Challenges To Do With Friends

By on March 2, 2016

Let’s face it, we all have a slightly competitive nature and doing challenges with friends is one of our favorite past times. Why not use that competitive nature to our benefit and make hanging out with friends an opportunity to have fun and get in shape? Just think, if you and your friends start trying some fun challenges with your physical body every time you get together, you will build strength, lose weight and have fun all at the same time!


And don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with challenges on your own! We’ve already done it for you! There are plenty of things to keep you occupied, laughing and overcoming your fears for hours upon end. Remember, some of these acrobatic challenges may require a spotter and should be done with caution especially if you have an injury or medical condition.

two high

1.Two High

Alright so this might go without saying but the bigger person needs to be on the bottom for this challenge. This can help you overcome your fear of heights, build trust between you and your friends and improve your communication. Start out by having the base stand with their legs wide and squat down allowing the top person to hold their hands and step onto their thigh and then onto their shoulder. Put the right foot on the right thigh by the hip and then the left foot on the left shoulder. The base needs to keep their arms up to give the person climbing up something to push down on. If you’re stable enough, the base can hold the top of the top’s calf muscles and pull down while pushing their head back to make the top feel secure. You should always have some people spot you when you try this until you are very confident you can do it on your own.

firefly pose

  1. Yoga Firefly Pose

This is a fun challenge for friends because it takes both strength and flexibility. Girls can usually do this one easier than guys which makes it extra fun! Begin standing with your feet wider than your hips and lean forward. Place your hands on the ground inside of your legs and behind your feet. It will kind of feel like your legs are backpack straps. The closer you can get your legs to your shoulders the better. The secret here is to push the backs of your legs into the backs of your arms and as your hips lower to the ground, your feet should lift up off the ground. This is a great party trick that will always impress your friends!

box rolls

  1. 2 Person Box Rolls

This is a fun challenge that is sure to get you laughing. It’s much easier than it looks too! One person will lay on the ground while the other person stands next to their head with a foot on each side of their head. The person laying on the ground will grab the standing friend’s ankles and put their feet up in the air. The standing friend will grab the ankles of the person laying down, effectively making a box. Then the standing friend will dive roll (tucking the chin to the chest) through the person on the ground’s legs pulling them up as their feet leave the ground. It looks like a rolling human box and you really need to make sure you tuck your head so you don’t land funny on your neck. Of course, have people spot you until you’re comfortable doing it on your own!


  1. Handstand Pushups on The Wall

A good measure of one’s strength is the quintessential handstand pushup. While acrobats can do these away from the wall, the average human will find them extremely challenging! This one is going to be naturally easier for men which is all the more reason for women to work on them to impress them and show up our friendly male counterparts! If you work on them everyday, you’ll notice you build up strength overtime and they will become easier and easier! It’s just science. You also get the added health benefit of fresh blood rushing to your brain which can help increase your memory and mental clarity! If you don’t know how to kick up into a handstand, place your hands on the ground with your back to the wall. When you lift one leg, keep both legs straight as you hop on one foot to get up. Keep your core tight, breathe and keep those legs together and straight! The better your form, the better your chances of not falling over!

one arm pushup

  1. One Arm Pushups

One of the ultimate challenges has to be the coveted one arm pushup. If you can master this, you will have some serious bragging rights and muscle definition. While most girls aren’t looking to be entirely jacked, there’s no question that muscles are attractive to men on girls. If you place your hand in the midline of your body and bring your feet wider than you would for a regular pushup, you can use more of your larger back muscles instead of your smaller chest muscles. You can cheat and turn slightly to the side to make it a little easier. Most people will not be able to get this on the first try so you may need to make your Friday night acrobatic challenge party a regular thing! Imagine how great you will feel the next day when you can proudly post your new moves on Instagram and Facebook!

peacock pose

  1. Peacock Pose

Before you throw out this one thinking it’s too hard, we have to tell you how good it is for your health. When your elbows are pushing into your abdomen, it’s actually sending fresh blood to your stomach and organs to improve their functioning. Not only that, it improves your arm, shoulder and stomach muscles. Ok, to start out kneel down with your knees wide then place your palms on the ground with your fingers pointing toward your feet. Bring your elbows towards each other and tighten your stomach muscles as you begin to lean your chest forward. This pose is all about moving your center of gravity forward so your feet will lift up off of the ground.

Alright, now all you have to do is get together with your friends and start having fun! Why not be a good influence on your friends and make fitness challenges the new norm and inspire them to get fit and healthy. Let’s be real, the more healthy we are, the better we feel and the better our life is. These little challenges could very easily start some serious positive momentum that could change your life, build your confidence and create good habits that will keep you young and smiling!

Remember, you can challenge your friends all over the world with social media. You can post these on Instagram and challenge your friends to show you their moves. You will feel good when you make new friends through social media and inspire them too! You never know when your encouragement could come at just the perfect time for someone. Many people struggle to find motivation to stay healthy. We can challenge each other with these fun acrobatic moves and lift each other up in the process!

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