50 Nail Art Ideas for Coffin Nails

By on October 2, 2016

Coffin nails are the newest trend. They’re sophisticated, chic and stylish, and every modern woman today wants to have them. What we love most about this style is the innovative allure. The craftsmanship behind every model is both unique and original, and increasingly more women today wear nails as if they were their jewelry. There’s a lot work in the process, and artists that do coffin nails are experienced and extremely meticulous. Are you looking for the best model? Do you want to look distinguished? Here are 50 nail art ideas for coffin nails that will blow your mind.

1.Gold & Precious Stones 



Holographic coffin nails in shades of bright brass are absolutely fabulous. Women can wear them on their wedding day, or at any other event or party. Truly sophisticated and adorned with precious stones, these nails will exceed all your expectations.

2. Pink & Gold Tips



Matte pink coffin nails with golden tips are really something. Sophisticated, stylish and ultimately glamorous, every woman will want to wear this nail art design. It doesn’t matter where you go, your nails will grab all the attention.

3. Matte Purple



If you’re not into bold statement design, go for this matte purple color. It’s simple but stylish; just what you need to feel confident and beautiful. Let your nails define your personality and choose the best model that complements your personality.

4. Black & Cherry Ombre with Stones 


Angelina’s Naglar/Pinterest

Ombre is the newest trend in nail art. But it has to be done perfectly. Black and ombre cherry with bling will make everyone look at your hands. Wear the design at any party with a little black dress, and all eye will be on you.

5. Matte Black


Sammijo Plummer/Pinterest

Black nails are cool! If you’re into the casual-punk, urban like trend, you’ll adore these nails. Simple in nature but quite striking when you look at them, black exudes strength and boldness.

6. Matte Green



Long coffin nails are grandiose. If you have short fingers, this style will not just lengthen your fingers. It will also make them skinnier and more elegant. As for the nail art, simple is better. We recommend navy matte green.

7. Matter Baby Blue


Aylin Trujillo/Pinterest

Pastel baby blue is a shade that exudes elegance. The nuance is both striking and elegant; your nails will look amazing, and you can match them with all sorts of outfits. Just make sure not to exaggerate with the colors. Preserve the balance!

8. Galactic Coffin Nails 



If you haven’t tried galactic nails now it’s the best time. The nail art design is simply staggering. Wear them with the simplest outfit and you’ll make a memorable impression.

9. White, Glitter & Aztec Design



White and glitter are a winning combination especially for nails. Have yours done in the most innovative way. Select a different style for each nail, and you’ll surely adore the end result. The Aztec-inspired design on the ring finger is absolutely amazing.

10. Striking Cherry



Deep cherry, or marsala, is the star color of the year. Wear it on your nails and match it with your outfit to be in trend. Opt for longer coffin nails to add more length to your fingers, and top off with statement rings. The final result will be awesome!

11. Matte Pink Coffin Nails



Whenever you want a chic, simple but interesting nail design but you can’t settle on a model, you can choose matte pink. The nude aspect of this shade will make your nail seem longer and more delicate than ever before.

12. Glittery Gold



Make a statement with glitter gold coffin nails. Wear these at any party, or better yet, at your own wedding. They’re cool, stylish, and truly fascinating. All eyes will be on you, guaranteed!

13. Marble Effect


hello society/Pinterest

Marble-like coffin nails are the most recent trend in nail art design. They look incredibly chic and unusual, which is exactly why you should get them. Make an impression with hues of dark blue and turquoise, and let this design wow all your friends.

14. Glittery Turquoise coffin-nails_14Margaritasnailz/Instagram

You can’t go wrong with turquoise coffin nails. They’re absolutely divine! Choose a combo of shine and glitter, and keep it as simple as possible. The nuance is striking enough, and you want to look stylish not kitschy.

15. French Coffin Nails with a Twist



This innovative French nail art for coffin nails looks incredible. The geometric shape of the French blends beautifully with the nude aspect of the nails. The model is ideal for a wedding, but it can be easily worn on a daily basis too.

16. Matte Beige & Golden Designs


@Natalie Midwinter/Pinterest

These super cool matte beige coffin nails with golden accents are to die for. We love the straight lines and glittery accents of the design. It is inspiring and truly fascinating. Wear the nail art with a simple little black dress, and let your nails be your jewelry.

17. Mint Green Coffin Nails 



Mint green might seem like a pretentious color to wear on your nails. And yet, combined carefully with adequate accessories, it looks inspiring and attention-grabbing. Go with a matte nuance and you’ll love the end result; wear with anything you want and you’ll definitely make a memorable impression.

18. Classic French Coffin Nails 



Classic French nails will always be in trend. The coffin shape is ideal for women with long, delicate fingers. The design can be matched with any type of outfit, and with literally all outfits in your wardrobe. It is delicate and stylish; perfect for modern women fond of the fashion trend “less is more”.

19. Matter Beige & Transparent Hints 


Lindsay Jo/Pinterest

When you don’t have long fingers and you hate that about you, you can easily choose this beige coffin nail design to lengthen them, and create the illusion that you have the thinnest, more appealing fingers. The design is absolutely fabulous when adorned with translucent hints and rhinestones.

20. Fairydust Blush Pink



Fairy dust coffin nails have a holographic effect that today’s modern woman will surely appreciate. The design is both extremely chic and sophisticated, but at the same time discreet and tasteful. You’ll surely turn some heads around with these coffin nails.

21.Army Green & Patterns



This army green color for your coffin nails will blow your socks off. The pattern at the base makes the design appear even more glamorous and attention-grabbing. Stay away from too much bling, and your nails will steal the show everywhere you go.

22. Warm Shiny Purple



This warm shiny purple is all you need if you want coffin nails but you’re not the type to add glitter or rhinestones on top. Simple but stylish, the design will make your hands look elegant everywhere you need to go, day and night.

23. Deep Turquoise & Chic Design



Deep turquoise is a striking color you can’t overlook. Have it painted on your coffin nails and choose the best design that inspired you. To make it even more interesting, go with an extravagant design on the ring finger. Your nails will look fabulous!

24. Shiny Black & Silvery Edges 



Shiny black might seem too much for some women. But when blended with silvery edges, everything will change. Your coffin nails will have an urban appeal that everyone will grow fond of. It’s always good to be different, and this nail art design is hands down one of the coolest we’ve presented thus far.

25.White & Glittery Silver 



White and glitter is a golden combination you need to try out, especially if you have long coffin nails. The effect created by the glitter is quite dramatic on either shiny white or matte white. Make your pick and let your nails make a memorable impression.

26. Matte Yellow



Matte yellow is a hue we absolutely love. It is perfect for the summer because it exudes freshness, but it also be worn in the autumn or winter to lift up your spirit. Wear these coffin nails with an all-black outfit and your style will instantly stand out.

27. Extra Long Pink Coffin Nails



Extra long coffin nails are meant for sophisticated, extravagant women with a particular sense of fashion. If you long the added length, you need to go with a discreet color if you want to be perceived as a stylish woman. Lots of colors and glitter on long coffin nails look way too exaggerated.

28. Translucent Coffin Nails & Black Designs


korten stein/Pinterest

There’s a craftsmanship behind these translucent coffin nails that only an expert can understand. The style is aimed at women who are not afraid to try the craziest, yet most appealing models; and the one we’ve just presented is fascinating.

29. Deep Blue



Bright blue with striking stones are great if you’re a fan of opulent nail designs. However, keep it simple when choosing your outfit, especially when selecting colors. Less in more, remember. Warm hues such as beige or ivory will bring any faded outfit to life, so don’t hesitate to mix and match.

30. Pastel Orange 



Cute pastel orange coffin nails are amazing when you want to keep things chic and simple. Spice thing up by opting for nice design on the ring finger – flowers are always recommended; they instill fresh and exude romance.

31. Grey Ombre 



In the mood for something out of the ordinary? Choose this inspiring grey ombre design for your coffin nails. Top off with semi-precious stones on the ring finger, and you’re good to go, anywhere – at a party, wedding, outdoor gathering, you name it.

32. Cherry & Heart Design



Women with shorter coffin nails will adore this pattern. It is cute and stylish, just what you need on a rainy autumn season. As for the color, you can’t go wrong with marsala – it is the coolest color of season, which means you’ll love it. Pair it with matte lipstick and cherry jewelry and you’re set to conquer the world.

33. Neon Orange Ombre



This neon orange nail art is not something you see every day. That’s exactly why you’ll love it. Choose to stand out and let your nails speak for your outgoing personality. Paired with an all-white or all-black outfit, these can be your best accessories.

34. Grey Glitter Coffin Nails coffin-nails_34margaritasnails/Instagram

Grey with a hint of blue and some glitter here and there exudes supreme sophisticated. The model presented above is sophisticated, delicate and stylish; which is just what you need when you don’t know what to wear.

35. Pink Medium-Coffin Nails



Matte pink is yet another colors that doesn’t need an introduction. Perfect for medium-length coffin nails, the design conveys playfulness and at the same time, style. Women who are outgoing, modern and always eager to try new models will adore the design.

36. Nude Coffin Nails 


Imani Freeman/Pinterest

Keep things natural and if you’re out of ideas for your coffin nails, no nude. The all-natural appeal of the colors allows you to dress as glamorous as possible. The design is truly amazing when you’re not in the mood for a fancy design, but still can’t refuse coffin nails.

37. Peachy Nail Art & Glitter



Peachy nails are super cool because the hue mimics the colors of your skin. Blend with some glittery designs and the final outcome will exceed all your expectations. The design we’ve presented you above is “delicious” don’t you think?

38. Burgundy Matte


nail zoned/Pinterest

When matched with white, burgundy seems to come to life It is a color that you can either love or hate. Stick to a matte variant and have white designed topped on the nails. Choose whatever patterns best inspire you and enjoy the end result.

39. Camouflage Coffin Nails



Camouflage coffin nails is not something you see every day. Women fond of the urban-like trend will adore them. The colors are striking, but not in a kitschy way. On the contrary, everyone will admire your outdoing sense of fashion as far as nails are concerned.

40. Fiery Red Matte


yadira morales/Pinterest

Fiery red is a must-have this autumn season on your nails. The shade will never fade away since it’s powerful, stylish and quite attention-grabbing. If you want coffin nails but can’t decide on a model, go red!

41. Rose Coffin Nails



Rose coffin nails are delicate, sleek and interesting. Rather simple in design, and yet so appealing, you can wear them anywhere you go; choose a rather longer length for the nails to create the illusion that you have thinner fingers. You’ll love the end result.

42. Black & Grey with Edges 



Black and light grey with soft white edges give these nails a whole new meaning. The design is geometric; we love the square shaped French .

43. Brown & Beige with Funky Designs 



Not everyone can wear funky design on their nails. Modern women however, can rock this interesting design. The matte brown blended with beige and glitter is fascinating. We also love the nail art on the ring finger – incredibly detailed and attentively crafted.

44. Mauve Coffin Nails & Silvery Accents 


Britt Walker/Pinterest

Mauve is not the most usual colors for coffin nails. And yet, it works perfectly when blended with silvery accents. We love that there’s bright silver only on two nails. This way the warm mauve hue is preserved and your nails won’t look too glamorous.

45. Nude & Black Patterns


Ercilda van Putten/Pinterest 

These nude coffin nails might seem usual, but because of the black patterns they’re actually quite amazing. We love the effect they create, as well as the combination. It works perfectly together and it can be matched will a wide variety of accessories and jewelry. Choose the ones you like the most, and let your nails speak for themselves.

46. Matte Cherry & Nude



Nude and cherry in a matte hue are a true show stopper. Wear this combo is you want your coffin nails to draw some attention, and pair the design with a urban-like outfit and a matte lipstick. Everyone around you will be impressed, not to mention that you’ll feel like the most confident woman.

47. Pastel Orange 


munaluchi bride magazine/Pinterest

Pastel orange nails with sleek white designs on the ring finger are fabulous. This season is all about pastels, so don’t hesitate to choose them. The bright color will instantly bring out a dull, rather unappealing outfit. Let your hands top off your accessories, and wear them with pride.

48. Flawless Coffin Nails 



The flawless coffin nails are perfect for women who don’t want to attract attention. And yet, this model has its own personality. In combination with glitter, the white looks a lot better and much more discreet.

49. Matte White



Matte white is difficult to wear, especially on your nails. This design is perfect if you already have beautiful, thin fingers. All eyes will be on your hands wherever you choose to go, and whichever outfit you decide to wear. Stay away from white clothes; the nuance on your nail is enough to grab attention.

50. Matte Blue


jennifer stephen/Pinterest

Long matte blue nails are hot this season. They convey sensuality, style and elegance. Wear them with confidence and you’ll feel like the most beautiful woman on Earth.

We’ve chosen 50 of the best coffin nail designs we could find on the web, and we believe they’re the best. Make your pick and decide on the model that best matches with your character and personality.


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