How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

By on February 7, 2015

The wedding day. The big day. One of the most important days of your life that you’re bound to remember for the rest of your life. You want to have good memories about this day, right? Well, if you’re wearing the wrong wedding dress for your body type, you could live a life of wedding day regrets. Stave off regrets and look your very best on YOUR big day by finding out which wedding dress is PERFECT for your particular body type.41ab287e0ac1c69eb6666129922efddf c2c8b62ff4e7612847132cbd0672b373

Pear Shaped : A Line Dress with Flared Bottom

Ladies with pear shaped bodies should focus on finding an A line dress which will draw more attention to the narrowness of the midsection while disguising fuller hips. The bottom of the dress should be slightly fared, creating a gorgeous silhouette that hides hips and thighs. Consider a spaghetti strap or strapless dress to accentuate the upper half, while dresses with plenty of details and textures will balance your proportions perfectly.

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Busty : Off-the-Shoulder or Bateau

Fuller-chested women don’t need to hide their cleavage; instead, they should focus on a dress that will create a classy and sophisticated style without showing too much skin. To achieve a gorgeous, sexy style that still remains discrete, find a dress with off-the-shoulder straps or a bateau neckline. And remember: a defined waistline is essential for your body type. That being said, seek out dresses with built in corsets.

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Plus-Sized : Empire A Line Dress

For my voluptuous girls out there, you need a dress that will define and flatter your figure without adding any extra unneeded weight. That being said, look for empire dresses with a skirt that starts under the bust, thus drawing attention to your upper half and concealing your lower half in a very flattering way. Search for either an a line, slenderizing skirt that drapes delicately to the floor or opt for a tea length dress to show off those sexy ankles. Make sure the skirt does not have any pleating, as this can add extra bulk- which is the exact opposite of what we want.  If you really want to redefine your shape, find a dress with a built in corset.

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Apple Shaped : A Line with a Deep V

There is four important things you need to consider when finding the perfect dress for your apple shape: 1. FInd a dress that cinches tightly at the waistline, creating a slenderizing effect. 2. Your dress should have a gradual a line skirt that flares at the bottom to really emphasize your overall silhouette. 3. Find a dress with plenty of lace, embroidery, and other detailing to create a faux corset that really draws attention to the upper half. 4. To complete the look, the dress should have a deep V, which will help to draw attention to a more vertical view rather than horizontal.

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Tall : Long and Tight

The great thing about being tall is there’s tons of wedding dress options that will work for you. However, your main goal should be to find a wedding dress that fits your height; which means finding a long dress that drapes below your feet. As far as detailing goes, you have the freedom to go extravagant or simple, and same deal with the straps: skinny, thick, off-the-shoulder- they all work magnificently. One thing to remember: if you end up choosing long sleeves, make sure they go PAST your wrist. You’d hate to look like the dress was made for someone shorter than you!

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Straight Lined : Ball Gown

A straight lined body type is all about creating an illusion; and what better way to master the art of illusion than with a brilliant ball gown? Ball gowns are the epitome of wedding gowns, having the Cinderella style we’ve all adored since we were young girls. However, ball gowns are especially great for straight lined body types because they will add curves and dimension where there otherwise wouldn’t be. Strapless, long sleeved, lacy, beaded- there’s no limits to the type of ball gown you choose- so feel free to get creative and find the style you adore most!

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Petite : Trumpet or Sheath

Petite body frames should focus on finding a dress that will highlight their figure, not drowned it. That being said, opt for a sexy trumpet dress or a sheath dress with an empire waist that hits above your natural waistline to create a lengthening effect. Stay away from ball gowns or any other voluptuous dresses with large skirts, as this may be too overwhelming for your body. Also stay away from any large bows or extraordinary details. Simplicity is your best friend, second to skintight styles.

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Small Chested : Ruched Bodice or Halter

When it comes to wedding dresses, a small chested woman needs to find a style that will amplify her figure and create a fuller bust. The simplest way to do this is to find a dress with a ruched bodice. The extra fabric will add dimension and curves to your body. Halter dresses are another wonderful choice as the halter style will push the cleavage higher and draw attention to the chest. As far as the lower half of the dress, you have absolute freedom. Go fancy with a trumpet, slender with sheath, or extraordinary with a ball gown style.

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Hour Glass : Mermaid 

We all know the tantalizing appeal of the hourglass shape, with curves and arches in all the right places; and you need a wedding dress that will showcase that sexy silhouette. Opt for a mermaid wedding dress style that will hug your body perfectly and contour to every curve majestically. Try to stay away from any extras like ruffles, tiers, or an overabundance of lace, as this can draw attention away from your naturally enticing body and create an overwhelming, heavy look.

What is your body type? Do you think the wedding dress chosen here is right for your body type? If you are already married, did you choose the style we recommend for your body type, or did you go with something different? Let us know below!

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