Best gifts for men

By on January 9, 2013


Men are the hardest to buy for! They may proclaim that they are into “everything” and “don’t really care” what you get them for Christmas, Birthday’s or anniversaries, but in reality, your choice of gift probably says a lot about you, and about how you perceive him as well. For a really different, unique and meaningful gift for your next special occasion, why not try out one of these brilliant ideas?

The House Proud Coffee Lover


A really good coffee maker in a color that matches his kitchen is a great gift that says “I want you to wake up happy!” as well as showing that you are thoughtful and are thinking outside of the box. Reports have shown that waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning is one of the best ways to kick-start the day so why not wow him with this bit of trivia and pre-set the start time for just before he wakes up in the morning?

The Keen Photographer


Thankfully there are a number of gifts for the keen photographer men out there – you could aim for something simple like a mini Polaroid-style printer so that he can print out all of his favorite memories. Alternatively, if budgeting isn’t a problem for you, you could aim for a smart camera that has a thousand different functions that you would never understand. There are plenty of magazines out there that will point you in the right direction if you don’t have a clue where to start. Alternatively, you could even buy him a subscription to a photography magazine – this is a gift that will last all year long and he is bound to love!

Any Guy with a Hobby!


Thankfully, the world of magazine subscriptions has made life much easier for women out there. If he likes sports, a sports magazine will do the trick. If he likes to make models, you could look for one of these magazines. There is a magazine for pretty much anything these days, so this will make for a great gift or stocking filler if you are at a loss.

The Gamer


Thankfully, the gamer has a lot of options. Those that love to play games would love a desktop arcade style game that can run through a USB port. You could even consider buying him a games console or game for the console he already has. Why not even think about a walk through guide for the games that he finds particularly difficult but still continues to play. Better yet, buy a second controller and help him along – you never know, you might enjoy it and the two of you can bond!

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