10 Things to Know Before Your First Brazilian Wax

By on June 18, 2017

Hate shaving? Join the club- the brazilian wax club! But before you strip it to the bare skin, get the low-down on 10 things you need to know before your first brazilian.

I think we can all agree that shaving sucks. It takes forever, you’re always left with razor bumps, and you have to repeat the process all over again just a few short days later. What’s the solution? A brazilian wax! It’s not as scary as you think, but there are a few things you should definitely know beforehand.

Let Your ‘Hair Down Under’ Grow Out a Half Quarter Inch

I know, I know. If you’re used to shaving your private area, not shaving for at least a week beforehand is going to be torture; but I guarantee the end results are worth it. Imagine: you won’t have to shave ever again and you’ll be completely hairless down there for weeks on end before needing another waxing job. Amazing, right!?

Let your hair grow out at least a half quarter inch. If you don’t do this necessary step, your waxer may reject you because they won’t be able to ‘grab’ your hair with the wax and pull it off.

Can Only Be Done on Healthy Skin

Now, we have to tell you this beforehand: only healthy skin can get waxed. If you are struggling with any type of skin issue from psoriasis to an STD, you won’t be able to get a brazilian wax. Do a thorough check and make sure you’re skin is completely healthy before making your appointment.

Have a Little Before-Wax-Wine

You’re going to be getting butt naked in front of a stranger, and they are going to be stripping hair from the roots on one of your most sensitive areas; painful and embarrassing simultaneously. Take the edge off with a glass of wine before you head in for your wax. It’ll relax your body just enough so you won’t be too shy to get naked, or cringe too hard when they rip off the hair.

Know You Will Be Fully Exposed

This kind of goes without saying, but just know there is no special underwear or undergarment provided to cover you up- even if it is just a tad. Your entire naughty area will be exposed for them to see, but don’t worry- they’re not vagina judgers, so no need to be worried.

Know You Will Feel Awkward

Unless you’re one of those few people who absolutely don’t care about someone seeing you naked, you’re probably going to feel a little bit awkward. And that’s okay! Professionals have seen a million vaginas before, so yours is nothing special. Just get it over with and try to think of small talk conversations you can distract yourself with.

Brazilian Waxes Include the Behind

Brazilian waxes are NOT bikini waxes for the simple fact that they wax your butt hairs as well. I mean, hey, if you want to be totally clean and fresh down there, you’ve got to go ALL the way. But don’t worry! Most people say this part actually hurts less than the rest of the procedure.

It’s Gonna Hurt

I didn’t want to tell you this, but I feel I have to warn you: it’s going to hurt. Although, depending on how high your pain tolerance is, it might not be that bad, but you’re still going to feel uncomfortable with a slight cringe.

Now, I’m not talking so painfully horrible you want to cry- it’s nothing like that! But you have to think of it this way: stripping hair from the roots sounds painful, right? And it’s pretty traumatic. So just be prepared to bite your lip, grip your hands on anything and everything nearby, and always take a deep, deep breath!

Shower Beforehand

I guess this isn’t actually mandatory, but it certainly is the right thing to do. I think showering beforehand is simply a respect thing. Would you go on a hot date with your boyfriend without showering first, knowing he was going to be anywhere near your lady parts? Probably not. Show the same respect and etiquette for your wax artist and shower beforehand.

It will probably make you feel a little less insecure knowing you smell nice and fresh down there anyways, so it works for everyone. Shower beforehand!

Wear Comfortable Clothes

After your wax job is over, you’re going to have some redness and maybe a little bit of lasting pain (again, nothing terrible, more like just irritation). For this reason, you will want to wear comfortable clothes that won’t put any pressure on your newly shaved parts.

One garment that is highly recommended for a brazilian wax is of course a skirt. A skirt makes it easy to show up, lift your skirt up, and get the job done. It’s also an ease to just throw the skirt over your naughty area and leave. A dress could also work in the same way, but pants- especially jeans- are NOT recommended.

Nothing Strenuous for at Least 24 Hours (Including Sex!)

Apparently not all places will tell you this, but it’s definitely a good idea. So if you thought you were going to get waxed and trot on over to your hubby’s house for a passion-filled night, you thought wrong. Any time of strenuous activity from intercourse to working out or horseback riding (or whatever you do that’s strenuous) will cause lots of sweating. Sweat and bacteria could easily enter into your sore, torn open pores, leaving you with an infection. On the other hand, these types of activities could also irritate your already annoyed skin for a rather unpleasant feeling that lasts a lot longer than it should.

Brazilian waxes aren’t all that bad, really. But knowing what you’re getting yourself into is definitely a good thing. Just make sure you’re clean, relaxed, and ready for an experience unlike anything you have probably ever felt before.

Have you ever had a brazilian wax? How was it? What advice would you give a first-timer?


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