and meet at the crown where they disappear into the curls to create an irresistible look of elegance and class.

11. Ghana Corn Rows with Semi-Mohawk Style

cornrow style_11

The Ghana rows are cleanly made in semi-circular lines which, some of which meet the Mohawk at the nape, crown and some moving parallel to it. The Mohawk look is artfully crafted by twisted intertwining braids which start at the top of the head going down to the nape. It’s beautiful.

12. Sleek Corn Rows with a Bun

cornrow style_12

This is a simple but trendy hairdo. The corn rows are neatly done, with all of them starting from one side of the face and ending in box braids at the crown of the head where they are coiled into a bun. The lines are nicely spaced and curve gently.

13. Hundred Lines Corn Rows

cornrow style_13

This style of corn rows is called by different names depending on where you are. It is made up of very thin lines starting from the forehead going backwards. In this particular one, the thin lines end at the nape and there change into very thin pony tailed box braids which are very long.

14. Thin Corn Rows

cornrow style_14

The corn rows in this hairdo are neatly done in lines which end at the centre of the head. It is a well done style with the natural hair from the corn rows being held at the centre and plaited into one corn row stretching from the top of the head right to the back.

15. Stylish Ghana Corn Rows

cornrow style_15

This is an expertly done hairdo with Ghana rows starting at the top of the head and slightly curving outward as they go backwards in an artistic way. As those rows near the crown, the curve sharply downwards to pave way for more rows which begin at the crown going downwards. It is magnificent.

16. Snake Tail Corn Rows


cornrow style_16

Creativity is highlighted in this style which looks like the tails of snakes. The small and thin curling lines feed into two jumbo corn rows which go all the ways from the top of the head to the nape. This is an interesting and captivating style which would look well on the youths.

17. Snaking Ghana Corn Rows

cornrow style_17

The swanky look created by this style comes from the combination of very thin and medium sized Ghana rows. The rows start right at the centre of the forehead and spiral sideways and downwards right to the back of the head where they are joined into long and thick box braids.

18. Dutch Plaited Pile

cornrow style_18

The thickness of the braids allows creativity to lead in this glamorous hairstyle. The style comprises a ringed crown and nape with thick braids piled on top of the head in a way that could only be done by an experienced hand. The brown colour makes this very stylish.

19. Corn Rows with Rolled Bun

cornrow style_19

This is a swanky hairdo with corn rows which start at the nape with and near the ears and meet at the centre of the head. Hair extensions are rolled into a bun stretching from the top of the head to the nape and have a rich brown colour to go withthe style.

20. Long & Thick Braided Corn Rows

cornrow style_20

The classic corn row style has been accentuated by use of braids to extend the hair without showing the difference between hair and extension. The simple rows are made in slightly carving lines which end at the back where they are braided into box braids which most likely reach the bum area.

21. Chic Braided Rows

cornrow style_21

Yet another symmetrical Mohawk look with beautifully and expertly done corn rows. The rows are curving and are in variant sizes and lengths and they meet at the centre of the head where they are swallowed into the Bantu knots. The Bantu knots are creatively made into a chick cock’s comb which is eye-catching.

22. Jumbo Ghana Corn Rows

cornrow style_22

The thick jumbo braids look cool in this style which, in true Ghana corn rows style; starts thin and get bigger. The lines slightly curve near the forehead where some baby hairs are displayed. The rows go all the way to nape where they are left loose as long thick box braids.

23. Corn Rows with Face Framing Twists

cornrow style_23

The corn rows in this style start at the front going all the way to the back. The back and top of the head are covered in fancy twists which frame the face in what can be called a loose Mohawk style. This style looks great in black.

24. Flower Crown Design Corn Rows

cornrow style_24

This is one of the most expertly and creatively done hairstyles you can come across. The corn rows are arranged at the crown of the head in a circular flower with intricate designs within designs going outwards towards the top of the head, the sides and the nape. This is exceptional.

25. Twin Bunned Ghana Corn Rows

cornrow style_25

This is a ritzy style with corn rows starting at the top of the head a little shy from the centre. The rows are captivating in their seeming disorderliness and they are made to move backwards to the crown where they are divided into two buns on either side of the crown.

26. Stylish Ghana Corn Rows

cornrow style_26

This is a really glamorous hairdo with the beginnings of the rows creating an intricate pattern on one side of the head. The other lines slightly curve to accentuate the beauty of the pattern already created. The honey gold colour of the braids complement the style in a way no other colour would.

27. Ghana Corn Rows with Curls

cornrow style_27

Everything in this classy hair style complements the other in a way nothing else could achieve. The expertly done snaking rows which disappear into the thick curls and the dark hair with a brownish tint all work together in the creation of an exceptionally captivating hair do.

28. Ghana Corn Rows with Twist

cornrow style_28

The different sizes of the lines and the different colours enhance the beauty of this hair style. The lines are stylishly done in three sizes and start from the forehead going backwards where they are twisted and left to fall freely onto the shoulder.  The twist ends are carrot ended.

29. Short corn Rows in Curly Hair

cornrow style_29

The corn rows in this hairdo are very short and done on thick, short and curly hair. The corn rows are only done on one side of the head leaving the larger part of the head with the ginger curls. The corn rows turn this otherwise dull hair into a chic style.

30. Simply Spaced Corn Rows

cornrow style_30

This extra simplified hairdo is made from natural hair which is plaited into corn rows with each row tied into a Bantu knot at the end. The rows meet near the centre of the head where bigger Bantu knots have been created in their own centre line to give an outstanding style.

31. Half Up/Half Down

cornrow style_31

Only this is more of three quarters up since the plaited hair is a very small portion of the head and the rest if left loose. The style creates three corn rows which are back swept and then twisted and left to hang freely at the back.

32. Interwoven Corn Rows

cornrow style_32

The black and white combinations of the hair colors in this style add to the intricate designs make this a highly daring hairstyle. The style does not follow rigid patterns with some hair plaited into corn rows and some into box braids and all this interwoven in a catchy way.

33. Careless French Braids

cornrow style_33

The hair in this style has been unequally divided into two sections to create asymmetrical French plaits which are loosely done is an ‘I care not’ way. The hair has a dark colour and a lighter one to add to the allure of this rather chic hairdo.

34. Half up/half Down Braiding

cornrow style_34

Yet another version of this well-loved hairdo. In this style, a small section of the hair is plaited into a single French plait which goes all the way to the back and is box braided. The single box braid joins the rest of the hair to hang loose at the back of the head.

35. Centre Plaits

cornrow style_35

This is a glamorous hair style created by plaiting the centre portion of the hair into corn rows that go backwards. The rows meet the rest of the undone hair and let loose, possible tied with an accessory to prevent getting undone. This combination of the loose hair and the plaits is alluring.

36. Jumbo & Medium Corn Rows

cornrow style_36

This daring hairdo is made on natural Caucasian hair and is created by dividing the hair into two sections with the two rows at the centre made into jumbo ones. The thinner lines at the sides are artfully made to combine with the untouched front hair to give the style a really chic look.

37. Ringed Twist

cornrow style_37

The design in this hairdo is nothing less than intricate. A small section of hair is separated from the rest and twisted into a single twist plait going towards the back. Tiny rings are then interwoven into the sections where the hair twists to create a funky look which is accentuated by the whitish blond shade of the hair.

38. Haphazard Dutch Plaits

cornrow style_38

Haphazard is the only way to describe this hairdo with its different patterns of the same plaits, different sizes of plaits and even different levels of looseness. The style looks like different hands plaited different portions of the hair but the hairdo is ritzy all the same.

39. Loose French Plaits

cornrow style_39

The hair is divided into equal portions to create a symmetrical look in this timeless French plait which anyone can easily DIY. The hair close to the scalp has a deeper shade and the box braided hair has a lighter one and this makes the hairstyle cool.

40. Loose Braiding

cornrow style_40

A loosely done French braid in a shock of hair with two distinct colors, one dark and the other light. The braid goes all the way to the back where it is pulled up in a pony-tail together with the rest of the unplaited hair in a style befitting any teen girl.

Corn row hairstyles are fascinating! The actual braiding styles is incredibly varied and meticulous. We’ve chosen 40 amazing styles to help you get inspired. Make your pick and get corn rows to protect your hair and add a twist to your current hairdo.


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