12 Reasons You’re Bored With Your Relationship

By on September 23, 2015

Everything was going fine and dandy in your relationship, until one day you woke up and wondered whether or not this partnership was the right decision. You’re questioning your love for your partner and it seems like days with him or her are dragged out and seemingly never ending. You finally realize it: you’re bored with your relationship; but why?

Your Relationship is Too Routine
Perhaps the two of you do the same thing day after day. You wake up, get ready for work, say bye with a peck on the cheek, come home 8 hours later and make dinner while watching your favorite television series. There’s no spark, there’s no fun. You literally do the same thing every day and NOTHING ever changes. Who wouldn’t get bored in a relationship that’s stuck in a routine?
Solution: Spice things up. Talk with your partner about switching up the routine and adding excitement to get back on track.

The ‘Newness’ Has Worn Off
In the beginning of a relationship, everything is fun, new, and exciting. Everything he says and everything he does is all brand new and gives you butterflies every time. But as time goes on, this newness wears off. You start building an actual relationship and become comfortable with each other. And for some, this could mean ending up bored with the relationship altogether.
Solution: There’s really no solution. If you’re bored simply because the relationship isn’t new and exciting, it probably wasn’t meant to be.

You Have a Wandering Eye
You can’t help but notice all the cuties surrounding you, you even wonder what it may be like to be in a relationship with them. Obviously this ISN’T good, and if you find yourself having a wandering eye, I highly suggest cutting off the relationship. This is a clear sign you’re bored, your partner doesn’t keep your attention, and someone in a committed relationship shouldn’t be daydreaming about other individuals.
Solution: Move on.

You’re Interested in Someone Else
If you’ve taken it a step further and actually met someone and started ‘talking’ to them, there’s an even bigger problem. Not only did you have a wandering eye because your partner wasn’t satisfying you, but this other individual is giving you the love and attention you’re seeking. Obviously if you’ve met someone else who is making you happy and completing you, you’re going to be bored in your current ‘relationship’- if we can even call it that at this point.
Solution: Move on.

It’s Boring in the Bedroom
Aside from money problems, one of the biggest reasons a relationship fails is because there’s no flame in the bedroom. Maybe you’re stuck in the same boring sex routine night after night, he/she refuses to try new things to excite you, or there’s simply no exchange of affection whatsoever, and even a kiss goodbye in the morning seems like a chore. If your needs aren’t being fulfilled, there’s no doubting you’ll get bored with your relationship.
Solution: Talk with your partner about spicing things up and getting that flame back in the bedroom!

There’s No Excitement
This kind of goes hand in hand with routine, but if there is absolutely no excitement in your relationship, I could see why you would end up bored. Our lives need excitement; it’s what makes life worth living! Now, I’m not saying he should be planning trips to the Bahamas every weekend to give you a thrill, but there needs to be some sort of excitement to break the routine every now and then. Something as simple as surprising you with love letter hiding underneath your pillow or a surprise picnic at the park is appreciated!
Solution: Discuss this problem with your partner and see if they are willing to add more excitement to the relationship.

There’s No Communication
A relationship requires communication. Where there is no communication, there is no relationship; it’s as simple as that. If the two of you can’t seem to hold a decent conversation and you’re stuck in the same “Hey how are you”, “Good how are you” routine conversation with no stimulation, you’re going to get bored; especially because the two of you won’t be able to discuss bigger issues or problems without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.
Solution: Tell your partner you need more communication and work with him or her to talk more and discuss things, big and small.

You Have a Different Set of Goals
If he is dead set on becoming President of the company he works for and moving to New York while you’d prefer to have 4 kids and a beautiful house in the country with a simple life, it may be hampering your relationship and causing boredom. Why? Because the two of you have a completely different set of goals and you’re not building a solid foundation together. He’s busy worrying about his penthouse and nightlife in New York while you’re picking out nursery decor for your babies.
Solution: Find a goal the two of you can work on together, or else the relationship may fail.

You Enjoy Different Things
Everybody has different likes and interests, that’s what makes us diverse and makes the world the wonderful and interesting place it is. But if the two of you have absolutely nothing in common and you can’t stand your partner’s likes and interests, it’s likely you’re going to get bored. You probably aren’t able to enjoy the things you love WITH your partner, leaving the two of you separated more often than not. A relationship can’t work like that!
Solution: You may just be too different for one another and would have better luck with someone else. If you want to continue working on the relationship, try adding a night where you both do something the other person likes, even if you hate it. Have a smile on your face and don’t moan and groan the whole time though!

 You Miss the Single Life
Looking back, you miss those nights of going out with your girlfriends, not a care in the world. You flirted with whoever you wanted to, your inbox was full of messages from cuties you met at school or work, and you did your own thing. Now you’re ‘stuck’ in this relationship, and you simply miss the single life. Some people are just that way!
Solution: If you’re missing being single, you’re obviously not happy. Don’t string along your partner, end it and enjoy your freedom.

 You Can’t Stand Your Partner Anymore
Does it seem like EVERYTHING your partner does annoys you? You can’t seem to be in the same room with them for more than 5 minutes without wanting to scream? Well, if they’re annoying you and you simply can’t stand them, then yeah you’re going to get bored.
Solution: See if you can work it out with your partner and take some time off. If things don’t improve, it may be best to leave.

 The Love Has Faded
Sometimes love simply fades away. Maybe you love the person you’re with, but you’re no longer IN love with them. This can happen for many reasons, or no real reason at all.
Solution: There’s really no solution. Unless you can find a way to bring the love and passion back to your relationship, it’s best to walk.

Have you ever been bored in a relationship? Why?

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