Absolutely Adorable Border Collie Puppies Photos

By on December 13, 2017

Border collies are a very smart, high energy dog that make for a perfect domestic pet. However, they tend to thrive more so when they have a lot of room to run. This is because they were bred as herding dogs originally and therefore they still have those instincts within them. They are perfect pals for people who are always on the run or consider themselves athletic. There is no doubt these dogs will be able to keep up! Although it would make sense for border collies to be used to herd sheep or livestock, they also make great additions as family pets. These extremely intelligent animals are such a blessing to have around. And what is better yet? They are just super duper cute in every single way! Especially as wee little pups! Keep reading below to feast your eyes on some of the cutest puppies there ever were. We have the most adorable pictures of border collie puppies here for you to gander at all day long!


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