100 Catchy Nightclub Names

By on August 18, 2018

If you want to open up a nightclub, then you need catchy nightclub names. The right name will make customers think that your nightclub is full of fun and dancing. Once you have the right nightclub name, you can register it and start making your business plan. Before you register any name, make sure that it is not already in use in your area. You can always modify a name if it is already in use to make a more unique option.

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1. Las Deux: This sounds like a club that is all about finding a partner since it means “the two” in French.

2. Basque: This would work well for a Spanish-themed nightclub.

3. Fluxo Fly: This nightclub name just sounds awesome.

4. The Luxe: This sounds like the words luxury or deluxe, which makes it a great name.

5. Inside Joy: Because patrons of your club will have the inside track on joy.

6. Pure Up & Down: Nice one!

7. Groove Inches: This sounds like a silly option.

8. Nebula: This is an out-of-this-world option!

9. Young Yellers: A play on the name “Old Yeller.”

10. Celebrate Youth: That’s what a nightclub is all about!

11. The Flenzy: This sounds like the old-fashioned word “floozy.”

12. Paper Rock: What about scissors?

13. Color Me Wild: This sounds like a club that would have fun events like foam parties.

14. UpWings: This sounds awesome.

15. The Blues: Obviously, this name makes more sense for a blues club.

16. Ten Thirty Eight: One popular option is to turn the phone number area code or zip code in your area into a nightclub name.

17. Star-Crossed Lovers: This catchy nightclub name actual comes from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

18. The Velvet Room: This sounds like an awesome name.

19. Rockin’ Jokers: This would work well for a rock club.

20. Square Eights: This name just sounds cool.

funny nightclub names

21. Roxy Rocker: If you want a catchy nightclub name, this option would work pretty well.

22. The Luxy: This name is great because it conjures up an image of luxury in your clients’ minds.

23. Royal Texas: You can replace Texas with the name of your state or province.

24. Studio 82: Switch this one up by changing the number to your address or a number you happen to like a lot.

25. Jazz Echo: Obviously, this name works best for a jazz club.

26. Prime Eight: This is a play on the word “primate.”

27. Circle Eight: This is another amusing pun based on the world “circulate.”

28. Fantasy Island: This sounds like an awesome name for a nightclub.

29. The Jungle: This definitely describes what a number of nightclubs feel like.

30. Infinity: At your nightclub, the night is infinite.

31. Oaktown 8s: You can change this to the name of your club.

32. Piano Bar: This is definitely a more classical sounding nightclub.

33. Huggin’ Hearts: Cute!

34. Dreammakers: Your nightclub is where dreams are made of. Although, ironically, everyone loses out on some of their actual sleep and dreams by being there.

35. Déjà Vu: This is a popular nightclub name.

36. Charlie’s Angels: Awesome.

37. My Estate: This sounds like a fancier club.

38. The Sandy: If your club is on the beach, this could be a cute option.

39. Beta Testers: This sounds like a nightclub name that would be popular in Silicon Valley.

40. Mood Melt: The alliteration in this name makes it catchy and easy to remember.

41. Big Shift: Cool!

42. Infinite Melody: This sounds like a great name for a nightclub.

43. Trinity: This is a popular option, so make sure that it isn’t already taken before you use it.

44. Wonderland: Awesome!

45. Sharpshooters: This sounds pretty catchy.

46. Circle Bright: I’m not sure what this name means, but it sounds cool.

47. Club Vodka: You can change up vodka with your specialty drink.

48. Green Door: This is a catchy, easy name, although you should change the color to match your actual door color.

49. Little Temple: Nightclubs can definitely seem like a kind of temple at times!

50. Right Wrong: There are always choices in life.

unique nightclub names

51. Night Elements: Cool!

52. Magic Vista: Magic is a great descriptor.

53. Curvy Trails: Cute!

54. Liquid Hug: A drink can certainly feel like a liquid hug.

55. The High Five: This is an upbeat-sounding name.

56. Solo Club: You might come solo, but you don’t have to leave that way.

57. Ocean Wavers: This is great for a club on the ocean.

58. Sand Spurs: This is another good option for a beachfront club.

59. The Satellite Booking: Cool!

60. Ramblin’ Rogues: The alliteration makes this name catchy.

61. East Paradiso: Because your nightclub is where paradise is found.

62. Heyday: This would be a catchy nightclub name.

63. Trebbon: Awesome.

64. Just Pulse: This is an easy, catchy option.

65. Rock Matrix: Perfect for a rock club.

66. Dancing Fever: This is one of my favorite catchy nightclub names.

67. T-N-T Rounds: Awesome.

68. Foxy’s: This is a simple, catchy option.

69. Vivid Mania: Nice one!

70. Genesis: Because your club is the start of everything fun.

Catchy Nightclub Names

71. The Mad Twist: This is a great option.

72. Roxberry: Cute!

73. Passion Float: This name just sounds cool.

74. High Cs: This is a play on the “high seas.”

75. Club Couture: This sounds classy.

76. Twisters: Everyone is about to get twisting!

77. Happy Feet: I love this catchy nightclub name.

78. Cliff Hangers: Nice one!

79. Crossroad Fun: Because your club is at the crossroads of fun!

80. London Grooves: You can change London out for your city’s name.

81. Funsters: Cute!

82. Cosmo: This is certainly a cosmic name.

83. Fire & Flame: This name just sounds cool.

84. Vagabonds: Use this one if you want a catchy nightclub name that is also easy to remember.

85. Vampires: This could reflect the nighttime aspect of the club, or it could be used to attract a Gothic crowd.

86. Gin & Tonic: This is an awesome-sounding name.

87. The It Crowd: This makes your club sound like the best there is.

88. Moon Chasers: Because your patrons chase the moon until the sun comes up.

89. Plan B: Hopefully, your club is plan A and no one will need plan B.

90. Surrender: An awesome option.

best nightclub names in the world

91. Southern Speakeasy: This sounds like a great name. It would be perfect for a jazz or swing club.

92. Rampage: Cool!

93. Whiskey Dreams: This is a fun name.

94. The Revision: Cute!

95. Remain: Because no one ever wants to leave your club when the night is over.

96. True Note: This is a fun choice.

97. Big Rewind: This is one of the best catchy nightclub names.

98. Dance Magic: Awesome!

99. Merrymakers: Because all of your patrons want to make merry and have some fun.

100. Mystic: This is certainly a mystical name to choose. You can always add a noun or location to the name to make it more unique.


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