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    Coolest Gadgets of 2012 for Women

    By on January 13, 2013



    Men are not the only people that are interested in gadgets, and while most gadget lists cater to men, women have their own preferences when it comes to gadgets as well. Here are the top 10 gadgets of 2012 for women:

    1. iPod Nano

    iPod Nano2012

    This super small gadget holds an unbelievable amount of music. Not much larger than a lipstick tube, it fits right in her pocket so she can take her music anywhere with her. It also comes in a variety of stylish colors.


    2. Wii Fit Plus

    Wii fit plus

    Women love ways to work out at home, and the Wii Fit Plus has become one of the most fun ways to do this. Women can do many different types of workouts right in the comfort of their homes with this Wii accessory.


    3. Retro Block iPod Speaker

    The Retro Block iPod Speaker is just cute, and not much more can be said. An iPod attaches right to the top of this small speaker that looks like a Lego building block. The effect is cute, and the sound is great. It comes in a variety of different colors as well.


    4. Amazon Kindle Fire

    Kindle fire

    Women in general love to spend time reading a good book, and the Kindle has revolutionized reading. This great device is so small it fits into a purse so a woman can take her whole library with her wherever she goes. It can even be read in bright sunlight, so an afternoon reading in the park is easier than ever – even on a windy day!


    5. iDesign Cube Clock Radio for iPod


    This is a lovely accessory that an iPod plugs into. It is a super modern white cube that displays the time on the front, and plays your iPod music just like a regular speaker with a super cool look.


    6. Mobile Phone Retro Handset

    Mobile Phone Retro Handset

    What woman doesn’t love the feel of the old-fashioned phone receiver in her hand? This fun accessory plugs right into your mobile phone and lets you chat as if you are talking on a good old fashioned home phone.


    7. iRiver Spinn Video MP3 Player

    iriver spin

    This stylish little MP3 Player is super cute and plays videos along with MP3s. It is a very affordable little entertainment device that women love.


    8. The new ipad

    The new ipad

    There is no way that this wonderful little tablet could be forgotten, especially with all of its capabilities and its brightly colored sleeves.


    Which gadget could you not live without? Which one could you live without?

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