Christina Aguilera Diet and Workout

By on April 6, 2014

American born singer and actress Christina María Aguilera has been acting ever since she was a child. It was the thirty-three year old’s debut album which was named after the star and was released in 1999 which rocketed her to fame however. Fifteen years later and Christina Aguilera has released several more hit albums and the princess of pop has received numerous awards and accolades for her work. She’s even broken into the acting world having starred in numerous films (my favourite of which vein Burlesque where she starred alongside legend Cher). She’s also currently working as one of the coaches on the American version of the Voice.

Throughout her career however Christina Aguilera has been very up and down in terms of her weight. Standing at only five foot one and a half, she’s always struggled to keep a trim figure, a battle she has sometimes lost, especially after becoming a mother. In 2013 however she lost roughly fifty pounds and stepped into the spotlight looking incredible. That said, let’s take a look at exactly what she dis to lose such a massive amount of weight and what she continues to do to stay looking lean and fit…

Weights Are Important


Christina Aguilera considers weight lifting to be a very important part of her programme and shuns the idea that weights are just for men. She doesn’t lift too heavy enough weight to make her muscular but they help to make her lean, toned and flexible. Her weights range from five to twenty pounds and she uses them to work her triceps and her biceps. To stay looking her best, she does three sets of each exercise five times per week.

Use The Treadmill


To get her heart rate up before starting a workout Christina Aguilera often hits the treadmill first. This helps her to carry forward her momentum and get the most out of her workout. She likes to do a ten to twenty minute walk before a workout and, on days when she’s feeling really motivated, she sometimes runs for ten to fifteen minutes either instead of or on top of her walk.

It’s All Abs


When Christina Aguilera was to star in Burlesque, she had to look lean, toned yet extremely feminine too. To do this, she had to work her abs every workout session without fail. Per session, she does anywhere from three-hundred-and-fifty reps of sit ups to five-hundred – now that’s impressive! She’s also reported to do plenty of push ups and lunges to work her abs.

Make It Routine


Christina Aguilera is adamant that you can’t workout for less than five times per week. Workout everyday if you can. This helps your body to remember the moves and builds up your endurance. Even when pregnant, Christina Aguilera stuck to this and worked out until she was just a month off giving birth!

1800 Calories Per Day


Christina Aguilera’s diet is made up of 1800 calories per day. Seeing as she’s always on stage and needs lots of energy to dance around and give the best show possible, she can’t eat any fewer calories per day. Her diet lasts for six days per week and in that time she eats lots of veg, whole grains, protein, and fruit. On an ordinary day, she tends to have three meals and two snacks to keep her energy levels up.

She Never Deprives Herself


Christina Aguilera loves foods like chicken wings, chilli French fries, nachos, cookies and other biscuits and so tries not to deprive herself of them. She believes that doing so can lead to irregularities in her metabolism. As she is so energetic when on stage however and can easily burn off 2000 to 4000 calories per session, she allows herself to eat all her favourite foods before she puts on a show.

Be Happy With You


Christina Aguilera has often been slammed by the press for being happy with her curvy figure. She even loved herself when she was at her heaviest and was said to be a bad role model for it. Personally however I think this makes her a great role model. She knows she’s curvy naturally so never aims to be stick thin but does trie to curb her habits if she’s becoming unhappy with her looks or feels she’s getting too heavy. She believes that it’s vital that you’re happy with your body no matter what shape you are. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should look or feel.

White Foods Are Out


Everyone has to sacrifice something when trying to eat healthy and lose a bit of weight. Fro Christina Aguilera this was white foods. Flours, sugars, white rice etc are all out and the star tries to avoid them whenever she can. There’s plenty of other healthy food she can eat instead and says that after a while she didn’t even miss these foods.


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