Compass Tattoo Meaning

By on December 8, 2016

Because of its ancient heritage, the compass holds a special place in the world of tattoos. Originally used in sea navigation, the compass may find itself on sailors and other adventurers. Hikers and nature lovers also may hold the compass close to their heart. Used by people seeking luck and success, the compass can be found on any person who is seeking guidance and support. The compass means many things to many different people. We will look at some of the most common compass tattoo meanings and variations on the following list.


Compass Tattoo Meaning

1. Guidance and Direction

Compasses give us a sense of security regarding our direction. We know and trust the magnetic guidance that is offered by the compass. Many use the compass in their body art to symbolize staying on course in the face of adversity. The compass may also be associated with the North Star because its placement remains static and reliable. Home can be found with a compass as well, and it is for this reason that many travelers adorn themselves with the compass. Compass tattoos may be adorned with nautical stars and globes as to better show this meaning.


2. Protection and Security

Viewed as a protective charm, the compass has been held in great esteem by many people. Military servicemen have used the compass tattoo as a symbol their reliance and loyalty to their branch. It may be associated with religious symbols as well. As the compass has been trusted for thousands of years, it is an ancient symbol of safety and security. Anchors, seabirds, boots and axes may be used to symbolize a naval or hiking background.

3. Luck and Inspiration

The compass may also be used as a bringer of luck. People who have become lost can use the compass to bring themselves luck. Since the compass is a practical tool, it is used as a symbol of luck like other practical tools like horseshoes. Because the compass always points north, many people view it as a sign of inspiration. In times of need, we are often inspired by epiphanies and insights. For this reason, compass tattoos may be accompanies by symbols such as dream catchers and dice.


Compass Tattoo Meanings Variations

1. Adornments

The compass may be used by a wide variety of people, so having additional adornments may be beneficial in showing deeper meaning. Fish, globes, anchors and other symbols of the ocean may be used to show an affinity for the sea. Mountains, trees, axes, boots and other signs may be used to show a love of hiking and the outdoors. Dice, horseshoes, four-leaf clovers and other luck-related talismans are commonly associated with the compass. Gold and other worldly goods may accompany the compass to show adventure and success.

2. Alterations

A compass without an indicator of direction may show a useless compass. One with a broken or wildly spinning arrow may show uncertainty or confusion. One pointing directly north may show correct direction, while one that points in another direction may show where home is. A compass with a long chain may show attachment to the associated meaning. For example, a chain attached to a compass and a religious item could show that the person receives their guidance and direction from that religion. Broken face plates may show a lack of reliance upon such tools. A compass that is water filled or moldy may show age and self-reliance. Since meanings can be highly personal, you should feel free to determine which unique touches will make your compass tattoo truly your own.

There are many options and hidden meanings that are available for the compass wearer. Be certain to research family and cultural history before making your tattoo permanent. The compass can be used as a focal point or accessory to another symbol, which only increases its potential. Your tattoo artist has beneficial experience that they will be more than willing to share with you, so be sure to not waste such valuable knowledge and insight.

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