Cancer Man in Love

By on May 6, 2014


A cancer man can be described as being one of the shyest zodiac signs of them all. He is a very closed-off person who takes their time getting to know people, and he doesn’t trust easily. He doesn’t like to be the center of attention and is definitely choosy about whom he has a conversation with. However, a Cancer man has the capability of knowing how others around him are feeling, so when he does decide to engage in conversation he can usually tell when someone is interested or not. Aside from being shy, a Cancer man can be a bit random with his emotions and is a very traditional man that any woman would be lucky to have.


The Type of Woman Cancer Needs

Cancer men need gentle woman who will accept their genuine kindness and beautiful romantic gestures. They need a lady who will be grateful for everything he does within the relationship, especially the things he isn’t asked to do. A nagging woman or any lady who tries to take advantage of the Cancer man is simply out of the question. You must be willing to take the time to get to know Cancer, as he is a very shy individual who doesn’t open up easily. This requires a great deal of patience, another important attribute a Cancer’s lady should have. Last but not least, he needs someone who is looking for a long-term relationship, someone who will be completely loyal and eventually want to get married and start a family (almost every Cancer man’s dream is to have a decent home with several children).


Cancer in a Relationship

He would never even consider jumping into a relationship. The Cancer man takes a great deal of time getting to know his potential woman before making any sort of move. He has to ensure she is someone he can get along with and trust, someone who can make him feel comfortable and help him open up. Even after entering into a relationship, Cancer will remain shy and closed off for quite some time. It could be weeks, even months before Cancer is willing to show his innermost thoughts and passions.

This opening up may take quite some time, but once the Cancer man becomes comfortable with his woman, he simply becomes the man of everyone’s dreams. He is a traditional and conventional fellow and will open the door for his woman, bring her flowers to the doorstep, and pick her up to carry her across a puddle so she doesn’t get dirty. He is nothing short of a gentleman in all situations, which is obviously a huge catch for a lady (especially in this day and age when chivalry is practically dead).

To a Cancer man, making sure his woman is happy at all times is imperative. He wants to see her smile no matter what and will jump through fiery hoops to make it happen. He is happy to help his lady, whether it is something as simple as doing the dishes or taking out the trash, and will do so without being asked. He is happy to do things for his woman and takes pride in doing so.

Last but not least, the Cancer man is an extremely romantic individual who is always coming up with new and fascinating ways to prove his love. This could be something as simple as a beautiful song to something more extravagant like fireworks in the sky. He is likely to never cheat on you, as infidelity is an absolute no-no in his eyes and he has a no tolerance rule for cheating. He is seeking something long-term and the good majority of Cancer men want a decent home with plenty of little children running around.

Cancer in Bed

When it comes to a Cancer man in between the sheets, he prefers the more sensual and traditional way of love-making. He likes to do all of those incredibly romantic things, like taking hot bubble baths with scented candles or aligning the bed with rose pedals. Just like in his day-to-day life, Cancer wants to make his woman happy- and that includes in the bedroom. He will make sure his lover is satisfied and he greatly enjoys seeing her pleasured.


Negative Side of a Cancer Man

You might not notice it right away as the Cancer man is incredibly shy right off the bat, but this zodiac sign tends to be extremely moody. There moods seem to change by the hour- sometime the minute- and can go from being quiet and insecure to confident and comical. It’s hard to tell when the next mood swing is coming, and that can be incredibly annoying to those around the Cancer.

When a Cancer man enters into a relationship, he wants to put his all into his other half. He’d like to be by their side at all times and give them the world. This can come across as being clingy, and Cancers tend to be hard to break up with too. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, he just wants to give you his all- and that’s respectable.

This sign can get hurt extremely easily- a simple negative comment can send them into a deep depression. This type of over-emotional attitude can certainly get on people’s nerves, especially those close to the Cancer.


Cancer and Cancer: You are both sympathetic and emotional individuals who will find love and friendship in each other. However, the two of you will need to learn to deal with each others changing moods and attachments to the past to make sure the relationship stays strong.

Cancer and Pisces: The two of you have a passionate and emotional personality that will bring the two of you together. You are both able to sympathize well, which will allow Pisces to handle the Cancer mood swings. This relationship is built to last as both of you are on the same page on an emotional level. Pisces is undoubtedly the best zodiac choice for a Cancer!

Cancer and Virgo: Although the two of you are incredibly different, if you can find a way to put up with these differences you can find a deep appreciation for one another and build a very long-lasting relationship.


Cancer Man in a Nutshell

Although he is very shy and closed-off, he is still a bearer of never-ending mood swings that seem to change with each hour that passes. He is undoubtedly one of the best zodiac signs when it comes to relationships, as he is a hard-working, romantic, and conventional man is would do anything to put a smile on his lovers face. He believes in long-term relationships and is likely not to cheat, as Cancer looks down upon cheating immensely. He needs a woman who can stay by his side and be just as loyal and loving as he is, not taking his kindness for granted. He is most definitely looking for the woman of his dreams and 9 times out of 10 he wants to build a long-term relationship that leads to marriage, a nice house, and lots and lots of children.


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