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Capricorn is often termed to be the Sign of constancy, tranquillity and mellowness. People born under this zodiac Sign are quite sensible, secure, insightful comfortable in their own skin. They never take hasty and un-insightful decisions, at the same time they will take well timed and calculated risks, to have things done their own way. Here we have a look at some negative and positive Capricorn traits.


Positive traits:

Practical and Pragmatic:
Capricorns are known for their realistic approach towards life, the Capricorn assess the situation and carefully take into account, all the facts before going ahead with the plan.

Go-getting, Determined and Ambitious:


Capricorns are extremely confident personalities, who tend to aim high towards their target and put in all their effort to achieve their target. Their highly ambitious nature may be accredited to their aspiration to build, a better future for themselves and their loved ones.
Cautious and Far sighted:
The Capricorn is prudent, judgmental, astute, level-headed and never over-the-top. People trust their instinctive and sound judgemental attributes, and mostly come seeking their valuable and worthy advice.

Tidy and Disciplined:
The Capricorns are highly disciplined and hold with esteem, those people who are extremely focused and meticulous. They can absolutely never be careless about the matters imperative to them.



Once they set a target for themselves, they will set out for achieving their target. They have all the patience in the world, which they need to get to their goals. They completely understand that dreams and aspirations, take thorough time and effort for materialisation.


Capricorns are extremely cautious, and guarded by their own selves. Uncalculated risks and mindless decisions are just not their cup of tea.

Negative traits

The Capricorn-born most frequently have the tendency, to get very pessimistic. They also lack the courage and ability to fight the consequences, and go against the tide. No matter how far they get in life, they will always consider themselves under achievers.

Capricorns tend to e very stubborn and believe that, their perception regarding things and their actions taken are perfectly justified, so they become highly inflexible.

Capricorns are basically very shy and recluse and need time to open up


The Capricorns are very selfish and self absorbed and more interested in grinding their own axes.


Emotionally Detached
The Capricorns often seem as emotionally devoid and detached individuals, who will not be able to get close to people beyond a certain point.
The Capricorn can be extremely funny at times, but mostly they tend to get grumpy, irritable and short tempered.


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