Celebrity Jobs Before They Were Famous

By on January 13, 2013

Tom Cruise

When we think of celebrities, we sometimes assume that they were always in super-star status‑and some were. Others have humble beginnings that we would never guess. Jobs like flipping burgers or pumping gas. Some of the jobs are hysterical and others are easy to imagine, either way I think you will find the following stars humble beginnings as both humorous and encouraging.


1.  Tom Cruise

tom cruise

First let’s look at the Top Gun superstar, Tom Cruise. Since I was a child, Tom Cruise has inspired me to accomplish the impossible Mission, pretend to be a pilot and a myriad of other bad ideas. What was Tom’s occupation before Hollywood? He attended seminary for some time to become a priest and also spent some time as a paperboy for the Louisville-Courier Journal. It adds a whole new flavor to the title, “Maverick”.


2. Tim Allen

tim allen

The star of Home Improvement, Tim Allen, spent a few years incarcerated before becoming a star. He found his big break while playing a mechanic in a commercial, for which he was paid 200 dollars back in the ‘70s. Not bad money for the “Ar Ar Ar, tool man”.


3. Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock spent some time as a cocktail waitress, bartender and coat checker before hitting it big. Her story gives encouragement to the average Joe that the biggest trees still started as seeds.


4. Vin Diesel

Vin diesel

This one will not be too much of a shock; Vin Diesel spent nine years in New York as a bouncer. I cannot help but think if Vin Diesel told me to leave, I would throw myself out! Here is what you didn’t know: he also starred in break dancing instructional videos while a teenager. Get it D!



5. Gloria Estefan


Gloria Estefan has a bit of an academic background. While studying at the University of Miami, she worked as a translator in the customs department at Miami International Airport.


6. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Wolverine was once a clown. Well, Hugh Jackman was a part-time clown for entertainment and claims that he made around 50 dollars per show. If your child was not afraid of clowns before, let Hugh Jackman show up in a clown costume and watch the terror ensue.


7. Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer

Last star for you is Val Kilmer. Before playing the fearless outlaw, Doc Holiday, Kilmer was one of the youngest students to be accepted to Juilliard’s drama program (age 17). While attending Juilliard he co-authored the play “How it All Began”.


From impossible missions to fearless fighters, these actors and actresses have proven one thing. They are human! It is funny to see them a real people and to learn of their humble beginnings. I hope they can look back appreciate the hard work that got them where they are today.

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