What To Do When Your Man Starts Taking You For Granted

By on September 6, 2016

Relationships are definitely difficult, and there’s plenty of problems that can arrise. But one thing you should never settle for is being taken for granted. That’s one of the worst feelings in the world, and nobody should ever feel that way from their partner. Fix this situation with one of these 11 things to do when your man starts taking you for granted.


1. Make Yourself Busy

If he is taking you for granted, you need to start worrying less about him and focus more on yourself. That being said, pursue your passions! Go out and do something nice for yourself, like getting your nails done or your hair done. Take up that dance class or art class. Do things for YOURSELF and keep yourself as busy as possible.

2. Forget About His Birthday

His big day is coming up, and maybe BEFORE you had big plans to make him feel special. But why should you go out of your way to make him feel great when he’s making you feel so insignificant? Forget about his birthday. He will be mad, but maybe this is what you need to do to show him he doesn’t deserve anything special until he starts treating you right.

3. Hang Out with Your Gal Pals More

So he didn’t make plans for the two of you this weekend- who cares! Go hang out with your girlfriends and have an absolute blast. When he calls you last minute to hang out on Saturday night, simply let him know you’ve already made plans with your gals.


4. Cancel on Him

If he is always expecting you to make time for him when he wants to do something last minute, then you need to CANCEL on HIM. Let him know you’re not just waiting around for him when he snaps his fingers and expects you to show. Let him know you’ve got a life of your own and you’re not going to be taken for granted and then be expected to show up on every date. YOU call the shots!

5. Hang Out with Your Guy Pals

Your boyfriend won’t take you somewhere you want to go? He’s not giving you the attention and affection you deserve? I’m sure there’s a few guy friends of yours that would love to take you out and make you the center of attention. Make it an innocent hangout with a guy friend, and let your guy know why you’ve decided to hang out with him instead. This is a surefire way to let him know you’re tired of being taken for granted and he can either step up or let another man do the job.

6. Don’t Tell Him Everything

Maybe you just got a new promotion- DON’T TELL HIM. Let it come into the conversation casually a few days later. He will be surprised when you tell him, but you can just let him know that he didn’t seem too interested so you didn’t think it would matter much anyways.


7. Don’t Put Out

Ladies, if he is taking you for granted, absolutely do not put out! He doesn’t deserve to explore your mind, body, and soul, unless he is treating you the way you deserve to be treated- hands down.

8. Make Him Make the First Move

He is probably used to YOU making all the moves, whether it is in private or in public. If you’re always reaching for his hand to hold when the two of you go out, DON’T. Let him hold YOUR hand. When you’re hanging on the couch watching a movie, make him kiss YOU first. Don’t do anything to him and he will get the hint real fast that he needs to step it up.

9. Go on a Trip By Yourself

Before, you may have wanted to go on a trip with your boyfriend. But your boyfriend simply isn’t treating you right, and you need a break. You need to focus on yourself and pamper yourself. So go ahead and take a trip by yourself. He will be shocked that he wasn’t invited, but you can let him know exactly why he won’t be accompanying you on this little vacation.


10. Talk To Him

The best way to get through to someone and solve an issue is to TALK TO THEM. They may NEVER know what they’re doing wrong unless you speak up! Have a deep, heart to heart conversation with your man and see if the two of you can come to a conclusion about what needs to be changed and fixed. He may be very apologetic and completely unaware, and fix the way he is treating you immediately.

11. Dump Him

You know what? If all else fails, you need to dump him! Don’t waste your time with someone who is taking you for granted when you can be with someone who treats you like a precious jewel.


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