Cameron Diaz Diet and Workout

By on April 6, 2015

Let’s face it, when you love the outdoors way of life like Cameron Diaz seems to, you’re not going to be carrying any excess weight, are you? It’s very obvious that this 42 year old actress loves doing the outdoorsy thing – she’s always out kayaking or surfing, hitting the gym, or running outside. That’s the thing about losing weight and staying in shape – you actually need to exercise, and as boring as that sounds, look at the prime example of the killer body you could have if you were to just get off your couch!

Of course, it’s not just exercise that keeps Cameron Diaz in great shape – she has a diet plan to follow, as set by a dietician to the stars to ensure that her calorie intake isn’t too high, and she’s getting the right kind of foods, vitamins and minerals to keep up with her active lifestyle, as well as leaving her skin flawless and her hair glossy.

Cameron Diaz Diet

Back in her twenties, she binged out on fried food such as chicken and french fries. In fact, that’s something she is very vocal about these days but now she’s hitting her early to mid forties, it’s time to re-evaluate, something she seems to have done very well.

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She knows that eating fried food all the time won’t be good for her now – as well as high cholesterol being associated with junk food, there’s also the excess weight that she’ll need to worry about from all those empty calories. although she allows herself a little treat from time to time, and has no worries about the paparazzi snapping her stuffing her face full of something fried, for the most part, she eats a varied and balanced diet, but in the form of small yet regular meals.

Her dietician and diet planner has advised that she eats six smaller meals throughout the day at regular intervals, rather than cramming in her calories during the three main meals. On top of this, she avoids white food like the plague, mostly because they tend to clog up your digestive system and leave you with excess waste product in your gut, but also because nutritionally, they just aren’t that great for you. That means that, apart from on ‘cheat days’, she won’t eat foods like noodles, pasta, cakes, white bread, etc. Of course, there are always substitutions that you can use but avoiding these foods on a regular basis is a great idea.

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A diet rich in protein is necessary to keep up with her exercise level, and although she follows a somewhat strict diet, she does have fun with her food. An average day for her may include a breakfast of protein shakes, raw almonds, low fat milk, and plain yoghurt, and then her mid-morning snack will be a luxury cappuccino or some fruit. For lunch there’s a delicious and healthy green salad with some grilled chicken, and then a couple of hours after that, for her mid-afternoon snack, she’ll enjoy a couple of peaches or some prunes (to help move your digestive system along nicely), before having a delightful eggs and spinach egg white omelette for dinner, with even some dark chocolate for desert.

Cameron Diaz Workout

Loving the outdoorsy way of life definitely puts Cameron Diaz at an advantage when it comes to keeping herself trim, fit, and healthy, simply because there are so many things you could do. Keeping fit isn’t always about spending hours in the gym, or contorting yourself into as many odd-looking positioned as possible during yoga (although she does do that too). Keeping fit could be as simple as finding a hobby that you like such as surfing, kayaking, hiking, playing tennis, etc. and then doing it. As long as you are moving and burning off those calories, you are working out and keeping yourself healthy and that’s all you need to know when it comes to getting in shape – the more you move, the more muscle groups you use, the more fat you will burn off, and the more muscle you will build up.

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You’d never believe this actress and model was now 42 years old, would you? She has a body that most of us would literally kill for, and with perfect skin, beautiful eyes, and a great smile to match, is it any wonder that she has bagged herself some of the most beautiful men in the world…?

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