7 Best Horoscope Websites for 2016

By on May 17, 2016

Horoscopes are SO cool- I mean, who doesn’t love to learn about their daily horoscope? Find out what’s in store for them for the day, month, and even year? But where can you go to check out your horoscope as well as other awesome things relating to astrology? These 7 best horoscope websites for 2016 have everything you need!


  1. Horoscope.com

Basically, Horoscope.com is the ultimate go-to and guide when you’re looking for all things horoscopes. They have a personalized daily horoscope for each sign as well as love, psychics, tarot card reading, dating advice, and even GAMES! You’ll find a huge assortment of zodiac news and top stories for zodiac signs as well. There is something for everyone on Horoscope.com and you’ll certainly find exactly what you’re looking for with ease at this website. It’s a number one favorite for a reason!

2. Astro.com

Astro.com is a ‘one stop place to shop’ so to speak when it comes to horoscopes. They have a free daily horoscope available for everyone, especially designed for each and every person who enters the website. They are confident in their ability to provide quality interpretations of horoscopes when needed, and also provide a vast knowledge data-base of all things horoscopes. Another great thing about Astro.com is they have a huge discussion form where you can find out and chat about everything you can think of when it comes to horoscopes. Cool!

  1. Astrology.com

There are SO many awesome things about Astrology.com, we don’t even know where to start! For starters, finding your daily horoscope is as easy as clicking a simple button- and if you don’t know your horoscope, they can help you find it in a matter of seconds by entering your birth date. They also offer personalized readings for your convenience, as well as a wide variety of information on love and sex, dating, work and money, and numerology to go along with your horoscope. A few unique features of this website includes the daily tarot, yes/no tarot, ask genie, and breakup tarot. And if Chinese astrology is your thing, they also have that available on their website too. To put it simply, they have everything you could ever imagine and so much more. Check it out!

  1. Ganeshaspeaks.com

Okay, this website is super cool. One of the best things on this website is undoubtedly the ‘Star Guide’, where you can get personalized events, a life meter, a day guide, and even compatibility based on your sign for absolutely no cost! They have a multitude of information on horoscopes, astrology, numerology, and so much more. Read up on crucial life events and get advice on all aspects of life as well, from career and business to love and sex, relationships and marriage to wealth and property. You can even chat live with an expert astrologer!

5. CafeAstrology.com

If you are new to astrology and horoscopes and don’t know where to start, CafeAstrology.com is an excellent starting point. This casual, easy to use website has tons of awesome articles and free features to help you learn and have fun. Some of their top features includes Daily Horoscopes, Love Sign Compatibility, Monthly Horoscopes, Forecasts, and the Love Oracle. There’s tons to see and you’ll have no problem sifting through this website, so go have a look!

  1. Astrologyzone.com

AstrologyZone.com keeps things very simple, which can be refreshing if you’re just trying to find your daily horoscope or ideal mate based on your sign. Easy to use and super simple, AstrologyZone.com offers a quick stop with a few fun pieces of information.

  1. Astrocenter.com

So, AstroCenter.com has it all; like, honestly, if you’re looking for something having to do with horoscopes or zodiac signs, you’ll probably find it on this website. They offer daily horoscopes, reports and reading, tarot, a psychic glossary, horoscope glossary, dream dictionary, and so much more. Seriously there is WAY too much stuff to mention on this article, so if you’re interested in all the awesome things having to do with astrology, you NEED to visit this cool website. Oh, and don’t forget to take a peek and their free & fun section as well as their store as well. You won’t be disappointed with AstroCenter.com.

Which one of these websites are your favorites? Do you have one you would like to recommend? Let us know below!


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