40 Bob Hairstyles for Black Women 2017

By on September 30, 2017

They say you need a totally new hairstyle to change your life. While that might sound extreme, it helps to cut your hair and get a different hairdo to truly feel confident, beautiful, and powerful once again. Black women have one big advantage: their beautiful skin color is the perfect ground for any sort of hairstyle. Whether we’re talking about chic bobs or drastic colors, now it’s the best time to be bold and dare to try out something different. We’ve put together a detailed list of 40 amazing bob hairstyles for black women. Choose the one that best inspires you.

1. Straight Black Bob & Side Parting

via Pinterest/voiceofhair

A straight, geometric bob to frame your face is all you need this season. Black women who want a real change should definitely try it out. The side parting adds romance and ingenuity, revealing a bold jawline that exudes a very seductive visual effect. Another benefit of the style: it sets the ground for the most cat-eye makeup, bringing out the lips and stunning eyebrows.

2. Short by the Shoulder Bob & Middle Parting

via Pinterest/Nasia C.

Simple is better, even when we talk about hairstyles. The hairdo above looks effortless and elegant. It is a perfect choice of bob for women with long features and big, bold eyes. Let the world admire your beauty!

3. Black & Silver Balayage 

via Pinterest/blackhairinformation

A blend of black and silver creates the most striking effect on women with short hair. In the picture above, the bob is absolutely stunning. It instill a sense of boldness and originality. Sometimes we need something completely different to feel incredible!

4. Long Red Bob & Dark Roots 

via Pinterest/Diva Rose

Go red to the core this season with a hairstyle that will turn people’s heads around. Bright red is the perfect choice! Keep it neat and straight for an added touch of elegance and class.

5. Loose Waves & Middle Parting

via Pinterest/Nelly Mbs

A middle parting and loose, beach waves on the sides is a hairstyle that every women craves. But it’s not for you, unless your face is structured and balanced. Ask for advice before taking such a risk, and prepare yourself to wow everyone around you with your original sense of style.

6. Neat Asymmetric Bob

via Pinterest/Diva Rose

The best way to hide a slightly prominent face is with an asymmetric bob. Choose short on one of the side to reveal part of your jawline, and go long on the other. It’s amazing how cool you can feel when you make small, but visible changes in the way your hair looks.

7. Creamy Blonde Short Bob

via Instagram/thecutlife

In the mood for a soft hair color? Creamy blonde in combination with dark brown at the roots might be the smartest choice. We love the dynamic effect of the hairstyle. It makes your features stand out, although it’s all about the attitude. Make sure to wear the hairdo like you own it.

8. Jaw-Line Cut Bob & Wavy Side Fringe 

via Pinterest/Jayde Clarke

Accept the fact that you have a prominent jawline, and get a bob that looks multi-dimensional. Opt for more volume on the back to balance the front, and get a side parting with long layers for an added touch of elegance. With this style, you’ll look taller, slimmer, and incredibly confident.

9. Curly Red Bob & Dark Roots 

via Pinterest/Ebony Thomas

Curly red hair can look fierce! You should embrace your full hair and wear it with confidence. Women with heart-shaped faces will adore this style. it’s original, sexy, and extremely appealing. Complement the look with bold make-up, and you’ll be all set to conquer everyone’s heart at any formal event you choose to go this weekend.

10. Voluminous Blue & Side Fringe 

via Pinterest/CristaL CristaL

Blue is a hair color that’s not very common. The good news is the right nuances can beautifully complement your skin tone. Pair it will a smokey eye makeup and nude lipstick. All set! Now let the party begin. To give the hairstyle a touch of glam, opt for a side parting, just to add some balance to the face.

11. Long Wavy Bob & Colorful Ends 

via Pinterest/hairstylesrated.com

Why cut your hair and get a short bob, when you can preserve the length, and still get the most attention-grabbing hairdo? Give is a touch of elegance with curls at the ends, and some reddish highlights. The end result will exceed all your expectations.

12. Light Brown & Layered Side Parting 

via Pinterest/April Stephens

Aren’t you tired of your straight fringe? Wel know it’s difficult to style your hair when you have a prominent forehead. Now you can attain the most beautiful bob hairdo with a side parting, and a change in hair color from dark brown to light brown with sleeker highlights.

13. Curly Pink Bob & Romantic Side Parting

via Pinterest/Jo

Ash pink with accents of brown at the roots will instantly grab people’s attention. Don’t you feel it’s time for a real change? Try out this wavy pink bob hairdo, and the contrast with your darker skin will turn everybody’s heads around.

14. Frizzy Bright Pink Bob

via Instagram/melanin.feed

A lot of black women have frizzy hair; and you should be proud of it. To make your sleek curls stand out, change your color to bright pink, and add some real movement to your curly bob.

15. Orange Balayage & Dark Roots 

via Pinterest/Barbie Doll Gang

We’ve seen balayage hairdos everywhere this year. However, we bet you haven’t tried this bold orange yet. Consult with a professional hairdresser for some further advice on how you can get it if you have dark brown hair. We’ll share a secret: it’s easier than you think, and your hair won’t suffer any damage.

16. Vintage Curls 

via Pinterest/Lover Styles

Attending a formal event anytime soon? We know it’s tough to style a short bob. Our advice: go for a chic vintage-like hairdo with well-defined curls and a side parting.

17. Effortless Long Bob & Middle Part 

via Pinterest/artbecomesyou.com

Longer bobs that look effortless, yet stylish are the newest trend. Increasingly more want crave hairdos that don’t take more than 30 minutes to achieve in the morning. Yes, you can look confident and beautiful even if you’re busy.

18. Brown Roots & Blonde Highlights 

via Pinterest/Cinafay Parris

Blonde highlights might be just what you need to illuminate your complexion, and feel totally different. Aumun is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to make a change in your life. Start with your hair!

19. Bold Green Ombre 

via Instagram/thecutlife

In combination with black, green can have an earthy, darker hue that you don’t see every day. That’s should be your motivation: to choose a color for your long bob that very few other women have the courage to get.

20. Lilac Voluminous Bob & Side Parting 

via Pinterest/DC Hair Extensions

Ready for a hair color change that’s bold and striking? Bring out your fearce personality and go lilac. The bright nuance will brighten your skin, and the contrast will instantly give you a boost of confidence.

21. Two Toned Full Bob 

via Pinterest/Grace Asemota

Get a dramatic ombre hairstyle for your long bob. Keep the natural color of your hair at the roots, and choose light brown for the rest of your hair. It’s amazing how your complexion can be changed when you go for a totally different hair color.

22. Short Three-Toned Bob & Brown Base 

via Pinterest/Nina

A three-toned bob cut shorter on the back and longer in the front is a hairdo that only the most confident women have the courage to get. Are you one of those women? Dark brown combined properly with pastel pink can have an amazing effect.

23. Asymmetric Black Bob & Long Side Parting 

via Pinterest/flawlesswomentips

A romantic sleek bob is something every black woman craves. Check out the hairstyle above. It’s absolutely breathtaking. The neatness and asymmetry perfectly frame the face, giving a very nice romantic appeal.

24. Striking Bleach Blonde

via Pinterest/Kennedy Hardy

Bleaching your hair is a tough choice, especially if you have dark hair. At a salon, you can get the perfect blonde nuance without further damage. You know what they say: every woman should go blonde at least once in her life.

25. Layered Waves & Voluminous Side Fringe 

via Instagram/verified.whitney

Ready to feel playful and trendy this autumn? It’s time to let your inner beauty come to the surface with a brand new, cheeky hairstyle. How about a nice, bouncy bob to emphasize your smile and sleek neckline?

26. Heart-Shaped Bob 

via Instagram/blessingiraldo

A longer bob that’s just below the shoulders can be styled in a wealth of different ways. The sleekest option you have is the heart-shaped bob with a middle parting and shorter strands in the front to create the illusion of a heart made of hair.

27. Short Bob & Voluminous Side Parting

via Pinterest/Terra Richardson

Short bobs with brown highlights are the easiest, safest option you can go for if you’re not yet ready for a big hair makeover. For an added touch of boldness, go for an exaggerated side parting. The wow effect is guaranteed!

28. Reddish Curls 

via Instagram/premiereextensions

Red hair is hot, especially when topped off with loose, fresh curls. Dare to be bold this season, and wear your long bob as naturally as possible. Fortunately, a few red highlights here and there never killed anybody. Why not try out the style?

29. Beautiful Asymmetrical Bob 

via Pinterest/goostyles.com

The best bob hairstyles are often the simplest. A short bob with a longer side adds length to the face, at the same time highlighting your cheekbones and jawline. Keep the natural hair color if you don’t feel prepared for a drastic change, and wear light colored clothes to bring out the eyes.

30. Short A-Line Bob & Green Highlights 

via Pinterest/Shamara Nichols

Women with black hair who don’t want a drastic change should first test a new hair color. Green and black go perfectly together. Opt for highlights at the ends and in the front for a uniform, compact look.

31. Flawless Platinum Blonde & A-Line Cut

via Pinterest/Lyuba Burns

A-line bob cuts with sided asymmetries give the impression of sheer elegance and high-class. For a perfect contrast with your skin, change the hair color to platinum blonde. You’d be surprised how bright your face will look and feel.

32. Creamy Blonde Balayage 

via Pinterest/voiceofhair.com

Creamy blonde balayage and a side parting is the type of hairstyle that will hide all your imperfections. Women who feel their face is too big should definitely give it a try.

33. Madonna-Inspired Curls 

via Pinterest/stayglam.com

We all remember Madonna’s blonde curls from 20 years ago. Believe it or not, it’s still a hairdo that many black women crave. If you have green eyes and bold lips, don’t overthink things and go for it. Let your hair speak for itself!

34. Natural-Looking Curls 

via Pinterest/Rachael Mazzei

Just because you have short, curly hair it doesn’t mean you can’t style it beautifully and effortlessly without trying too hard. All you need to rock the curls is quality hairspray and some hair mousse. Give your hair the vintage allue it deserve to rock any type of elegant, and any type of event.

35. Short Straight Bob & Combed Side 

via Pinterest/I HEART HAIR INC

We love sleek, neat bob hairstyles that seem flawless and effortless. In the picture above, you’ll also notice some hints of blue. Pair the hairstyle with smokey eyes makeup and nude lipstick. Enjoy the end result!

36. Long Straight Pink Bob

via Pinterest/Style and Designs

Bright pink with hints of red is the ultimate color combo of the season. To emphasize the neckline, keep the bob a bit longer. A mid-section parting is particularly striking because it makes the whole hairdo feel elegant and original.

37. Inspiring Red & Uneven Side Parting


via Pinterest/Victoria

A bold red bob with uneven sides can be a very stylish and sleek hairdo. The hairstyle is excellent for women will all types of hair. The asymmetry adds personality, and the side party gives it an added effect of sophistication. Wear it will bold lipstick, and all eyes will be on you.

38. Pastel Pink Bob 

via Pinterest/babygirl

Pastel pink is a hair color that will bring you out of anonymity. To give it an extra touch of glam, keep your dark roots intact. This technique will prevent further damage, and your bob will grow beautifully and healthy. If the form of your face allows, get a middle parting to hide imperfections and emphasize on your eyes and bold eyebrows.

39. Burgundy Box Braids 

via Pinterest/letemjealous.com

Box braids turned into a chic bob are a dream come true for women with frizzy hair. Rather than destroy the structure of your beautiful hair, it’s always best to keep it safe. Thin box braids are cool, easy to style, and in trend these days. For an added touch of glam, change the color of your hair to dark purple.

40. Chopped Bob & Creamy Blonde Ombre

via Instagram/thechoppedmobb

A beautifully chopped bob is often all you need to regain your confidence. Go for a clean, straight cut at the ends and test a new color combo for this autumn: ombre. Blend creamy blonde with light brown, and the end result will exceed all your expectations.

To all those beautiful black ladies out there! We’ve tried our best to come up with 40 of the most amazing bob hairstyles for you. Make an informed decision and choose the one you like the most. Before your final pick, don’t forget to consult with a professional hairstylist. Someone experienced in the niche will know exactly what hairdo to recommend after thoroughly assessing your facial features and hair structure.

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